Hello reader! Welcome to Shyspirit's Profile! Glad you came! Currently, I'm just playing around with this, but it will include some info on who Shyspirit is. Thanks for understanding!(Sidenote: Shyspirit has died, due to his clan disbanding, but his clan was re-born. This means he too was re-born. He is now back to his kitten years. Info on the old Shyspirit can be found after "Original". Info about the re-born Shykit can be found after "Re-Born"! Simple. Thank you for your time)
Shyspirit's Theme Songs

Story of Shyspirit (original): Shyspirit was underdeveloped when he was born. He was smaller than even the youngest kit. His mother, Greysky, and father, Darskies, raised him to be optimistic, lighthearted, and jocular. Because he couldn't spar with the other kits, due to his size, he learned to balance on a log in the nursery's pond. He learned tricks, and liked to show them off to his friends and other cats.

Although his name is 'Shy' he was outgoing. When he grew to become an apprentice, his mother was assigned to him. He learned the basics of being a warrior, and eventually graduated to become one himself!

Along his journey, he lost several of his friends. To name a few: Ivymoon, Ashclaw, Nightclaw and more. He fought in one of Fallingcan's battles as an apprentice, FC vs SH. Although times may be rough, he would fight for his clan no matter the consequence.

Fallingclan had a fire, and they needed to move territories. No cats where lost, but several where injured.

Shyspirit mated with Fireheart. They had Silverkit and Wishkit.

Later, Shyspirit's father, Darkstar, was exploring new lands in the tundra, when he slipped off a cliff. He was impaled by an ice spike and died.

When Wishkit got upgraded to Wishpaw, Silverkit got jealous. Silver wanted Sunpelt as his mentor when he was training, but Wish got Sunpelt instead. Silverkit wasn't afraid to speak his mind, even if he hurt others or disobeyed. Shyspirit had enough. Shy lashed out at Silverkit, saying things he didn't really mean. Silverkit, as a response, ran away, and hasn't been seen since. All of Fallingclan believes he has died.

Silverkit is alive; he has come back to say hello to his father. Shyspirit is extremely confused by this, and he thinks that he is hallucinating when he sees him.

Shyspirit decided to leave camp one day to explore territory and relax. He comes back to find his latest apprentice, Wildpaw(fire); (Which he transferred to Darktail due to Shyspirit's inactivity.) his mate, Fireheart; and several others dead.

He was broken to find that soon after, his clan disbanded. He has never been seen since.

  • Fallingclan after hours. (When Shyspirit was an apprentice)
  • Silverkit, Fireshy's kit, was born!
  • Fireheart doing her 'I do.' s at the wedding!
  • Shyspirit doing his 'I will' s (gosh darn AJ chat wouldn't let him say 'I do')
  • The full Fireshy family.
  • Slothic (Shattered, Broken, Silverkit) Drew this for me, I absolutely love it.
  • The Gathering after Darkstar, Shyspirit's father, died. He fell off a clif.. -.-
  • Smol hats came to Jamaa, we decided to celebrate.
  • Fallingclan aiding their allies in battle.
  • You can see what type of person I am in this photo :3
  • I got bored so I created FireShy if we were humans on a fashion game.
  • I also did Sunpelt and Pebbleslip after they married.
  • Made this too. (How? Go to the link in the top corner.)
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Shyspirit's gibberish:
Dancy catDancy catDancy cat
"Unique can seem a lot like other things."'"Life is like an ocean. It's filled with waves. As one crashes, the force starts another wave. There are also other forces acting upon that wave, like the Moon and other creatures that swim in the tides, so waves can be longer or shorter. They can even create more waves. And the cycle continues."

"I'm off to NEVERLAND! :he slowly drifts away:"

"To give up on anything, is like giving up on breathing. It hurts to breath? Just stop. All your problems will go away. Why? Because you're now dead."

"Yeah, I'm pretty annoying. Yes, I'm joke too much, but when you need me, I'll be there for you. I'll fight by your side until I die. If that doesn't make me your friend, I don't know what does!"

"Life moves too fast. If it would just slow down and get to know us, maybe it would go easier on us."

"I lost too many friends, but I don't just lay down and die with them. No, I learn from their mistakes-."'

"Am I the only one who understands me?"

"The real me is infinity."

"Life is like a box of chocolates, I always get the one that isn't chocolate.."

Starclan, further explained by a psychotic cat.

The world is a cruel place. Under the musty clouds of sorrow and burning rain of tears and sweat, lies the boundaries of sanity. If one made through these clouds of disgust, they would find a holy place of creativity and kindness. This place is not only for those who can venture from their limits and routine.. no. This is a place for those who have put the effort into finding a new way of living. This is a place where adventurers can call home. This place, though, takes a lifetime to venture to, and while some are still looking for directions, you can dart right past them. Those confused and alone need your help, but it's your choice to show them mercy, pity, and the pinpoint on their map. It is up to you and how you find your way to this new "home", but trust me by my words, you want to enjoy this journey because some day you will be the one looking down thinking, "I could have easily gotten past that if someone would have given me a leg-up." For those of you who live their lives for themselves, there is no need to complain when you expect another to do as you'd like. If you expect them to do something on your terms, you should give them a reason.

Greet everyone with a smile in the morning and a hug at night. Comfort when they're sad and a kiss when insecure. Make someone's day a better day by doing the smallest of kindness, and when you are looking back on your life, you can have something to smile about. You can be proud of the person you have become. You can be loved not only by others, but by your self as well. Appreciate the kindness of others, of yourself, and of the animals around you. Thank that bear for not mauling you yesterday. Someday, that bear will thank you for letting it root through your trash. A thank can go a long way.. Like ketchup. The condiments aren't the whole meal, but they make the meal much more enjoyable. So cram as much ketchup on your burger so later you can take a BIG enjoyable bite out of it. So you can enjoy that moment of pure tomato taste. It's that easy.

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:Theme Songs:
Shyspirit and Fireheart's Themes:"I knew I loved you then, but you'd never know. 'Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go. I knew I needed you, but I never showed. I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old."

"I keep dragging around what's bringing me down. If I just let go I'd be set free-"

"-If you love me let me go! 'Cause these words are knives that often leave scars. The fear of falling apart-"