"Sometimes, you have to strike faster than the cobra to reach your goal."== Tigerstrike's Info ==

Mmm, what do we have here, a visitor? Hello there, I'm Tigerstrike, that's right, the tomcat you see hanging around, that one cat with a better pelt than you, the tomcat of your dreams, or the worst enemy in your nightmares. Hahaha... Now, stalk away. :)

  • Age: 63  moons
  • Rank: Elder
  • Parents: Tigerpounce and Lushfur
  • Siblings: None
  • Mate: Shipdust
  • Children: Greypaw(deceased), Mapleskip(deceased), Mochaflower, Sailstorm
  • Grandchildren: Hailpaw, Faithpaw, Vanillakit, Almondkit, Passionkit, Cottonkit, and Mousekit
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Birthdate: Sunday, March 8, 2015
  • Blood: 50% loner, 50% kittypet

Tigerstrike's Family Tree Edit

===Tigerpounce, Lushfur, Tigerstrike, SlyclawTigerpounce is a normal-sized, slender tomcat with a masculine jawline, thick chest fur, large paws, and a beautiful tiger pelt. He is the former mate of Lushfur, and father of Tigerstrike and Slyclaw. Tigerstrike 10% trusts him. Group: None, he is a kittypet.

  Lushfur is a normal-sized, beautiful, soft, dark brown Birman cat with golden eyes and a great mane. She has no claws, but very sharp teeth. She is the former mate of Tigerpounce, and the mother of Tigerstrike and Slyclaw. Tigerstrike 90% trusts her. Group: None, she is a former kittypet, now known to be a loner.

  Tigerstrike is a normal-sized, slightly muscular, and beautiful Toyger tomcat with flawless patterns, velvety fur, and attractive, luminous, sharp lime-green eyes. Tigerstrike 100% trusts himself. Group: Former loner, he is currently a proud Shadowclan warrior.

  Slyclaw was a Toygertomkit with beautiful eyes and a dark, tiger-like pelt. He died shortly after birth, and he never grew up to be like his big brother. He is the dead son of Lushfur and Tigerpounce, and brother of Tigerstrike. Tigerstrike 100% misses and loves him. Group: Starclan.

Tigerstrike's Personality: Edit

Tigerstrike is usually calm and polite. He used to be quick fighter, but now most of the times he is a bit lazy. He's slightly aloof and loves to be the center of attention, in a good way. He wasn't named Tigerstrike for no reason, for he is snappy and impatient when a cat challenges him. He may growl and lash out if another is too much for him, but now that he's older and matured out, his patience has greatly increased over the years, and currently enjoys spying on prey, grooming, and spending time with his mate, kittens, and grandkittens.

Accomplished Goals: Find a new home, help mate raise kittens, spend the rest of life with family.

  Tigerstrike's Favorite Places to Go:Edit


Oh, the lush jungles. So much vegetation and the cool feeling of damp, black soil quenching your cracked paw pads. Tigerstrike dreampt of living in jungles, yet he hasn't been in one before. He'd love to run with the Tigers, swing with the monkeys, suck the juicy pulp from the tree's passion fruit flowers, and sink his teeth into the tender flesh of exotic birds that no cat has ever eaten before. If he had the choice of going anywhere in the world, he'd go to a tropical jungle.


Forests: Edit

His second favorite place, forests! Why he was born in the forest. He loves to hide in the forests and kill prey. That's his favorite thing to do. Even though it's not as exciting as a jungle, he loves to frolic around the woods and trees.

       What he Likes and Dislikes:Edit


  1. Killing and eating his own prey.
  2. Woody, lush areas.
  3. Swimming.
  4. Grooming his fur.
  5. Sleeping.
  6. Flirting.
  7. Eating lemongrass.
  8. Sinking his teeth into the warm flesh of prey.
  9. Hiding beneath the trees and scaring others.
  10. Dreaming

      Dislikes: Edit

  1. Being touched.
  2. Too hot or too cold temperatures.
  3. Eating rotten food.
  4. Cats that talk nonsense.
  5. Cats that stall him in conversations.
  6. Rude cats.
  7. Coyotes and other canines.
  8. Foxes.
  9. Other stuck up cats.
  10. Having his fur touched or ruffled.
  11. Annoying cats
  12. When someone brings up his mother in a discussion
  13. When someone insults he or his family
  14. Being ill

Tigerstrike's Enemies/Reason: Edit

None, if I were you, I wouldn't want to be on this list. I may be an old timer now, but I still have a sharp wit!

Tigerstrike's Friends:Edit

Shadestar, Crow Wing, Rowanheart, Sharpglare, Redwing. (Redwing died saving him), Lionstorm, Ivysong, and Dewclaw

Tigerstrike's Appearance:Edit

Base pelt color: Caramel, with a hint of a bold orange.

Patterns: Toyger patterns

Pattern Color: Jet black

Eye Color: Lime-green

Ear length: Nearly two inches.

Body length: 18 inches.

Body Height: 10 inches (normal)

Tail Length: 1'0

Claw length: one-fourth of an inch. (Normal)

Claw sharpness: Very sharp.

Tooth length: 5 fourth of an inch. (Slightly long)

Paw size: Large and powerful.

Muscularity: Normal, more visible on the shoulders and hind legs.

Underbelly color: Buttermilk color.

Fur texture: Velvety, mostly on his chest.

Whisker length: Medium

Scent: Lush, deep jungles.


Tigerstrike has gotten into a nasty fight with two dogs. One large dog got him really good. He has a torn left ear and a weakened right paw. His right paw had been mangled up pretty badly, and he has lifelong nerve damage to it. His paw is fine, it's just it is weaker than his left, he can't position it right as before, and he has a lot of tingling, burning sensations in it.

  Tiger's perspective of his body:

His body is nearly perfect, with beautiful, unique designs of a tiger, velvety fur, muscularity in the right places, sharp claws, clean whiskers, and wild, sharp, lime-green eyes, he is an attractive tomcat, and he sure does know it. This is why he loves to be uplifted with compliments. Now that he's an elder, it has a light layer of battle scars, but this doesn't bring him down at all.

Welcome back. Now you know a bit more about me. Tada.... what a surprise. :) Okay, you can get out now. Listen to my theme song while you're at it. :3 Thanks for coming by!