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"Work hard in silence; let your success be the noise."

Theme Song: "Legends Never Die" by League of Legends
Affiliation: SpringClan Orientation: Light
Gender: Female Species: Felis Catus Status: Active/Living
Age: 58 moons Rank: Leader
Username: GuineaPigs3256
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Thunderstar is a lynx-point Siamese mix with an odd coat coloring. She has a medium-short, stormy grey pelt with a light grey undercoat, muzzle, and paws. She has white spots all over and very faint stripes on her legs, tail, and a white tail tip. Her eyes are a dark blue-grey.
Positive traits: Optimistic, fun-loving, empathetic, & caring/kind.Optimistic- She always tries to find the light in the darkness and she will cling onto any little hope she finds.Fun-loving - Thunderstar is very light-hearted and lively. She is generally happy and enjoys doing things that make her and others happy.

Empathetic - She likes to put herself in other cats' paws to try and see what they are going through.

Caring/kind- She will do anything for the ones she loves, and will put herself in front of others in danger.

(WIP) Neutral traits: Protective, trusting, & calm.

Protective- While being protective can be a positive trait of hers, she tends to be too protective of loved ones.

Calm - She tries to remain calm in different situations in hopes that it will calm others down as well; she usually suppresses her fear in front of others and may come off as not empathetic.

Negative traits: Lenient

Lenient - Thunderstar can be quite lenient towards others and she will only put her foot down if it is necessary.

Sitting by waterfalls, lakes, and rivers
Calm breezes
Climbing trees
Gazing at the night sky
Sunrises & sunsets
The smell of rain
Kittypet food and crowfood
Irksome cats
Copper head snakes
Thunderstar enjoys leading and protecting her clan and believes she is a good leader/role model to others. She can be lenient when it comes to putting her paw down to those who have done wrong.
Though she does know how to swim, it is not her favorite past time and often would rather watch the water from the shore.
She grew up in a Clan filled with trees all around and is learned to become skilled in climbing at a very young age.
Thunderstar has strong hunting grounds and loves to fish even though swimming isn't her favorite.
Thunderstar is able to jump, pounce, and leap fairly well which aids her in hunting.
Offensive Combat
Thunderstar does not like to start or provoke fights with others and tries to find a different solution than attacking if at all possible.
Defensive Combat
Thunderstar is skilled at fighting though she does not agree with it. She can easily defend herself against others.
Thunderstar thinks there is still much to learn and strives to achieve that; though she is fairly bright.
Thunderstar has excellent stamina and it is rare that she tires out. she loves to be on her paws more than she does sitting in her nest.
Thunderstar is very fast and has a flexible back which allows her more movement with her spine.
Thunderstar has relatively good agility which helps her in different situations such as hunting or battle.
Thunderstar is not the most stealthy cat and will occasionally scare her prey away by making some kind of noise like stepping on a stick.
Thunderstar has a decent amount of strength due to her lean but strong build.
Thunderstar enjoys the company of others and likes to talk to her fellow clan-mates.
Thunderstar would rather smell her prey above hearing it scamper through the bushes.
Thunderstar is more likely to hear or smell her prey before she sees it.
Thunderstar had good hearing but she is a bit skittish of louder noises and often tries to avoid them.
Thunderstar picked up some herb knowledge from medicine cats mainly at a younger age. Though she does not feel confident to care for another cats wounds if they are not minor.

Duskbreeze | Former Apprentice | 70%

"Duskbreeze was my first apprentice and I wish I could have trained her differently; I taught the way my mentor had taught me and it didn't work out very well. I hoped we could have had a better relationship and it's sad that she passed."

Lightpaw | Former Apprentice | 95%

"Lightpaw was such a bubbly cat; always put you in a better mood."

Littlepaw | Former Apprentice | 95%

"She was so kind to everyone and happy here, why did she decide to leave?"

Foxstar | Co-Leader | 100%

"I couldn't ask for a better leader by my side. It may have taken some time to get to know Foxstar but now she is one of my best friends."

Tundrashade | Former Deputy | 100%

"I miss Tundrashade. He was a really good deputy; I wish I could have changed his mind, I wish I could have saved him."

Leafshine | Foxstar's Deputy | 100%

"Leafshine is always quick on her paws when dealing with things, I love her enthusiasm and she is very smart."

Skystorm | Deputy | 100%

"Skystorm is so thoughtful and kind towards others and I appreciate that."

Fang | Foxstar's Former Deputy | 0%

"I didn't trust Fang in ConiferousClan and I certainly don't trust her now. I have no idea why she was ever made deputy in the first place; she wanted Sagestorm's family to die and there wasn't anything that would change her mind."

Heronfeather | Warrior | 60%

"Her strong hatred for birds is a bit scary but she isn't a bad warrior."

Honeyfade | Warrior | 60%

"Honey is so sweet! Hopefully we can form a stronger bond sometime."

Saphirefall | Warrior | 65%

"I don't really see her around too much but she is a good mother to her kits."

Ashflower | Warrior | 75%

"Ashflower is pretty social and it isn't hard to talk to her."

Crowgaze | Warrior | 65%

"He seems a little shy and tends to stray away from talking to cats in the clearing. I wonder why that is."

Sorrowbird | Warrior | 25%

"We hardly talk to each other but he isn't nice to almost everyone, someday that might get him into trouble."

Mistlebranch | Elite Warrior | 95%

"Mistlebranch is kind of shy but she is a good elite warrior. Maybe some day we can become better friends."

Forestfire | Elite Warrior | 80%

"We don't spend a lot of time together but she is trusted throughout the Clan."

Hollowsky | Elite Warrior | 90%

"Hollowsky is really easy to talk to and he is always nice to everyone."

Sandwing | Elite Warrior | 85%

"We don't talk to each other a lot but it's nice when we do."

Barkclaw | Elite Warrior | 85%

"Barkclaw is funny and loves to joke around with lots of cats."

Finchwing | Warrior | %

"I don't know her all that well but she always has a smile on her face."

Doveheart | Warrior | 70%

"She is fairly new to SpringClan but she is always trying to be helpful in some way or another and she is very social."

Stormstar | Former leader | 100%

"You were such an amazing leader; the best leader I could have asked for to be honest. You always made time to take care of your Clan and do everything you could for us. I don't know how I could lead as good as you but I will certainly try to follow in your paw steps."

Falconpaw | Former Apprentice | 40%

"Falconpaw was eager to learn but he was always trying to challenge clan-mates and me, and sometimes his nerves got the best of him."

Greystorm | Former Clan-Mate | 100%

"She is one of my best friends, it's really sad to think that I will never see her again."

Shardstrike | Former Clan-Mate | 100%

"Shard was such a good friend of mine. He was so nice to everyone and I miss him."

Eclipsepelt | Former Clan-Mate | 80%

"Eclipse, well, I don't know what got into you, everyone was worried about you. You changed some but I know you still have a good heart."

Thunderclaw | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Lilypetal | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Fernwing | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Wingside | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Spiderpaw | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Berrylight | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Specklepelt | Former Clan-Mate | %

"Insert thoughts"

Littleleaf | Former Clan-Mate | 95%

"She would do anything to protect her kits. I just wish I could have done something more when she was attacked by rats."

Thicket-stride | Mentor | 90%

"Thicket-stride was a very skilled warrior and I certainly learned a lot from him but we never grew very close."

Thunder - For being born during a severe thunderstorm and for her pelt colorings.
Star - traditional leader suffix
Previous Name(s):


Fang - She has slightly larger canine teeth than most cats and is skilled in both hunting and fighting.


Lightning McQueen

Thunder McQueen





"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall."