Following the steps of our ancestors

TempleClan was originally founded by 喜悅 (Cherrystar) and Cønstellationz (Mistlestar) on March 30th, 2018. The Clan is a Thread-based, Traditional-rolplaying side-group inspired by the popular Erin Hunter series, ❝Warriors❞. The Clan is pretty laid-back and encourages its members to be creative and unique when it comes to character creation without becoming too unrealistic.
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We are a thread side-group that is currently OPEN!

Those currently on Hiatus(click):

  • Ravenstrike14
  • Wishingwell100
  • ~RøseBuds
  • Aprilkitty123321
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Founded 3/28/18 Founders Papp1 & Ariana
Species Felis Catus Orientation Neutral
Roleplay Traditional Platform Thread
Member Count 20/22 Season Winter
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Meet the Clan

TempleClanners have a variety of pelt colors/patterns and builds. Most common eye color in the clan is green and kitty-pets are quite common since their camp is near two-leg nests.

TempleClanners are sweet cats and aren't the type to turn away cats in need though they can be very stubborn and judgmental at times. Majority don't frown upon disabled cats, although there are a few that do.


TempleClan is surrounded by a jungle-like woodland, around the woodland is two-leg nests which makes their territory very small. Their camp is in a clearing in the center of this woodland and the dens are made of brambles, sticks, mud, etc. The prey is plentiful and there's a rather big stream running through the territory as well.


  • 1. TaintedHearts
  • 2. Tigerkit_pickles
  • 3. SleepyStreets
  • 4. DuhhCross
  • 5. ~RøseBuds~
  • 6. Ravenstrike14
  • 7. Wishingwell100
  • 8. AprilKitty321
  • 10. Wisteriaflower
  • 11. Puppytime11
  • 12. DerpyDork
  • 13. Somewhereintimeandspace
  • 14. Rainydays123
  • 15. ThePinkHatter
  • 16. Opulen
  • 17. Everybodydothefloop
  • 18. Adinosuarnugget
  • 19. Theraventakesthecrown
  • 20. Størmie
  • 21.
  • 22.
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Before joining TempleClan you need to read all of the page and rules. There will be a code word somewhere on the page that you are required to add to your form to show if you truly read through the page.

Editing the page

We ask that you please refrain from editing our page unless you were appointed as a co-editor.

Roleplaying With Other People

Roleplaying with other people is a important rule that everyone must follow. You need to be kind in and out of roleplay to your clanmates and you should always try to include the new members.


If you are to join you need to be active and at least need to roleplay once a day even if it's a comment just so we know you're active. You also need to be active on the page. I know you guys have lives but you need to inform a higher rank if you're going inactive.


In TempleClan we have a limit on how many kittens we allow, if the limit has been reached we ask that you do NOT try to make a kit OC and be patient enough to wait 'til the rank re-opens. Kittens aren't allowed to leave camp, they must be an apprentice and accompanied by a warrior. Kits must also have a Care-taker.


In TempleClan you are allowed to do a little drama but you can't kill off OCs without asking your Leaders. If you're doing a lot of drama without a plot you will be banned or suspended from roleplay for a few days.


TempleClan demands respect to all cats and even more respect for your Leaders. If you fail to do so, you will be banned or punished.

Oc Limit

TempleClan allows each member to have up to 10 Oc's.

News Corner
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3/1/2019~ News section has been cleared.

3/5/2019~ We welcome Larkspurlily to TC!

3/7/2019~ We welcome Tigernight and Bloomfire to TC!

3/10/2019~ We welcome Blackbirdcatcher to TC!

3/13/2019~ We welcome Thrushcall to TC!

3/15/2019~ Templeclan's first day of Spring will be on March 20th.

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In TempleClan each cat is unique, meaning that no two cats have the same prefix. Forbidden prefixes are ones that keep roleplay from being realistic. Below is a list of the taken prefixes in TempleClan

  • Adder
  • Amber
  • Angel
  • Bear
  • Black
  • Bluebell
  • Blackbird
  • Bloom
  • Brittle
  • Candy
  • Chestnut
  • Clover
  • Cocoa
  • Dappled
  • Dove
  • Daisy
  • Felicia
  • Fin
  • Fierro
  • Golden
  • Hog
  • Hollow
  • Jedidiah
  • Lace
  • Lichen
  • Lark
  • Larkspur
  • Lunar
  • Lyrics
  • La Vide
  • Mallow
  • Mikaela(Mika)
  • Mint
  • Nani
  • Nettle
  • Newt
  • Osiris
  • Orchid
  • Pebble
  • Percy
  • Rabbit
  • Ragged
  • Rowan
  • Silent
  • Silk
  • Sleigh
  • Splash
  • Snowdrop
  • Speckle
  • Strawberry
  • Tawny
  • Thrush
  • Tiger
  • Valentino
  • Velvet
  • Violet
  • Wasp
  • Warbler
  • Wish
  • Zakai
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Current Season: Winter

Spring in TempleClan is the time when the snow melts and the forest plants awaken from their winter slumber, sprouting new vegetation to support the prey that return after the long cold moons. The days are filled with warm sunshine and cool breezes, as well as the cheery songs of the birds. The prey is plump and bountiful.

Summer in TempleClan is the warmest time, the cats often seek shade under the tall trees or take a swim in the river. The days are longer with cool and starry nights. An occasional morning drizzle of rain and beautiful green undergrowth.

Fall in TempleClan is when the trees trade in their green garments for a bolder pair of red and gold and begin to drop their leaves. The other plants are lulled to sleep. The spring/summer prey start to migrate/hibernate as the days grow cooler, allowing the fall/winter prey to roam about. The prey isn't as bountiful as it is in the warmer moons, but the Clan is still kept well fed.

Winter in TempleClan is more mild with mostly cloudy days and an occasional light snowfall. Heavier snowfalls are quite rare. In winter the Clan feeds on prey that do not hibernate/migrate such as Squirrels, Mice, Rabbits, Shrews, Spadefoot-Toads, and the few birds that stick around.

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Leaders [2/2]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Lives
Dovestar TaintedHearts Jedidiah N/A 9/9
Jedidiah SleepyStreets Dovestar N/A 9/9
Deputies [2/2]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Dappledsun ~RøseBuds~ N/A N/A
Mintfall DuhhCross Waspsting Goldenpaw
Head Medic [1/1]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Nettleheart Tigerkit_pickles N/A Finpaw
Medics [1/2]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Bluebellsong ~RøseBuds~ N/A Strawberrypaw
info info info info info
Medic Apprentices [2/3]
Oc Name Username Gender Crush Mentor
Finpaw Ravenstrike14 N/A Nettleheart
Strawberrypaw Puppytime911 N/A Bluebellsong
info info info info info
Elite Warriors [2/6]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Velvetcoat Tigerkit_pickles N/A N/A
Raggedheart SleepyStreets Silentcry N/A
info info info info info
Warriors [26/∞]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Mallowflight Ravenstrike14 N/A N/A
Nani SleepyStreets N/A N/A
Bearshade Ravenstrike14 N/A N/A
Rowancough Ravenstrike14 N/A N/A
Rabbithop Ravenstrike14 N/A N/A
Silentcry Wishingwell100 Raggedheart N/A
Pebblelight Aprilkitty123321 Lyrics N/A
Warblerspeck Aprilkitty123321 N/A Chestnutpaw
Lyrics Wishingwell100 Pebblelight N/A
Fierro Wisteriaflower Lunargaze N/A
Lunargaze Puppytime911 Fierro Clover
Sleighride Wishingwell100 N/A N/A
Tawnywhisper TaintedHearts N/A N/A
Blackberry Tigerkit_pickles N/A N/A
Hogsnout Tigerkit_pickles N/A Orchidpaw
Amberhue TaintedHearts N/A N/A
Addersplash Somewhereintimeandspace N/A N/A
Candycane Aprilkitty123321 N/A N/A
Cocoafrost Rainydays123 N/A N/A
Daisykeeper Opulen N/A N/A
SpeckleTuft SleepyStreets N/A N/A
Felicia Everybodydothefloop N/A N/A
Larkspurlily Adinosuarnugget N/A N/A
Tigernight Theraventakesthecrown Bloomfire N/A
Bloomfire Wishingwell100 Tigernight N/A
Blackbirdcatcher Størmie N/A N/A
info info info info info
Warrior Apprentices [9/15]
Oc Name Username Gender Crush Mentor
Brittlepaw Ravenstrike14 N/A N/A
Chestnutpaw DuhhCross N/A Warblerspeck
Goldenpaw Aprilkitty123321 N/A Mintfall
Orchidpaw ~RøseBuds~ N/A Hogsnout
Clover DerpyDork N/A Lunargaze
Reindeer DerpyDork N/A N/A
Wish DerpyDork N/A N/A
Newt ThePinkHatter N/A N/A
info info info info info
info info info info info
Queens [3/∞]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Offspring
Larkfeather SleepyStreets N/A Valentino
Splashsong Wishingwell100 N/A Silkkit,Lichenkit,Lacekit,Eelkit,Fernkit
Thrushcall SleepyStreets N/A Snowdropkit, La Vide
Kits [12/15]
Oc Name Username Gender Crush Caretaker
Angelkit Wishingwell100 N/A N/A
Lacekit DerpyDork N/A Splashsong
Lichenkit DuhhCross N/A Splashsong
Silkkit Wishingwell100 N/A Splashsong
Osiris SleepyStreets N/A Dovestar
Zakai TaintedHearts N/A Dovestar
Mikaela(Mika) Tigerkit_pickles N/A Dovestar
Fernkit Somewhereintimeandspace N/A Splashsong
Valentino TaintedHearts N/A Larkfeather
Snowdropkit ~RøseBuds~ N/A Thrushcall
La Vide Wisteriaflower N/A Thrushcall
Elders [4/∞]
Oc Name Username Gender Mate Prev. Rank Reason
Percy Ravenstrike14 N/A Loner Old Age
Hollowtuft Ravenstrike14 N/A Apprentice Missing Limb
Waspsting Tigerkit_pickles Mintfall Leader Retirement
Violetbreath DuhhCross N/A unknown Asthma
info info info info info info
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Hhun1 (2)

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Reason for Hiatus:

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