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Loyal ~ Faithful ~ Brave


You were exhausted, your pelt matted, and your throat dry. Hunger gnawed at you, growing more unbearable by the second. Legs weak, you lugged yourself pawstep by pawstep, your ears slightly perked at the sound of running water as you tried pushing your way through the growth of the forested area.

The sound of the water grew louder as you rounded a bush, and you spotted a spring not far off. The water called your name, and you stumbled forward, your paws dragging and tripping over each other as you tried to quench your thirst, but before you know it, your body lunges forward, and you fall into the depths of the water.

It hadn't looked all that deep, but as you tumbled forward, your whole body becomes engulfed by the water. Too weak to swim to the surface, you allow the spring to tug you along, and your body beat against sharp stones, cutting into your flesh.

There was a sharp yowl nearby, and you were barely able to make out the words through the bubbling of the water in your ears. “Skystorm, over here!”

A feline body plunged into the water at your side, and you felt teeth sink into your scruff. Another pressed against your other side, and the two felines hauled you smoothly out of the water.

You choked and spat up water, your eyes blinking frightenedly at the cats that had just saved your life. The first one, larger than the other, was a muscular, long-legged grey tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, muzzle, and chest and sky blue eyes. The second feline was a pale brown tom with darker spots covering his body, a tan undercoat, and a white paw, his eyes being a deep blue.

“Wh- who are you?” you stammer, still feeling weak. You were barely able to get the words out of your mouth.

“Go fetch Forestfire and Barkclaw. They should be with Hollowsky further towards the border,” the she-cat directed the tom. He gave a hasty nod and turned, disappearing into the growth.

She turned her attention back to you, and her blue eyes were kind. “My name is Skystorm. What are you doing on our territory?”

“I'm only passing through…” Your voice trails off, but you continue, “I am quite hungry, though.”

Skystorm's gaze travels along your thin body, and it is clear that you haven't eaten in a quarter moon, maybe more. You had lost track.

A rustle sounds, and the brown tom reemerges from the place he disappeared, followed by three more felines. His blue eyes bore into you, but the others seem friendlier.

“These are Forestfire, Barkclaw, Hollowsky, and Floodpaw,” Skystorm introduces them one by one, first pointing her tail to a calico she-cat then a calico tom. Barkclaw appeared to be Forestfire's son, at least, they looked enough alike. Skystorm then directed her tail to a short-legged, fluffy, light grey tom with darker spots and white chest fur. His green eyes blink, and he looks at you carefully. The pale brown tom, Floodpaw, stood tall as Skystorm flicked her tail to him.

“Let’s get them back to camp,” Forestfire mewed to her acquaintances. The felines surrounded you on each side. Skystorm nudges your shoulder, helping you to your feet while Barkclaw leans in on your other side. “Camp?” you murmured.

“I’m sure Thunderstar and Foxstar will let you stay until you’re healthy enough to travel again,” Barkclaw mews to you.

“Let’s get on with it,” you heard the grumpy voice of Floodpaw, and you glance over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of him before you force your paws to move.


Barkclaw and Skystorm supported your sides as Forestfire leads the way through a thick line of bushes. You emerge into a large, beautiful meadow with a waterfall that pooled at the base of the mountains. There were curious eyes looking at you, and you swung your head back and forth to look at the new faces. There was a sandy she-cat sitting beside a black tom, their pelts brushing as you padded by. On your other side was a primarily brown tortoiseshell beside a white and grey tom, five kits staring wide-eyed from the paws of the older felines.

You came to an abrupt halt, nearly tumbling into Forestfire. Two more felines rushed forward as Skystorm and Barkclaw moved away from your sides. You slumped, even more exhausted now than before. The first, a white tom with silver fur tips and blue eyes, turned instead and pushed his way into a bush on the back side of a large stone. The second, a golden brown she-cat with a light tan chest and bright, blue eyes, approaches you.

“Who is this?” she directs her question to Skystorm, who swiftly responds, explaining what happened to you.

Just as Skystorm finishes, the white tom is followed out of the bush by a ginger tabby and a white marbled tabby. They blink curiously at you as Skystorm quickly repeats the story.

The white marbled tabby’s grey-blue eyes rest on you as she speaks, “Traveling? On your way where?” You could see the curiosity flicker in her eyes.

“Trying to f- find food. And a h- home…” you fix your eyes nervously on the ground, and you can hear the shuffling of pawsteps all around you.

You lift your head, looking from cat to cat. A dark grey and white tom with blue eyes, then a black tabby with deep blue eyes, and a white and grey tabby with icy blue eyes. The pelts of the gathering felines seem to mix into a blob, and you grow dizzy.

“You are welcome here for the time being. Rainwing will help with your care for now,” the marbled tabby continues, her tail flicking towards a dark grey she-cat with white tabby markings and soft, blue eyes. “I'm Thunderstar, and this is Foxstar,” she then pointed her tail to the ginger tabby at her side. “These are our deputies Tundrashade and Leafshine,” she directed your attention to the white tom then the golden brown she-cat, “and this is our Clan, SpringClan.”

“Once you are well enough to travel, you must leave our territory,” Foxstar meowed, her dull, brown eyes locking with yours.

You hesitate, a thought coming into your mind, but you managed to blurt out, “What if I want to stay?”

You can tell the question catches the group off guard, and Foxstar and Thunderstar are looking at each other as if considering what you had asked.

“I would say we allow it,” Leafshine spoke up, her blue gaze shifting between you and the leaders.

“Me too,” Tundrashade chimes in.

“Then we have a decision,” Thunderstar mewed. “Welcome to SpringClan...” Foxstar gave you a questioning look.Insert name here,” you mew hurriedly.

“Ahh. Welcome, Insert name here,” Foxstar finishes.


Founders InsaneGiraffe, GuineaPigs3256, VanillaMoon207, & SplatterPaw Founded 22 April, 2018
Classification Felis catus Status Active
Orientation Light Role-play Traditional
Recruiting Yes Member count 41/50
Camp den Lithospheress Tag Green w/ wing




  1. 19Spot
  2. Lolamy6
  3. TigerLover911
  4. HowlingMadness, DabMyChickenz, æwait, MistBlossomCat, AwkwardChicken
  5. Bunniechops0/user
  6. WolfBa3103
  7. Latte18
  8. Poochyena18
  9. ShawnaRocks
  10. Størmie
  11. FawnStorm



Hawkfeather joins.


Flamespark joins. Fernwing visits. Albatrosspaw dies.


Doveheart, Redclaw, and Arcticsky join. Dead Assain and Eddypaw visit.


Nightstep joins. Koiheart dies.


Nectarsong and Thistlesting joins.






Reviewing our points page is extremely important. It will inform you how to earn, spend, and lose points. This will help to avoid spam creation and deletion of characters, to promote good behavior, and to help control the Clan.


You are required to participate in role-play at least two times a week. If you have not participated for an extended period of time without explanation, you will be listed in the "Unexcused Inactivity". After four days of continued inactivity, you will be removed from the page and suspended. Please fill out an inactivity application if you will be inactive.


To avoid Clan jumping, you are required to stay in SpringClan for one week after joining. If you leave during your trial, you will be suspended from rejoining, which is time dependent on how quickly you left. Leaving within the first or second day results in three weeks of suspension, third day results in two and a half, fourth day results in two, and so on and so forth.


You are not permitted to join other groups, including packs, Clans, tribes, main discord groups, etc., while in SpringClan. This will result in exile. Put your favorite subject is in school is in the did you read the regulations of your form; code one of four. Visiting other groups and joining up to 4 side-groups is the only exception with permission, but your focus must remain on SpringClan. Please maintain a green tag with a wing to symbolize your loyalty to the Clan.


If you are to leave two times, you will be exiled from the Clan. We wish to avoid members that will continuously join and leave our group, as it becomes tedious to welcome and say good-bye to the same person. If you decide to leave, please fill out an application to finalize your decision. If you are unsure about joining or rejoining, we encourage you to be a visitor first.


You are not permitted to power-play. This includes using unrealistic phrases, using magic, using human weapons, ignoring other's actions, and having unrealistic abilities.


Threats, harassment, arguments, discrimination, etc. that disturb role-play, the page, or Discord will absolutely not be tolerated. Excessive drama can give the Clan a bad reputation when we all just want to have a bit of fun. This is a group of making friends, learning life lessons, and enjoying yourself. All ranks are to be treated with respect.


Going along with respect, arguments and fights between Clan-mates or people in other groups (and in role-play if it does not seem like it is on good terms) are not welcomed. SpringClan is to be welcoming of everyone and their differences, hoping to create a diverse environment. We aren't asking you to be best buddies with everyone but if you don't like someone here, then just avoid them. If you do end up in an argument with someone, do not bring the drama to the page, animal jam, or bring others into it. You may speak to a high rank about it but if it is something small, you should resolve it on your own. All arguments do is stress the clan out and make others roleplay experience bad.


You are required to be serious during role-plays. Side comments here and there are okay, but too many takes away from the role-play experience and can be bothersome.

Warrior Code

While we a nontraditional Clan, please follow the warrior code. Cats who disobey the warrior code will be reminded of its rules and punished if the behavior continues.

The Warrior Code: [1]


Official server or unofficial server it does not matter. discord is not allowed within SpringClan. It takes away our activity on the page and on animal jam and a lot of fights, arguments, talking behind people's backs, etc. happen there. This has also caused some people to leave. The high ranks do not support this and it is unacceptable. Which rule is most important to you and why in the did you read the regulations; code two of four. If there is any suspicion or proof of people creating an official or unofficial server, a punishment such as suspension will follow; any who join the server will also receive a punishment. Maybe the server was never created? Then the punishment will be removed immediately but it will have to be proven. If someone is aware that a server was made, they must contact a high rank with as much information as possible, it can be done as a FANDOM user if you do not want other people to see who it was. SpringClan is an animal jam based clan only.


SpringClan has two different religions: StarClan and Life of Flight. Both religions should be respected equally.



Worm-hunting is an apprentice's duty to gather worms for the Medicine Cats' half-moon meetings. First, the worm-hunting cat must gather wet moss and soak an area of dirt with water. They then start slowly digging in the dirt until they find worms and put them into a pile of moss. Repeat this process until you have at least five, then deliver the worms to the medicine cats.


more words


Harvest of the Hunters' moon - October 31

All cats are divided into groups of odd numbers with at last one warrior who will be the leader of the group, one group is chosen at random as a referee group to be sure that the game runs smoothly. At dawn, each group will choose a part of the Clan's territory, but once the moon is shown, the timer starts. The referees tell (jag) each of the groups to start hunting as much prey as possible; (Mouse- 5 points Bird- 5 points Rabbit- 10 points Large Bird- 10 points Squrriel- 15 points Fish and large fish- 15 points And any voles, lizards or underground prey is considered 1 point). The catch is that the groups don’t pick out what prey they hunt so that they’ll win instantly, the referees will tell them each what prey they are hunting by using a randomizer before they go of to the small parts of the territories. The players are not always destined to hunt perfectly, they have to fail to catch the prey at least three times or they are suspended for three minutes, if the leader of the group doesn’t catch unperfectly, they are suspended from hunting for five minutes, but are able to communicate with their teammates. For medicine cats and queens, the kits hide Flowers- 5 points White pebbles with two scratch marks- 10 points Honeycomb- 15 points Mushrooms- 20 points all around camp with the help of a warrior or an apprentice. All teams have to switch territories every five minutes. If groups pass each other they have to choose one member of their team to spar (Without claws, but biting is allowed). Prey counts on the territory they are in.

Dress Code

SpringClan does not have a set-in-stone dress code for what your oc can and can't wear on animal jam. But if you can't decide what to put on your oc, most commonly used clothing items in the Clan typically consist of: Fox hats, worn blankets, swords, bows, gloves, spikes, and various necklaces. However, we do not allow any realistic clothing items such as a tuxedo, shoes, wigs, ect. and no horns or masks (unless given permission). If you are unsure about your oc outfit, just ask, we're happy to help! Want to be festive for the holidays? Go for it! The only thing is you need to change the outfit back to what it was originally after the holiday is over (such as a Halloween costume).

Limitations should only be used if you are aware of how and what that limitation is. Cats don't know how to read or speak sign language so if you have a deaf or mute cat, you may not use this.

OC Canon

SpringClan cats are only feral domesticated felines. Servals, sand cats, black-footed cats, and other wild cats no matter the size will not be allowed. If you think you may have an acception, whether it is for a plot or something else, ask first before creating one.

Coat colorings and eyes must remain realistic. OCs may have colorings that do not match an IRL image completely, but it cannot be something that you would not see in a regular cat. Acceptable pelt and eye colors are listed in OC Creation.

Cats naturally range in size but it isn't too common for SpringClan to have an unusually small cat such as the Singapura. If you would like to have a smaller cat, contact a high rank before creating the oc. The same thing counts with larger cats though it is not that unusual to see a large cat in Springclan. The next code is if you prefer panthers or tigers in the did you read the regulations of your form; code three of four. Sizing an oc needs to be accurate to the breed of the cat; if it is a mix, the size needs to be roughly similar to the breeds crossed with.

Occasionally having a cat with a bad temper is fine but they cannot have a conflicting personality of nice. That goes for all ocs: cats, just like people do not have personality traits that contradict each other. More info is located in OC Creation.


SpringClan's territory is tucked safely between two mountains that meet at a large waterfall. Together, the two mountains form an 'L' like shape where camp and the waterfall reside. On the right mountain, two slightly smaller sized waterfalls rest side-by-side with a rocky gap and grassy tuft between them. All three waterfalls create a lake, streams, and large pools of water that fill the area surrounding camp. The forest has thick underbrush and is filled with oak, birch, cedar, and many more kinds of trees that provide good cover for hunting. Their training ground is a sandy clearing a few fox lengths from camp with a pond perfect for fishing or swimming in the middle of it.

SpringClan's camp lies in a meadow directly beside the larger waterfall. The medic den sits in a cave behind the waterfall to offer a safe storage of herbs and constant access to fresh water. The gathering spot is at a large stone located to the left of the larger waterfall. The leaders' den is beneath a bush beside the stone. The warrior den is hidden under a bush across the waterfall with apprentice den next to it. This offers a perfect position for protection of the camp in case of invasion. The nursery is to the right of the waterfall, tucked under a large tree's roots between the mountainside and the forest. The elders' den is beneath a tree pressed against the mountainside next to the leaders' den.

Common prey consists of: mice, voles, rabbits, squirrels, a large variety of birds, lizards, frogs, water voles, and fish

Uncommon prey consists of: ducks, magpie, and pheasants

predators: foxes, badgers, hawks, owls, and boars

OC Creation

SpringClan cats are generally very welcoming but are not afraid to stand up for themselves, their Clan, and their loved ones. They do not discriminate against differences between their Clan-mates. They have a strong belief that their ancestors watch over them through the sparkling waterfall and gentle meadow of their camp, making it a perfect place to stay.

SpringClan cats range in size and color. For the most part, they are great swimmers and climbers and have a more muscular build. They have sleek pelts of mostly dark colors. SpringClan cats are quick on their paws, making them fantastic hunters and quick fighters. They are clever and easily find a way out of conflict.

You are permitted to have up to four characters at a time. You may only have one high ranking character (leader, deputy, elite warrior, shaman) at a time. Please attempt to use all of your characters equally.

Avatars are typically bunnies, foxes, and wolves, but exceptions can be made for avatars such as coyotes, arctic foxes, tigers, cougars, and snow leopards. Avatars must be dressed and colored appropriately. We may ask you to change if your avatar is too extravagant. Please add the word "sniffle" in the additional notes of your form for joining; code four of four.

Your character name may be a Clan or rogue name. It should stick to natural and realistic parameters. A prefix may only be used once; taken prefixes will be in the "Limitations" section. The prefixes and suffixed not allowed or only permitted for certain ranks are star, flight, and spring.

While limitations can be used, please do not request a limitation that you do not fully understand. This is important so that your character actions are correctly dependent on said limitation.

The ranks of leader, deputy, elite warrior, shaman, medicine cat, and medicine cat apprentice are not given. These ranks are taken into much consideration and will not be reserved for specific people. If you wish to be a medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice, please contact a leader on their message wall.

A character's age progresses on the Friday of every week. The only exception is when you have joined or created a new character one to two days before. In order to receive your apprentice, warrior, or medicine cat name, you must be online for a ceremony.


Early New-Leaf
The season will change every three weeks, and weather will be updated weekly.
The streams around camp begin to thaw, and prey begins to come out of their burrows.
Partially Cloudy & Cold 🌤 Partially Cloudy & Cold 🌤 Cloudy & Chilly ☁️ Minimal Snow & Cold 🌨 Minimal Snow & Cold 🌨 Cloudy & Chilly ☁️ Cloudy & Chilly ☁️


These times are based on observation of when the majority of people are online. You are not restricted to these times and role-plays can, and do, happen all throughout the day. Saturday and Sunday are completely open for role-play at any time.

Times are shown in the military time of each time zone.

EST 12:00-14:00 22:00-00:00 11:30-14:00 15:30-18:00


15:30-17:00 22:00-00:00 13:00-16:00 19:30-20:30


13:30-16:30 18:30-20:30


CST 11:00-13:00 21:00-23:00 10:30-13:00 14:30-17:00


14:30-16:00 21:00-23:00 12:00-15:00 18:30-19:30


12:30-15:30 17:30-19:30


MST 10:00-12:00 20:00-22:00 9:30-12:00 13:30-16:00


13:30-15:00 20:00-22:00 11:00-14:00 17:30-18:30


11:30-14:30 16:30-18:30


PST 9:00-11:00 20:00-22:00 8:30-11:00 12:30-15:00


12:30-14:00 19:00-21:00 10:00-13:00 16:30-17:30


10:30-13:30 15:30-17:30


GMT 16:00-18:00 2:00-4:00 15:30-18:00 19:30-00:00


19:30-21:00 2:00-4:00 17:00-20:00 23:30-00:30


17:30-20:30 22:30-00:30


EST 8:00-14:00 15:00-00:00 8:00-14:00 15:00-00:00 8:00-14:00 15:00-00:00 8:00-14:00 15:00-00:00 8:00-14:00 15:00-00:00
CST 7:00-13:00 14:00-23:00 7:00-13:00 14:00-23:00 7:00-13:00 14:00-23:00 7:00-13:00 14:00-23:00 7:00-13:00 14:00-23:00
MST 6:00-12:00 13:00-22:00 6:00-12:00 13:00-22:00 6:00-12:00 13:00-22:00 6:00-12:00 13:00-22:00 6:00-12:00 13:00-22:00
PST 5:00-11:00 12:00-21:00 5:00-11:00 12:00-21:00 5:00-11:00 12:00-21:00 5:00-11:00 12:00-21:00 5:00-11:00 12:00-21:00
GMT 12:00-18:00 19:00-4:00 12:00-18:00 19:00-4:00 12:00-18:00 19:00-4:00 12:00-18:00 19:00-4:00 12:00-18:00 19:00-4:00


Mute 1/2 Paralysis 1/2 Partially Blind 2/3
Fully Blind 2/2 Albino 1/1 Amputation 0/1
Poldactyl 0/1 Sphynx 0/1 Partially Deaf 1/2
Fully Deaf 0/2 Polycadual 0/1
Sagestorm Paralysis
Rainwing Partially Deaf
Silentsong Mute
Barkclaw Partially Blind
Cobrabreeze Albino
Glasspaw Fully Blind
Sootpaw Partially Blind
Sapphirefall Fully Blind

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 0/2 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 1/1
Anxiety Disorder 2/2 Dementia 0/2
Depression Disorder 0/2 Bipolar Disorder 0/2
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 1/2 Anger Management 2/3
Eating Disorder 1/2 Body Dysmorphia 1/1
Foxstar Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Duskpaw Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Palepaw Anxiety Disorder
Titanium Anger Management
Goldenpaw Anger Management
Basilpaw Eating Disorder, Body Dysmorphia


The prefixes and suffixes not permitted are Star, Flight, and Spring.

A Ace B Bark C Cinder
Acorn Basil Cloud
Arctic Bracken Cobra
Ash Bright Copper
D Dark E Ebony F Fawn
Day Finch
Dolphin Flicker
Dove Flint
Dream Flood
Drift Flame
Dusk Fluff
G Gazelle H Hazel I Ink
Glass Heather
Golden Heron
J K Katniss L Lance
Kestrel Leaf
Kookie Leopard
M Maple N Nectar O Ookami
Mint Night Olive
Mist Owl
P Pale Q R Rain
Pelican Red
S Sage T Tawny U
Sand Thistle
Sandpiper Thunder
Sapphire Titanium
Shadow Twilight


2/2 (Closed)
The leader is in charge of the Clan. He/She, with the help & guidance of the deputy & medicine cat, has authority over the Clan. If he/she were to die, be exiled, or step down, they will be replaced by their deputy. The leader's word is law & is expected to be followed. The leaders are part of the training group for apprentices.
- Thunderstar GuineaPigs3256 F None 59 8/9
- Foxstar InsaneGiraffe F None 44 7/9
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2/2 (Closed)
The deputy is second-in-command & takes responsibility for the Clan when the leader is unable to. He/She helps the leader in making decisions & will become leader if the current leader dies, is exiled, or steps down. The deputies are part of the training group for apprentices.
- Leafshine Livish F None 36
- Skystorm LexiB07 F None 34
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2/2 (Closed)
Shamans are the head healers of the Clan and they are cats of peace and tranquility. They have the strongest connection with StarClan and Cat-Wings out of all the medicine cats. Though they are highly skilled in herbs, their main job is religion. They are in charge of the other medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices, and help guide the leaders in decision making. This rank requires 20+ moons.
- Rainwing Rosalieis7 F None 33
- Sagestorm SplatterPaw M Fawngaze 27
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3/5 (Closed)
Medicine cats are especially chosen to be the healers of the Clan. They have a strong connection with StarClan and Cat-Wings and help guide the leaders in decision-making when needed. They treat illness & injury & keep the Clan in good health. This rank requires the age of 12+ moons.
- Mapletuft Livish M 22
- Silentsong PinkLilac7 F 13
- Oliveblossom LexiB07 F 12
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1/5 (Closed)
Medicine cat apprentices are taught by the medicine cats to care for sick & injured cats & to interpret signs from StarClan and Cat-Wings. Their mentorship is shared among all of the medicine cats. This rank requires the ages of 6-12 moons.
- Duskpaw ChiefSeattle M 6
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6/6 (Closed)
Elite warriors are cats who are older & more experienced than others. They have found where their loyalties lie & plan on serving for as long as possible. They are often asked for advice from the leader & willingly give their opinions for the good of the Clan. The elite warriors are part of the training group for apprentices.
- Forestfire MidnightDarkness23 F None 53
- Barkclaw Fiabee M None 37
- Ashflower CutCandy F None 26
- Hollowsky Zer0S0uls M None 19
- Lance Lithospheress F Crowgaze 18
- Sandwing PinkLilac7 F Spiderfang 18
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43/∞ (Open)
Warriors have been trained in the ways of the Warrior Code and have learned to fight and hunt for their Clan. They protect and feed the young & elderly. If the leader sees fit, they could potentially become an elite warrior or deputy. This rank requires the age of 12+ moons. A select number of warriors are part of the training group for apprentices.

★ = Trainer

- Flint Zer0S0uls M None 49
- Nightstep YayUSA M None 48
- Katniss Bb8Derpy F None 47
- Houndfall Fiabee M None 37
- Redclaw XRedClawX F None 43
- Driftwood ChiefSeattle M Luna 37
- Slatestorm Lithospheress M None 35
- Titanium Fiabee F None 34
- Fawngaze GuineaPigs3256 F Sagestorm 31
- Lynxstep InsaneGiraffe F None 31
- Swiftclaw Fiabee F None 30
- Coppercurl Rosalieis7 M Heronfeather 30
- Brightleaf GuineaPigs3256 F None 29
- Sorrowbird InsaneGiraffe M Sapphirefall 29
- ★Heronfeather★ ChiefSeattle F Coppercurl 29
- Ace PolarPilot M None 28
- Hawkfeather Vicram M Doveheart 27
- Ookami Mänïpülätïøns F None 27
- Luna Bb8derpy F Driftwood 27
- Moongaze Bella0818 F None 27
- Hickorypelt Livish M None 26
- Flamespark Lithospheress F None 25
- Mintmask SplatterPaw M None 24
- Spottedface Ffelixx M None 21
- Shadowsnow Mavis1088 F None 21
- Solarspark Jammer55gf9 F None 20
- Cobrabreeze Zer0S0uls M None 20
- Doveheart EmpererPenguin77 F None 20
- Thistlesting TheToxicFry M None 20
- Arcticsky Lavenry F None 17
- Ebonycurl Samson815 F None 17
- Leopardspots TheWarriorCats1 F None 17
- Darkcloud PressX2Doubt M None 17
- Flickerpelt Swimmingbird280 F None 17
- ★Finchwing★ WolfClan07 F Crush: Hickorypelt 17
- Inkfur 1errp M None 17
- Nectarsong Rosalieis7 F None 17
- Sunglare L77144 M None 16
- Cinderpelt Juicer2012 F None 16
- Loki LunaLilly44 M None 15
- Cloud FlooPowder101 M None 14
- Cosmicpuddle MidnightDarkness23 F None 11
- Tawnyback NoodleFoxx F None 11
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17/20 (Closed)
Apprentices are cats being trained in the ways of the Warrior Code. They spend their time learning how to hunt and battle in order to serve their Clan. When their mentor believes it is time, an apprentice will take their final assessment before becoming a warrior. This rank requires the ages of 6-12 moons.
- Silverpaw Kittys18391 F None 10
- Dolphinpaw CutCandy M Tawnypaw 10
- Sweetpaw KawaiiKrunchDonut F None 9
- Goldenpaw Rosalieis7 M None 9
- Glasspaw 1erpp F None 9
- Floodpaw Livish M None 8
- Palepaw AaVv52359 F None 8
- Sootpaw WolfClan07 M None 8
- Basilpaw NoodleFoxx F None 7
- Twilightpaw CutCandy F None 6
- Daypaw SplatterPaw F None 6
- Morningpaw PinkLilac7 F None 6
- Owlpaw InsaneGiraffe M None 6
- Pelicanpaw MidnightDarkness23 F None 6
- Hazelkit TBD F None 6
- Fluffpaw Bb8Derpy F None 6
- Dream Averyiator F None 6
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2/5 (Closed, reserved)
Queens are she-cats who are pregnant or nursing. Queens are expected to be cared for by the rest of the Clan. They return to their former rank once their kits become apprentices.
- Saphirefall MidnightDarkness23 Sorrowbird Gazellekit, Kestrelkit, Acornkit, Sandpiperkit 25
- Sandwing PinkLilac7 Spiderfang Sorrelkit, Brackenkit, Mistkit, Splashkit 18
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9/20 (Closed, reserved)
Kits are the young of the Clan. They are cared for by queens as well as others, and they are never to be hurt by any cat and never leave camp. Once old enough, kits become apprentices. This rank requires the ages of 0-6 moons.
- Mochi Diallogue M None None 3
- Shortkit ChiefSeattle M Bio: Crescentdash Thicketkit, Yellowkit, Frostkit, Sunsetkit, Hopekit 4
- Kookie CutCandy F None None 4
- Brackenkit SwimmingBird280 M Sandwing Sorrelkit, Mistkit, Splashkit 2
- Mistkit Bella0818 F Sandwing Sorrelkit, Brackenkit, Splashkit 2
- Gazellekit GuineaPigs3256 M Sapphirefall Kestrelkit, Acornkit, Sandpiperkit 1
- Kestrelkit LexiB07 M Sapphirefall Gazellekit, Acornkit, Sandpiperkit 1
- Acornkit WolfClan7 F Sapphirefall Gazellekit, Kestrelkit, Sandpiperkit 1
- Sandpiperkit Lithospheress F Sapphirefall Gazellekit, Kestrelkit, Acornkit 1
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0/∞ (Open)
Elders are the retired cats of the Clan. They have served their Clan for a long length of their life and are to be cared for by the rest of the Clan.
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20/∞ (Open)
Visitors get to witness Clan life without being an official member. They are not required to join, but this position gives them an opportunity to make a choice.
Ivorypelt Eggøes F February 22, 2019 None
Eddypaw l3lAze F February 23, 2019 ShadeClan
Brindlepatch, Grasspath, Flarepaw MagicalStarCat FFF February 26, 2019 FawnClan
Dead Assain Latte18 M Unknown None
Rainyhollow 0verShadowing F Unknown CascadeClan
Rainyhollow 0verShadowing F Unknown CascadeClan
Doesong PastelCløuds F Unknown None
Crystalgem Vixlrføxx F Unknown RobinClan
Berrylight Glodia F Unknown MistClan
Thistle Radiovenuss M Unknown BirchClan
Cinderstep AnimalFriend81 NB Unknown None
Silvertuft DuckPoodle M Unknown TunamiClan
Cotton-nose VanillaMoon207 F Unknown None
Alofa Naomi026 M Unknown None
Honeyfern FoxLover404 F Unknown None
Dograve WølfiPie F Unknown Shadowclan (Jujutheeverything13)
Ravenclaw PastelCarnation F Unknown None
Rowanclouds SsDuchess M Unknown Reign of Nox
Lung Gooey M Unknown CascadeClan
Tangepaw BadVibesFørever M Unknown None


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The unexcused activity section lists cats who do not have an excuse for being inactive. They have not let us know before hand that they will be inactive and will likely face punishment or suspension.
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The excused activity section lists cats who have an excuse for being inactive. They have let us know before hand that they will be inactive and will not be punished for their inactivity.
LexiB07 School, Personal February 18, 2019
Diallogue Personal February 22, 2019
ChiefSeattle Moving March 1, 2019
Lithospheress School March 19, 2019
Bb8Derpy School March 23, 2019
Bella0818 Personal April 1, 2019
CutCandy School April 15, 2019
NoodleFoxx School June 14, 2019
Mänïpülätïøns Personal Unknown
Mais1088 School Unknown
Zer0S0uls Grounded Unknown
MidnightDarkness23 Personal Unknown
InsaneGiraffe Personal Unknown
Rosalieis7 Personal Unknown
Jammer55gf9 Personal Unknown


6/10 (Open)
The alliances is a section of Clans that SpringClan is close with. Both Clans are willing to help each other with a good number of tasks.
MistClan Chameleonstar (Whitetips) Habanerostep (Nana8964) Light
ArrowClan Hollowstar (WonderStrøkes) Lunarsky (PoppyCorn14) Light
WindClan Featherstar (Mgcat5), Hazelstar (MisssPortyBeast303) Frostystep (Jammer9402517), Cherryheart (Wincky) Light
DeerClan (D) Dawnstar (subscribe to pewdiepie#3338), Moonstar (Eldonroot#2388) Softrain (Softrain#9835), Icestorm (june0212#4269) Neutral
AberrantClan Cloudstar (PoisonVineIvy707), Ivystar (Lola3336) Stormwing (ShadyWings0920), Wolfclaw (PuppyPlush) Neutral
FoxClan Cherrystar (XxMirrorx) Daniel (Ttsueko) Neutral
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The suspended is a section of previous SpringClan members who have failed their trial or have been inactive. They are not welcomed back into the Clan until the listed date.
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The exiled is a section of previous SpringClan members who are no longer part of the Clan and will not be welcomed back as a member. Visiting privileges are granted for those who have not caused trouble in the Clan.
Sprucewood, Streampaw 19Spot Leaving twice Yes
Nectar, Mammoth, Seagullcrown Lolamy6 Leaving twice Yes
Ravenpaw TigerLover911 Disrespect & Multi-Grouping No
Cowbirdsong, Mistblossom HowlingMadness, DabMyChickenz, æwait, MistBlossomCat, AwkwardChicken Extreme Disrespect No
Ghosthaze, Peacockfeather, Soundwave, Flamekit WolfBa3103 Leaving twice Yes
Nightfire, Eaglekit Latte18 Leaving twice Yes
Paintsplash Poochyena18 General Inactivity, Disrespect, Failure to Follow Regulations No
Bearfur ShawnaRocks Leaving twice Yes
Willowdream Bunniechops0/BirdieSweet Double-grouping No
Hazelkit, Sunsetkit Størmie Leaving twice Yes
Roadkill FawnStorm Leaving twice Yes



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