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"A showoff?
Of course I am!"
General Role-Play
Status: Active & Living Theme Song: "I'll be Good" by Jaymes Young
AJ Username: InsaneGiraffe Affiliation: SpringClan
Wiki Username: InsaneGiraffe Rank: Warrior
Orientation: Neutral towards Dark Age: 29 Moons
Species: Felis Catus Gender: Male
Belief: StarClan & Dark Forest Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    :Base     :Chest     :Spots     :Iris     :Nose & Pads

Pelt Build
Sorrowbird is a short-furred, light brown with darker brown spots and a splash of cream on his chest. He has orange-amber eyes. There is a dark brown X marking on the top of his left forepaw. Sorrowbird has a muscular build that shows through his pelt. He has a scar running down the center of his chest and stomach, ending at the base of his tail. There is a nick in his left ear.
Breed: American Shorthair X Siamese Scent: Mice & Rotting Wood
Weight: 7.9 kilograms Height: 36.3 centimeters
Length Without Tail: 70.3 centimeters Tail Length: 29.5 centimeters
Claw Length: 1.95 centimeters Whisker Length: 19.12 centimeters
Positive Neutral Negative
Clever Confident Arrogant
Sorrowbird is a quick thinker and learns easily. He knows how to get around problems. While Sorrowbird typically uses his cleverness to get out of trouble when he's done something wrong, his smarts could be used for the better of the Clan. Sorrowbird is confident, which helps him to get through sticky situations and learn new things. He believes that he can do just about everything, which can and does put him and others in danger. Sorrowbird is extremely arrogant when it comes to interacting with most cats. He doesn't care about their importance, and he believes that he is better than nearly everyone else.
Kind Protective Untrustworthy
When Sorrowbird grows close to another cat, he can be kind, generous, and caring. This is a rare trait to get out of him, and he does not express it often. Sorrowbird is very protective of the few people he loves. He has lost so much in his life, and he is willing to risk anything so they don't have to suffer through similar pain. Sorrowbird tends to be untrustworthy when it comes to fighting on the side of his Clan. There are certain cats that he would gladly let die so that they won't be in his way.
Sorrowbird's general demeanor is rude, and he doesn't act kindly towards other cats that get in his way. He will make rude comments, and most conversations he holds are based on insults he throws their way.
Praise Plotting
Sorrowbird loves to show off a receive praise, especially from more experienced warriors. Sorrowbird has found himself plotting on many occasions.
Time to Himself Moon-Shaped Stone
While Sorrowbird enjoys spending time around the ones he loves, he often wants time to himself. Sorrowbird treasures the moon shaped stone that Sapphirefall gave him.
Pass Time: Showing Off Time of Day: Sunfall
Sorrowbird doesn't want his Clan-mates to have any doubts about his skills. Sorrowbird loves to watch the changing colors of the sky reflecting onto the lake, something he used to do with Sapphirefall
Season: New-Leaf Prey: Raven
In Sorrowbird's opinion, New-Leaf has the best sunsets. Sorrowbird prefers raven over other prey for seemingly no reason.
Nosy Felines Socializing
Sorrowbird often wishes that other cats would mind their own business. Sorrowbird doesn't like to socialize in a friendly way with other felines.
Feathers Dogs
Sorrowbird has a strange disliking of feathers. It seems like they give him bad luck. A dog almost killed Sapphirefall. It just shows that they want nothing but cat blood.
Least Favorites
Pass Time: Climbing Time of Day: Sun-High
Sorrowbird prefers to be on solid ground or in water. Sun-high often doesn't provide enough shadows for Sorrowbird to lurk in.
Season: Leaf-Bare Prey: Vole
The grey sky of Leaf-Bare does not usually produce the sunsets he loves. Sorrowbird prefers birds and fish over all mammal prey, but vole is definitely his least favorite.


Sorrow - given name representing Bearfur's sorrow over Moss's death

Bird - representative of the cry of a bird

Overall Meaning - sorrowful cry

Previous Names Nicknames
Kit: Sorrowkit Turd-Bird
Apprentice: Sorrowpaw Snake
Leadership Swimming
8/10 Sorrowbird has a strong voice and opinion and isn't afraid to state it. 9/10 Sorrowbird is an extremely strong swimmer, especially in still water.
Climbing Hunting
7/10 Sorrowbird definitely does not favor climbing and only does it if needed. 8/10 Sorrowbird strictly sticks to fishing and ground hunting over anything else.
Jumping Offensive Combat
6/10 Sorrowbird never really worked or focused on his jumping skills. 10/10 Sorrowbird trained well in his combat and does extremely well with attacking others.
Defensive Combat Intelligence
10/10 Despite not being very agile, Sorrowbird uses brute strength to defend himself. 7/10 Sorrowbird doesn't have a lot of general knowledge but is cunning and knows how to get out of tight situations.
Stamina Speed
7/10 Sorrowbird does not have the most stamina and tends to wear out faster than others. 8/10 Sorrowbird lacks a bit of speed and is unlikely to outrun faster cats.
Agility Stealth
8/10 Sorrowbird is not the most agile, but by no means is he clumsy. He only tends to have heavier paws. 9/10 Sorrowbird is great at creeping around silently to listen and watch others when they think nobody is looking, but he does have stronger traits.
Strength Friendliness
10/10 Sorrowbird has immense strength and uses it to his advantage continuously. 2/10 Sorrowbird is only friendly to those he grows close to.
Scenting Eyesight
8/10 Sorrowbird has average scenting, but it is not his weakest sense. 9/10 Sorrowbird relies most on his eyesight, but his other senses work well, too.
Hearing Herb Knowledge
7/10 Hearing seems to be Sorrowbird's worst sense, and he can't always make out soft talking. 0/10 Sorrowbird couldn't care less about herbs and tends to avoid the medicine cat den.

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Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Moss Mother 100% "I wish I could have- Wait, buzz off. It's none of your business!"
Bearfur Father 0% "It's too bad I didn't get to kill him like I'd planned."
Frostwhisper Adoptive Mother 80% "Frostwhisper can sometimes worry too much, but I know she means well. It's too bad she had to leave us so soon..."
Bravestar Sister 10% "She told me that we should miss Bearfur since he's kin, but she was so angry about Moss's death. I don't know what changed."
Flowerpaw Sister Unsure "I never really talked to Flowerpaw. I regret not getting to know her before she died."
Brightleaf Sister 90% "We have our moments of arguing, but I will always look out for her."
Cotton-nose "Little Sister" 100% "I'm worried that Cotton-nose won't get the life she deserves."
Sapphirefall Mate 100% "She's the best thing that ever happened to me... I couldn't imagine life without her."
Silentsong Adopted Daughter 100% "I'm so proud of what she's accomplished despite being mute."
Sweetpaw Adopted Daughter 100% "She lives up to her name. I'm proud of her."
Grasspaw Adopted Daughter 100% "I feel we've grown distant from her apprenticeship, and I want to repair our bond."
Floodpaw Son 100% "He's said some interesting things, and I believe it's brought us closer together."
Stormkit Daughter 100% "I wonder if I did something wrong to cause her disappearance. I'll never forgive myself..."
Gazellekit Son 100% "Gazellekit is extremely curious."
Kestrelkit Son 100% "Kestrelkit doesn't like Driftwood very much."
Acornkit Daughter 100% "Sh- She looks just like Bearfur. Is that a sign?"
Sandpiperkit Daughter 100% "Sandpiper was so little when she was born..."
Tundrashade Deputy; Father Figure 100% "I- I can't believe he's gone. Don't mention him and get out of my face!"

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Thunderstar Leader 75% "She's interesting, but I don't have much to say about her."
Skystorm Elite Warrior 50% "I'm unsure about Skystorm. She seems a little- Hmm... Interesting? All I know is that she needs to do a good job with training my son."
Hickorypelt Warrior; Friend 95% "He's a good cat to hang around."
Fawngaze Warrior 5% "I guess I'll credit her for being my mentor... A horrible one at that."
Heronfeather Warrior 0% "She makes a terrible mother to her kits. She reminds me too much of Bearfur."
Daypaw Apprentice 75% "I think she's gotten me in with Fang."
Driftwood Warrior; Friend 25% "He tried to kill a kit, and when I told him to stay away from my children, he made some threats."
Creamtuft Warrior 50% "Annoying scrap of fur won't leave me alone. Thinks she deserves my respect. Hah!"

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Willowstar Deceased Former Mentor & Former Clan-Mate 0% "Willowstream left SpringClan. She took Rabbit-tail, Cotton-nose, and Rosefeather with her. I could never forgive that."
Fang Deceased Deputy 90% "Fang was interesting. I wonder how she grew so powerful."
Sycamorepaw Deceased Apprentice 50% "I never tried to kill him. It just happened in my presence. You can't blame me for that, right?"

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Rosefeather Former Clan-Mate & Crush 0% "She left me, and I could never forgive that. I really did love her..."
Rabbit-tail Former Clan-Mate; Best Friend 100% "Rabbit-tail understands me. I couldn't have a better friend, but I'm disappointed that she left with Willowstream."
Heathergaze Former Medicine Cat 20% "No wonder that small scrap of fur is a medicine cat."
Coalheart Former Medicine Cat 5% "An extremely obnoxious cat. I avoid spending any time around her."
Sandwing Elite Warrior; Former Apprentice 80% "I guess I should be proud of her, but she wasn't strong enough to become a warrior. I guess the leaders thoughts otherwise."
Hollowsky Elite Warrior 70% "He works well with kits, but he tends to get into things that aren't his business."
Echothorn Warrior 50% "I don't know him very well, but he is extremely quiet which makes me suspicious."
Keith Warrior 0% "Such a pathetic cat makes me laugh."
Voidfall Warrior 0% "A small, weak cat doesn't deserve to be a warrior."
Cosmicpuddle Former Apprentice; Former Warrior 70% "All my work has gone to waste now that she's run off."

Mentors Apprentices
Willowstream Sandwing (Formerly)
Fawngaze Cosmicpaw (Currently)

Mother: Moss - tortoiseshell & white she-cat with ginger stripes & ice blue eyes (Deceased)

Father: Bearfur - white tom with blue eyes & brown markings on chest, face, ears, & tail (Deceased)

Sisters: Flowerpaw - white she-cat with light grey belly, dark grey spots, & dark blue eyes (Deceased)

Brightleaf - white she-cat with blue eyes, cream ears & tail, & tan spots (SpringClan)

Bravestar - white she-cat with tan stripes & hazel eyes (Deceased)

Brothers: None

Formerly Attracted To: Rosefeather - a grey she-cat with a white underbelly and dark grey spots (Location Unknown)

Mate: Sapphirefall - a black she-cat with a white underbelly and dark blue eyes (SpringClan)

Kits: Floodpaw - a brown tom with dark brown spots and dark blue eyes (SpringClan)

Stormkit - a black she-cat with a white underbelly and orange amber eyes (Missing)

Gazellekit - light brown and white Siamese tom with dark brown spots, one orange-amber eye, and one blue eye (SpringClan)

Kestrelkit - primarily white tom with brown spots and brown eyes (SpringClan)

Acornkit - brown tabby she-kit with white undercoat and blue-green eyes (SpringClan)

Sandpiperkit - primarily white with brown spots and brown eyes (SpringClan)

Adopted Kits: Sweetpaw - a calico she-cat with red-hazel eyes (SpringClan)

Grasspaw - a brown she-cat with a bobbed tail and tufted ears (SpringClan)

Silentsong - a gray she-cat with white spots and light blue eyes (SpringClan)

    :Female     :Male     :Gender Unknown





Newfound Hatred

I lay on my back, tossing my moss ball up and down to myself. I dug my claws into it every time I caught it, pulling away bits of moss every time. I flicked my ear at a bit landed in my ear before continuing to toss it. Despite my boredom, I ignored my passing Clan-mates, not being too interested in interacting at the moment.

I heard paw steps patter towards me, and I caught my ball, sitting up to see who it was. Bravekit approached, visibly angry and tail twitching.

"Follow me," she mewed quickly before padding to the empty nursery.

I wondered what she wanted and why she wanted it so urgently, but I got to my paws, shook out my pelt, and followed anyways.

As I pushed my way in to the den, she immediately meowed, "Mistfeather told me that our mother is dead. She died kitting us, and Bearfur watched it happen. She said that it was heartbreaking, but I'm not so sure."

The words fell so quickly out of my sister's jaws that it took me a moment to process her words, but I instantly felt anger build up inside of me. "I knew our father was a fox-heart," I snarled.

Before Bravekit could say anything more, I dashed from the nursery and out into the clearing. I stomped my way do to the pond where I sat at the bank, looking down at my reflection. Anger continued to bubble inside of me, but I tried to contain myself.

The Attack

A dark figure leapt from the bushes, bowling Willowstream over as we trained. My eyes widened, and I immediately launched myself at her assailant.

I yowled as I lashed out at the tom's side, and he turned, raking his claws across my eye. Willowstream shoved herself between us. I wanted to protect my mentor, but I knew that she would fight for me like a queen would fight for her kit.

In a flash, the attacker was around her again, grabbing me roughly by my tail. Yanking back, he latched onto my scruff, tossing me into the rose bushes. I hissed as the thorns scraped my pelt, making contact with my skin.

Fur ripped away from my shoulders as I lugged myself from the bushes, determined not to give up. Before I could make my next attack, the assailant bowled me onto my back in the sandy clearing. I gasped as claws met my stomach, tearing it open.

My vision became blurry as I fought to stay awake and to make sure Willowstream would be okay, but I was unable to move. I felt my blood soak my pelt and the sand around me. The last thing I could remember was Bravepaw's horrified face when she saw what had happened to me.

Another One Lost

I slept soundly in my nest, a dream bringing me joy, before I felt a sharp prod in my side.

"What is it?" I grumbled, pushing myself into a sitting position.

"F- Frostwhisper is dead!" Bravepaw wailed.

I stayed still, all except for a small flick of my ear.

"Thank you for telling me," I mewed finally before pushing my way out of the apprentice den.

I headed across camp, sitting beneath the tree in the clearing to the medic den. I barely sensed Cottonkit's presence as she sat beside me.

"First Moss, then Frostwhisper," I muttered.

Bravepaw bounded into the clearing, pushing her way between Cottonkit and me. "And Bearfur," she added.

"Who cares about Bearfur?" I growled, anger immediately rising up in my chest.

"He's kin," Bravepaw replied.

I jumped to my paws. "He let Moss die! He was responsible!"

"Don't turn this around on me," Bravepaw hissed.

"Just... Just leave me alone," I snapped before turning away from her.

I slid into the water and races through the tunnel, making my way to the rise bushes where I curled up miserably, my paws covering my ears.

I could hear the faint grunts of Cottonkit pretending to be a badger. I knew she was trying to cheer me up, but I couldn't see through my own sadness.

After a few moments, I felt her curl up beside me, trying to offer comfort. I closed my eyes, thinking of Moss and Frostwhisper. It wasn't long before Cottonkit pulled away, and I was finally alone.

The Attempt

Sycamorekit ambled into the den as I spoke with Brightleaf. He was sputtering some nonsense about wanting to be the best warrior. He was a small scrap of fluff, but I was willing to give the kid a chance. I approached the kitten, but he grew frightened and scrambled away. Just moments later, he returned, small sticks and stones with him. Sycamorekit began to chuck them at us. I was irritated, but Brightleaf was much more gentle. I only huffed and exited the den. I was hungry anyways.

As I padded down the slope, Sycamorekit bounced after me, his short legs barely able to carry him after me. Heronfeather was in the clearing, and I muttered. The last thing I wanted was to deal with more members of this obnoxious family. Sycamorekit continued to hurl the stones at me, but Heronfeather rushed up at once. She pinned down Sycamorekit and scolded him. I was alarmed for a moment, but I played it cool. Heronfeather seemed stressed.

"He only wanted to learn about warrior life. How about I take him off your paws?" I mewed just as Brightleaf entered to clearing from the warriors' den. I cast a glance at her, and I could see the suspicion in her eyes.

Heronfeather seemed to hesitate at my question. "Surely she doesn't think I would kill a kitten," I thought innocently. "But, boy, does she have a surprise."

"Alright," she mewed finally. "But have him back soon."

I nodded and encouraged Sycamorekit to follow me. I lead the way out of camp and to the river. It was flowing well. My plan might come through. I sat, gesturing for the scrap of fluff to sit beside me, and he did.

"What do you want to know about warrior life?" I asked, starting up a conversation.

My ear twitched at the sound of light paw steps, and I could see Brightleaf in my peripheral vision as she followed our trail.

"What's it like?" Sycamorekit squeaked, drawing my attention back to him.

"Well, there are a lot of duties. One being hunting. Would you like to know how to fish?" I flicked my tail towards the water, and Sycamorekit's eyes instantly brightened.

"It will help you be a strong warrior if you start training early," I added, trying to persuade him.

"Yeah!" His voice was high pitched and extremely annoying.

"Alright. Pay close attention, and I'll demonstrate." I could feel that this would be the moment.

I leaned dramatically over the river and meowed, "Lean out over the water like this. It will give you better vision of the fish," I lied. This was no way to fish. "I'll hold-" I began to mew, but Sycamorekit was already leaning over.

With a squeal, the kitten tumbled face first into the water, and I watched him, not moving a muscle to help. It wasn't my fault the kitten rushed in. He should have let me finish speaking.

There was a flash of brown fur, and Brightleaf plunged into the water. I had completely forgotten that she followed. I only shrugged and got to my paws, turning to make my way to the lake where I quickly caught a trout.

I returned to the main clearing, pretending to be oblivious of the event that had occurred. There were tiny paw steps, and Sycamorekit flung himself into the clearing, climbing up onto my back. I rolled easily over him and shifting myself into a laying position, the kit squirming beneath my body.

Brightleaf entered a moment later. "Let him go, Sorrowbird."

I wouldn't ever do anything against my sister's wishes, so I got up and slipped away from Sycamorekit, who was now laying motionless in the grass. My sister's blue eyes widened, and she rushed forward, taking Sycamorekit by the scruff and rushing up to the medic den.

I smiled. It might've worked. Despite Brightleaf saving him from the water, Sycamorekit was ill, and it wasn't really my fault.


Over the next couple days, Heronfeather and Keith had stayed in the medic den with their son. I was proud of what I'd done.

As I made my way up to the warriors' den after a good meal, there was commotion in the medic den. My sister popped out, her blue eyes furious. She thrust her head into my shoulder, and I crashed awkwardly into the bamboo lining on the hill.

We argued. I'd never done something so awful with her, but now was my chance to prove that what I had done was right.

"A kit, Sorrowbird? You know that's wrong," she hissed. "You tried to kill him."

Heathergaze's head poked out of the den. "We can hear you guys."

I gave a small smile and padded to the warriors' den, pushing my way inside with Brightleaf close behind.

"That kit can't suffer through what we did. Heronfeather and Keith are careless parents. I don't want them to have a Bearfur in their life," I mewed, sitting. "Attack me if you want." I added, shrugging. It was clear that my sister was angry with me.

"I didn't like Bearfur any more than you did, but what you did was wrong."

"I'm trying to save these kits the pain they may have in the long run. I should've killed Eaglekit when he asked me to. It would've made the job easier."

"That doesn't make it right."

I flicked my ear, slightly bothered. "Those kits deserve better. I'm only doing them a favor."

Brightleaf muttered something inaudible and turning, slapping her tail across my face before exiting the den.

Maybe she didn't see my reason now, but surely she would understand in the future.

Too Close for Comfort

We had been traveling over the last few days. Over this night, we stopped in a concealed clearing. I was the first one to wake, and I opened my eyes, gazing at the other cats in the patrol. I felt Sapphirefall shudder slightly, and she opened her deep blue eyes as she yawned. We got to our paws at the same time. Dawn was just breaking, and it was time to get moving again. The water back at camp wouldn't fix itself.

We padded between the other cats, waking each in turn. As soon as Heronfeather, Leafshine, Sandwing, Silentpaw, Rainwing, and Crescentdash were awake, Sapphirefall waved her tail for everyone to gather. "We will continue to follow the river. I think we are getting close," she meowed.

As everyone nodded in agreement, a rustling sounded from the tall grass at the other end of the small clearing, and three dogs appeared. They barked, their teeth shining in the dim morning light. With a screech, Sandwing, Rainwing, Crescentdash, and Heronfeather turned to sprint away.

"Run!" I called to Silentpaw, who was standing wide eyed with fear. She gave her head a quick shake and bolted after the others.

I gave Sapphirefall a slight push to direct her out of the clearing, and she picked up speed, running out in front if me. I followed with Leafshine a couple of tail lengths behind me and the dogs hot on her tail.

We were about to make it to a large tree when Sapphirefall stumbled, tumbling into the dirt. I looked to see where the dogs were, and I watched as Leafshine turned and let out a hiss, challenging them. They were distracted at first, but one went around Leafshine in a few heartbreats and was upon us.

In my attempt to help Sapphirefall get away, the dog leapt onto both of us. One of its paws was planted on her chest, and I could tell right away that she was struggling to breathe. "Get off, fox heart!" I hissed, pushing my claws into the dog's muzzle to keep it away.

Its slobbered all over us, barking happily for having completed its catch. Suddenly, Crescentdash and Sandwing were upon the dog, distracting it long enough for me to pull Sapphirefall and myself away from it. After a brief scuffle, the dogs all fled.

Leafshine had managed to escape up a tree and wasn't hurt despite facing two of the dogs on her own, and nobody else seemed to be injured, but Sapphirefall was laying motionless. I pressed my nose into her fur. "The dog is gone. You can get up now," I urged.

Rainwing appeared at my side in a moment, ordering some of the others to get herbs. "It looks like she has some broken ribs," she meowed to me.

"She'll live, though, right?" I asked, terror building up in me.

"It's hard to say, but I do believe she'll pull through," Rainwing replied.

I exhaled and curled up at Sapphirefall's side. I couldn't lose her like this, and I had hope I wouldn't. Thankfully, we got moving the next day without a problem, and relief had washed over me.



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Sapphire'fall and Sorrow'bird fanert flaming

Sorrowbird X Sapphirefall by Flaming


Sorrowbird feels as if everything bad he has done was justified: plotting Bearfur's death despite never getting the chance to kill him, plotting and attempting to kill Hollyheart with Creamkit, attempting and nearly succeeding in killing Sycamorekit (now Sycamorepaw), agreeing to kill Eaglekit despite never getting the opportunity to do so, and plotting with Floodpaw to kill Heronfeather.

Sorrowbird never thought he would find love after Rosefeather followed Willowstream out of SpringClan, and he considers Sapphirefall to be his guardian angel/savior.

Sorrowbird acts the way he does because he feels as if he's lost nearly everyone he loves. The more he isolates himself, the less he has to worry about it.

Despite never wanting to be like Bearfur, Sorrowbird has found it difficult to find his spirits high, thus the reason for isolating himself.


Bravepaw to Sorrowpaw: "Why are you always showing off?

Sorrowpaw in reply: A showoff? Of course I am!

Fawngaze to Sorrowpaw: "Did you catch that, or were you too busy admiring yourself in the water?

Sorrowpaw in reply: "Admiring myself. Duh."

Brightleaf to Sorrowbird: "Is there ever a time when you aren't dramatic?"

Sorrowbird in Reply: "Lemme think... Nope."

Sorrowbird to Shortwhisker regarding relationships: "If this has anything to do with you, you'll always be disgusting in my mind, so it won't matter.

Daykit to Sorrowbird: "Have you looked in the river recently? I hope not."

Sorrowbird in reply: "Actually, I have. I'm gorgeous."