"The love and connections we hold for each other is not a weakness, but a strength."
SCB Option 1
Founded June 28th, 2016
Founder SilencedRose
Current Leader SilencedRose
Status Active
Roleplay Traditional
Recruitment Open [24/40]
Species Felis Catus
Realm Fluid
Location Washington
Platform Discord
Diet & Prey Fish & Birds
Visiting Open [0/7]
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Format: Username/OC [Visiting Period]


1. Silencedrose

2. Claweight

3. Ayeitsboo

4. HeyitsMako

5. Realitybreaks

6. Duskaa

7. Mugsey

8. Creamycurl

9. Bappo ElTaco

10. Galaxyferret

11. VintageSmiles

12. SydneyMR

13. RatLady01

14. Pegasyss

15. FlowerPaws

16. Spacedoutdolphin

17. Dark0991

18. Reconverting

19. Allaboutmaeveaj

20. Bozzycozzy

21. Wishing on Flowers

22. HeyItsWolfie03

23. Logisticcolorless

24. Sarahseal1Aj

Format: Member [Reason/Time]

Creamycurl [School/Unknown]

Reconverting [Traveling/March 20th - March 25h]

HeyItsWolfie03 [Personal/March 3rd - May 3rd]

VintageSmiles [Traveling/March 12th - April 1]

Realitybreaks [Personal/Unknown]

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At first glance, SageClan cats will be reserved, keeping to themselves and only making small talk with other clans. However, these felines come together and protect each other, refusing to leave anyone behind as a clan of unity with the tightest bonds. They are known to be calm and composed, seeing no harm in helping others, empathetic when it comes to the helpless. However, when achieving their goals and accomplishments, they are full of pride. They only wish for peace, as long as it is returned.

When it comes to their own struggles, they will refuse assistance, concealing weakness with lies, unable to swallow their pride. They are defensive and will bite their tongues when witnessing the disrespect of the Warrior Code and StarClan, obsessed with their beliefs and their reputation. Yet when it comes to what is right, they will speak out and fight back verbally and physically. These felines also hold strong grudges; when another clan hurts one of their kind, they will seek vengeance. Despite their flaws, SageClan cats are bonded tightly as family. They are connected with each other and can be reckless when it comes to their clan and upholding their reputation.

SageClan cats are quite the diverse group of felines with mixed blood, but it all leads up to their origins of the pure-blooded. SageClan cats are known to have webbed paws for their skill in swimming, especially in the Marshlands while others may have rough pads for the skill of tree-climbing in the Woodlands. These felines also have average-lengthened yet muscular limbs. SageClan cats are best known for their large, bulky, and broad builds along with medium or thick-furred coats. Their build is most essential and a great advantage when it comes to swimming and combat.



Thanks to their physical build, SageClan cats are blessed with skills involving the arts of swimming, tree-climbing, and what they are best known for; self-defense. Their strong limbs, and webbed paws allow them to swim with graceful motions. They are quicker in water than they are on land, and when it comes to tree-climbing, their rough pads give them an easy grip on bark.

With their evolved physical build, self-defense for SageClan cats can be barely a challenge. Their large builds can make them look rather intimidating to other clans, eventually conquering them on the battlefield. However, their skill of fighting doesn't stop on land, but can be the strongest when it comes to combat in water.

SageClan cats are accustomed to their diet of fish and birds due to their territory that consists mostly of water and trees. With their bulky builds, it is quite difficult for SageClan cats to catch land prey such as mice and rabbits. However, with their webbed paws for water and rough pads for a good grip on tree bark, these felines can catch birds and fish without difficulty.

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I. Respect

Every member to SageClan regardless of gender, sexuality, race, beliefs, and even rank will be treated equally with the same amount of respect you would give to not only a member, but a person. Any bullying, harassment, or discriminating comments will be immediately dealt with. SageClan is highly supportive when it comes to groups such as LGBT, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and overall equality. If you make any sexist, homophobic, racist, or discriminatory comments, it may result in immediate exile.

II. Drama

Drama within roleplay is acceptable. We highly encourage the use of story and plot, but drama should not exceed beyond roleplay lines. Gossiping or harassing your clanmates is unacceptable and we have no room for unnecessary drama. If you have an issue, take it up with an authority as soon as possible.

III. Appropriate Behavior

Please consider that there are young roleplayers. We do acknowledge the mature roleplayers, but if you are going to talk about subjects, do a mature roleplay, or say things that are not appropriate for the youth, keep that on the DMs. However, whether you are on the mature side or young, if you use racial or homophobic slurs toward someone or a group of people, it's instant exile.

IV. Activity

Every two months, the authorities will check on everyones activity. If your inactivity has an excuse in advance, you are safe. We encourage Life > Roleplay and understand about unexpected situations. Yet unfortunately, if you are inactive for at 20 days+ without an excuse, you will be removed. If you return with an excuse, you will be put back in and the deletion will not count against you in the future.

V. Read our Page

Before you think about joining or associating with us in any form, we highly suggest you read our page carefully and thoroughly. There is plenty of information on our page that is extremely imporartant to recognize and acknowledge.

VII. Joining

When joining Sage, we ask you to join as a Warrior, Elder, Apprentice or a Queen that acts as a caretaker. If you apply as a high rank or a kit with no parents, "unknown" parents, or parents that aren't in SageClan, a rogue, exile, loner, or kittypet, your form will be declined. We do this to simply remain realistic. However, if you spoke to a pregnant queen and plan to join as one of her kits with their approval, that's an exception. Additionally, you also cannot make a second OC until you have been in SageClan for at least 2 weeks.

VIII. Leaving

You are allowed to join a second time if you left previously. We believe in giving second chances, but if you leave twice you will no longer be welcomed. For we have no room for unloyal members. We also ask you to tell us when you leave so we can remove you. There are rare exceptions to this rule.

I. Powerplay

Powerplaying, god-modding, or having a Mary-sue character is not allowed. Every character should be realistic and have their own flaws. It is unfair to other roleplayers not just in Sage, but other clans.

II. Warrior Code

Generally, we ask you to follow the Warrior Code along with the Additional Rules. In exception to plot reasons, we ask you to follow it at all times. If you wish to have a plot that involves breaking the code, please make a form and inform an authority. If you have a plot that involves breaking the Warrior Code, please make sure you have the Cattail Points to do so.

III. Apprentice Training

When you are given an apprentice, you are expected to be active enough to train them. You are expected to follow the Training Guide when you are given your apprentice and they will not be given their warrior name until they are of age and have passed their final assessments.

VIII. Medicine Cats

Medicine Cats must be knowledgeable of the traditional herbs you can find on our Herb Guide. As a Medicine Cat, you must also be active unless you have a valid excuse such as school. We also do not accept people applying for the Medicine Cat rank. It is considered a high authority and is chosen carefully.

IX. AdderClan & SageClan

To avoid conflict and keep our groups organized, we do not recommend nor allow joining AdderClan (Inano) and SageClan at the same time. This is for the purpose of avoiding chaos, and keeping our plots and interactions between our groups organized and fair.

I. Multiple OCs

In SageClan you are allowed up to 3 OCs. Please understand that this is a privilege previous members have earned for everyone to have. If you abuse your privilege, you may be limited even further. Additionally, please make sure you have enough Cattail Points to purchase another OC. Only Senior Warriors and up are allowed up to 4 OCs as a special honors privilege that had been earned for their duties.

II. Killing an OC

When you make an OC you must own them for at least 2 weeks unless they were created for the purpose of a plot and the idea was approved by an authority. If you wish to kill off an OC, you must inform Realitybreaks or SilencedRose personally and fill out a form on their walls before the death in order to get approval. If you do it in the comment section or do it after the OCs death, it will not be accepted. Killing an OC does cost Cattail Points unless an authority says otherwise.

III. Rogues, Loners, & More

Rogues, Loners, and Exiles are made for the purpose of plot. The limit for each of these categories is 5 characters, one outsider per person, you CANNOT make one of each. When making an Exile, you must roleplay them being apart of the clan previously and inform an authority with a plot form, then have it approved. If you do it in the comments, it will not be acceptable. When making a Rogue or a Loner, you must have a plot form with it as well and make sure it's approved. Having an OC of this type also costs Cattail Points, so make sure you have the adequate amount to make one.

IV. High Rank OCs

In SageClan, the highest ranks include the Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cats and their apprentices, and Senior Warriors. If you already have an OC that is a high rank, you cannot make another OC that strives for another high rank. It is not fair towards other people and gives less opportunities for those who are ambitious. If you wish to strive for another rank instead of the one you are, inform SilencedRose.

V. Apprentices & Kits

Although 2 Weeks = 1 Moon in SageClan, when it comes to aging Kits and Apprentices, 1 week = 1 Moon when it comes to aging them up. Kits will only have to wait about 6 weeks to become an apprentice unless an authority says otherwise, same goes for Apprentices aging towards Warriors. You are also limited to having only ONE Apprentice & Kit OC. The overall limit for each is 12 and having more than one is unfair to those wanting to make a Kit or Apprentice.

VI. Dying Kits

If a Queen is planning to give birth to stillborn kit or a kit that soon dies after birth, you cannot make an OC that is going to act as them. It is unnecessary and unfair to those planning to be a kit. It also goes against the rule that you must own an OC for at least 2 weeks.

VII. Kits Parents

When making a Kit OC, you must make sure they have at least one parent that is in SageClan. Few exceptions will be made for the purpose of plot. This is for the purpose of having realistic and pure blood. You are not allowed to have "Unknown" biological parents. If your OC is a queen, you must choose your kits before kitting and wait 4 weeks before you can deliver.

VIII. Young Romance

Kits and young Apprentices are NOT allowed to be in a relationship or be attracted to another cat. Kits and young Apprentices do not have a concept of what romantic and sexual attraction are at their ages, they are meant to be focusing on their futures. Small crushes with Apprentices are fine, but anything further is prohibited. Your OC must be 10 moons before taking interest in other cats.

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Alternative Names- 2/4

Complete Blindness- 0/1

Partial Blindness- 1/1

Blindness in One Eye- 0/2

Heterochromia- 3/3

Complete Deafness- 0/1

Deafness in One Ear- 0/2

Blind & Deaf- 0/1

Missing Eye(s)- 0/1

Missing Ear(s)- 0/1

Mute- 1/2

Disabled Limb(s)- 1/2

Physical Disabilities- 0/2

Paralysis- 0/1

Declawed- 0/2

Hairless- 0/2

Albino- 0/2

Polydactyl- 0/1

Vitiligo- 0/1

Infertile/Neutered- 0/5

If your OC has any of these Limitations, please speak to an authority to receive permission. Also be mindful and careful of your fellow members and do proper research.

ADHD- 0/5

Anxiety Disorder- 0/2

Dementia- 0/5

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- 0/2

Bipolar Disorder- 0/2

Clinical Depression- 2/4

Seasonal Depression: 0/4

Postpartum Depression: 0/2

Alternative Names: Realitybreaks (Coal), Heyitsmako (Newt)

Partial Blindness: Mugsey (Batpaw)

Heterochromia- Claweight (Hopeflicker), Reserved (Amberpaw), SilencedRose (Songbird)

Disabled Limb(s): Creamycurl (Spicekit)

Mute: Duskaa (Sunpaw)

Clinical Depression: Silencedrose (Warstar), Duskaa (Fallingsun)




●Amber ●Apple

●Bat ●Bitter ●Breeze ●Broken

●Cardinal ●Cinnamon ●Coal ●Copper ●Creek ●Crow

●Deep ●Dog ●Doe

●Eagle ●Echo ●Elk ●Elm

●Falling ●Faith ●Feather ●Fox

●Ghost ●Ginger

●Heavy ●Heron ●Hope


●Leaf ●Lunar

●Mint ●Mud

●Nettle ●Newt

●Ray ●Ripple ●River ●Russet

●Song ●Spice ●Sun ●Smoke

●Tattered ●Thistle


●Walnut ●War ●Weasel ●Wild

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Please note there are exceptions to the aging of kits and apprentices. Although usually they would be aged up every two weeks, we decided to do it every week in order to shorten the wait period of moving up a rank.

1 ROLEPLAY DAY= 2-4 Clan Days

1 WEEK= Half-Moon

2 WEEKS= One Moon

6 WEEKS= Change of the Season

24 WEEKS= One Clan Year

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Leader ★ Deputy


(20 Moons+)

SageClan's Leader is the highest respected authority with a connection to our warrior ancestors. They are given the responsibility to direct the clan with discipline and protection. The Leader is a large representation of SageClan and acts as a role-model. The word of the Leader is considered the Warrior Code and cats are expected to obey.


-Female leaders cannot bear kits during leadership


(20 Moons+)

SageClan's Deputy is second in command to the Leader. The deputy will serve in the Leaders position when they're unavailable and eventually will become Leader when the original can no longer carry the position due to old age, disability, or death.


-Must have trained at least one apprentice

★Warstar SilencedRose 65 A beautiful white and chocolate Tortoiseshell she-cat with icy blue eyes. Coal 3/9
Eagleflight Realitybreaks 73 A large, ginger Birman tom with teal blue eyes. Brokensong N/A
  • Warstar
  • Eagleflight
Medicine Cat ❁ Medicine Cat Apprentice


(12 Moons+)

SageClan's Medicine Cat is respected by all, including the highest authorities. They act as a spiritual leader and healer, understanding our ancestors and treating the clan. They can also advise the leader on certain situations.


-Forbidden to have a mate and/or kits

-Forbidden to eat before Half-Moon

-Cannot take part in dangerous battles/missions unless permitted

-Must be knowledgeable on basic warrior duties


(6 Moons+)

The Medicine Cat Apprentice holds a high position with responsibilities beside the Medicine Cat. They learn to walk in the pawsteps of their mentor. They assist their mentor and help interpret messages.


-Forbidden to have a mate or kits

-Forbidden to eat before Half-Moon

-Cannot take part in dangerous battles/missions unless permitted

-Must learn basic warrior duties

❁Hopeflicker Claweight 28 A pretty white and brown she-cat with blue eyes.
Batpaw Mugsey 10 A slightly blind tom with sleek black fur and long front teeth.
  • Hopeflicker
  • Batpaw
Senior Warriors ✦ Warriors


(30 Moons+)

Senior Warriors are older and more experienced warriors who are chosen to be closer to the Leader and Deputy. They usually take part in leading and advising younger warriors as well as authorities. Senior Warriors continue the duties of Warriors but take part in meetings with authorities to act as a voice for the Warriors.


(12 Moons+) Warriors make up the build of SageClan with the skills of hunting, combat, climbing, and swimming. Warriors hold the responsibility of providing the clan with safety and care. They are held to the oath to loyalty and defending their clan, even at the cost of their lives.

✦Fallingsun Duskaa 50 A skinny amber-eyed black and brown tom. Leafnose
✦Breezesong Ayeitsboo 65 A brown dappled tom with blue eyes. Russetwater
Leafnose Realitybreaks 47 A fluffy, bluish tinted tom with long legs. Fallingsun
Brokensong Claweight 64 A large, grey Nebelung tom with green eyes. Eagleflight
Koiwish Mugsey 41 A fluffy calico she-cat with yellow eyes. -
Songbird SilencedRose 28 An elegant, white Turkish Angora with a blue and amber eye. Mudfern
Mudfern Realitybreaks 28 A lean brown tom with yellow eyes. Songbird
Faithleap Duskaa 28 A pretty brown and white she-cat with blue eyes. -
Bittercloud Claweight 49 A large light-ginger she-cat with amber eyes. -
Croweye Claweight 73 A large, gray-point Birman tom with teal blue eyes. -
Mintgaze Mugsey 21 A pretty brown and white tabby she-cat. -
Tatteredpelt Realitybreaks 22 A large, messy-furred tom with light green eyes. -
Coal Realitybreaks 74 A handsome, large, dark chocolate Birman tom with blue eyes. Warstar
Ripplethorn Galaxyferret 32 A blue-grey Maine Coon tom with green eyes. -
Elkflame VintageSmiles 16 A grey & brown Somali she-cat with bright amber eyes. -
Smokecloud RatLady01 17 A black and white tabby tom with amber eyes. -
Newt Heyitsmako 30 A small and slick Abyssinian tom with soft yellow eyes. -
Gingersong FlowerPaws 18 A small brown, orange, and white tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. -
Featherfire Spacedoutdolphin 17 A fluffy ginger she-cat with amber eyes. -
Walnutsnap Reconverting 21 A large brown tabby tom with discolored eyes -
Cardinalcall Allaboutmaeveaj 14 A thin, long-tailed and legged ginger she-cat with brown eyes -
Creekshine Bozzycozzy 18 A gorgeous tabby she-cat with green eyes and a scar on her muzzle -
Deeplake WishingonFlowers 20 A dark she-cat with ginger patches and green eyes -
Lunarclaw HeyitsWolfie03 22 A black and white she-cat with icy blue eyes -
Dogbark Logisticcolorless 19 A ginger Norwegian Forest Cat X Scottish Fold with blue eyes. -
Wildstripe SydneyMR 12 A large, polydactyl Ashera she-cat with a white underbelly and yellow eyes. -
Russetwater SilencedRose 52 A small, beautiful tabby russet and white she-cat with pale amber eyes. Breezesong
Elmleaf Sarahseal1Aj 18 An extremely fluffy white she-cat with grey patches and green eyes -
  • Fallingsun
  • Breezesong
  • Leafnose
  • Brokensong
  • Koiwish
  • Songbird
  • Mudfern
  • Faithleap
  • Bittercloud
  • Croweye
  • Mintgaze
  • Tatteredpelt
  • Coal
  • Ripplethorn
  • Elkflame
  • Smokecloud
  • Claystrike
  • Newt
  • Gingersong
  • Walnutsnap
  • Cardinalcall
  • Creekshine
  • Deeplake
  • Lunarclaw
  • Dogbark
  • Wildstripe
  • Russetwater
  • Elmleaf


(6 Moons - 12 Moons)

Apprentices are young felines training in the arts of becoming a warrior. Their mentors are chosen by the Leader in a ceremony announcing their apprenticeship where they will hold responsibilities from then and on.


-Young apprentices cannot leave camp without a warrior or special permission

-Cannot have a mate and/or kits because of age

Amberpaw Reserved 12 A pretty cream colored she-cat with a calico point and teal blue eyes. Croweye 0/3
Heavypaw SilencedRose 12 A fluffy, large Birman tom with icy blue eyes. Mintgaze 1/3
Copperpaw Duskaa 12 A fluffy tabby she-cat with white paws and deep blue eyes. Leafnose 2/3
Doepaw Ayeitsboo 12 A brown and white birman tom with teal blue eyes. Echoshade 1/3
Ghostpaw Bappo ElTaco 8 A small, brown and white she-cat with blue eyes. Mudfern 0/3
Foxpaw Heyitsmako 8 A large solid ginger tom with amber eyes. Faithleap 2/3
Sunpaw Duskaa 8 A mute ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Songbird 0/3
Vortexpaw Dark0991 10 A splotched Cornish Rex tom with pale blue eyes Koiwish 1/3
Riverpaw Mugsey 9 A fluffy Russian Blue she-cat with sapphire eyes. Walnutsnap 2/3
Spicepaw Creamycurl 7 A spotted tom kit with a deformed, twisted paw. Eagleflight 0/3
  • Amberpaw
  • Heavypaw
  • Copperpaw
  • Doepaw
  • Ghostpaw
  • Foxpaw
  • Sunpaw
  • Vortexpaw
  • Riverpaw
  • Spicepaw
Queens ♥/♡ Kits


(15 Moons+)

♡=Nursing and/or Permanent Queen

♥= Expecting Queen

SageClan Queens are the mothers and caretakers of the clan. They're responsible for the kits and raising them before their apprenticed. After their kits leave the nursery, it's their choice to stay or go back to warrior duties


-Expecting Queens cannot participate in warrior duties, for it endangers their unborn kits.

-Nursing queens can only defend themselves when in danger or when defending the nursery

-Heavily pregnant queens cannot leave camp


(0 Moons - 6 Moons)

Kits are the youth of the clan from birth until they are apprenticed. SageClan kits are kept safe and cherished as we thank StarClan for the new generation of felines.


-Cannot leave camp without at least an older apprentice.

-Cannot have a mate and/or kits because of age

♡Raysplash Pegasyss 17 A brown she-cat with bluish markings and brown eyes. N/A
♡Echoshade HeyitsMako 28 A slender Tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes. Ripplethorn
Applekit Galaxyferret 1 A ginger tom kit Raysplash & Unknown
Cinnamonkit Bappo ElTaco 1 A grey she-kit with darker grey stripes Raysplash & Unknown
Heronkit Spacedolphin 1 A grey tabby tom kit Raysplash & Unknown
Thistlekit VintageSmiles 0 A lanky calico tom kit with green-yellow eyes Echoshade & Ripplethorn
Nettlekit VintageSmiles 0 A black she-kit with ginger patches and yellow eyes Echoshade & Ripplethorn
  • Aukfoot
  • Raysplash
  • Echoshade
  • Applekit
  • Cinammonkit
  • Heronkit


(90 Moons+)

RFR= Reason for Retirement

SageClan Elders are respected by all ranks. These retired felines have served their time and can no longer carry out duties. SageClan cats care for the elders, giving them with food, water, and safety.


-Cannot leave camp without an older apprentice, medicine cat, warrior, or a queen to accompany them.

-Cannot take part in hard warrior duties such as hunting and combat.

- - - - - -
  • Filler


(10 Moons+)

Rogues, kittypets, and loners are cats that may have left SageClan or never joined but lurk in SageClan territory. These cats may come to join the forest cats, but are for now survive by hiding within the SageClan lands.

Weaselpaw Duskaa 22 A small tabby American Wirehair rogue tom with amber eyes. Scarlet
Seattle Mugsey 12 A bulky dark brown tom with blue eyes and a scar on his left shoulder -
Bubbles SydneyMR 12 A fluffy white tom with amber eyes, a long tail, and a shoulder scar -
  • Weaselpaw
  • Bubbles
SCB Border
AdderClan Adderstar Tigerfang Neutral
SCB Border


Map sc

The Marshlands is where SageClan cats have adapted since the beginning. The swamp trees, flowing water, undergrowth and moss-covered stones makes the land one of the ideal places to own. With their webbed paws and thick fur, felines swim and roam the wetland graciously. The land provides SageClan cats plenty of prey, herbs, a water source, the entrance to SageClan camp, and a burial ground for the deceased.

The Woodlands is another home with tall trees, different types of herbs, plenty of undergrowth, and birds, the land is suited for SageClan cats. Their rough paw pads and strong builds allow them to climb the Woodland trees in order to catch their secondary prey source. The place also provides plenty of shade during times of Greenleaf where the scorching sun takes a toll on SageClan cats thick fur coats

The Hollow

The Hollow is a large marshland consisting of a beautiful waterfall, trees, and an almost mystical atmosphere. Prey that is often found here consists of fish, lizards, and frogs. There also may be predators such as snakes or rogues staying in the abandoned twoleg structure. It is very similar to the marshlands, but has more fresh water and an abundance of different types of prey.

SCB Border



I. Leadership Ceremony

"I hail you by your new name, (Leaders Name). Your old life is no more. You have received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of SageClan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity."

The Leadership Ceremony is a sacred tradition for every clan and takes place the day after the death of the previous leader. With the help of the Medicine Cat, the deputy will leave to the Moonpool where they earn the gift of nine lives from StarClan who will judge whether the chosen cat can take the responsibility of leadership.

II. Deputy Ceremony

"I say these words before StarClan, so the spirit of (Previous Deputy or Warrior Ancestors) may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of SageClan is ___."

When a deputy retires or dies, the replacement must be chosen before Moonhigh. Few cats get to experience being the chosen one for the Deputy Ceremony and be honored in front of the clan. The deputy from there forth will stand at the leaders side until they take up the position.

III. Medicine Cat Ceremony

"Warriors of StarClan, I present you with this apprentice. Grant him/her your wisdom and insight so he/she may may understand your ways and heal his/her ways in accordance to your will."

The Medicine Cat Ceremony is when the Medicine Cat Apprentice has earned their official name and is taken to the Moonpool by their mentor. These cats are passionate about healing and StarClan, and their passions are gifted when their official name is given. This ceremony is one of the few traditions that is performed by the Medicine Cat.

IV. Medicine Cat Apprentice Ceremony

"At the half-moon, you must travel to the Moonpool to be accepted by StarClan before the other Medicine Cats. The wishes of SageClan go with you."

The Medicine Cat Apprenticing Ceremony is performed by the Medicine Cat and Leader who take the apprentice under the wing of a Medicine Cat to learn the art of healing and prophecies.

V. Warrior Ceremony

"By the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. (Apprentice), from this moment on, you will be known as (Warrior Name). StarClan honors your (quality), and we welcome you as a full warrior of SageClan."

The Warrior Ceremony is an honorable ceremony most cats follow. The ceremony takes place after an apprentice has completed their final assessment and is ready to transition into a warriors life. Apprentices get to experience earning their warrior name and after the ceremony, sit a silent vigil and guard the camp.

VI. Apprenticing Ceremony

"(Kit), you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as (Apprentice Name). Your mentor will be (Mentors Name). I hope they will pass all he/she knows on to you."

The Apprenticing Ceremony is performed by the leader when a kit reaches the age of six moons and is ready to train as an apprentice to become a warrior. Most cats experience this ceremony when they are on a warriors path, and will train under the wing of their mentor.

VII. Dying Apprentice Ceremony

"I ask my ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He/she has learned the warrior code and given up his/her life in service of the clan. Let StarClan relieve him/her as a warrior. He/she will be known as (Warrior name)."

The Dying Apprentice Ceremony is another tradition that is rarely performed. The leader conducts the ceremony when a dying apprentice who should have transitioned into a warrior didn't receive the chance. The ceremony is done so StarClan accepts the apprentice as a warrior.

VIII. Retirement Ceremony

"Your clan honors you and all your service you have given to us. I call upon StarClan to give you many moons of rest."

The Retirement Ceremony is performed by the leader towards old felines who feel as if they can no longer carry out the regular warrior tasks due to age or disablity. Many cats do not live to experience the tradition where cats pay their respects as the retired feline moves to the Elders Den where they will live the rest of their life in peace.

IX. Name Changing Ceremony

"Spirits of StarClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you to take away the name from the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what he/she is. By my authority as a clan leader, and with the approval of our warrior ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment on, he/she will be known as (New name), for his/her's (quality)."

The Name Changing Ceremony is rarely performed, but is done when a cat is unhappy with who they are and wished to have a new title with a name that suites them.

X. The Ceremony of Joining Hearts

"Then I, ___, call for my warrior ancestors to look down at these two and approve. From this day forward, ____ and ____ will live side-by-side, not just as mates, but as one."

This ceremony is the act of true love. Two cats join their hearts forever in front of their clan and Starclan, showing their utter devotion and love towards each other. To join your heart with another to to vow to love them forever, even in death, making this ceremony a highly respected event. Only cats who gain the approval of their leader and medicine cat may go through with this ceremony as it is something you can not take back.

XI. The Spirits Swim

The Spirits Swim is for kind-hearted and loyal cats who have passed away. These cats are given a vigil where they are covered in flowers before being buried at the Restored Ruins as a symbol of respect and remembrance. SageClan cats believe the spirits of the cat will rise to find their way to StarClan along the Stone Stream.

XII. Stoning of the Dead

The Stoning of the Dead is for cruel cats who have shamed SageClan. The vigils for these cats involve placing stones on the body of the cat and letting them sink into the Stone Stream, allowing them to rot at the bottom of the stream. SageClan cats believe the spirits will sink down into the Place of No Stars and never find StarClan

I. The Night of New Stars

The Night of New Stars celebrates the end of the year and a new beginning. The event is celebrated in a night of being with one another and watching the stars. In the moonlight, there's a feast with plentiful prey, cats share tongues, and everyone goes around in a circle to discuss their aspirations and resolutions for the new year.

II. Nights of the Joined Hearts

Mates who are joined together don't always have the time to be with one another with their duties. The Nights of Joined Hearts is a series of nights where lovers can spend a series of nights together alone. They spend time with each other for several nights outside of camp without disturbances, and on the last day, the clan gathers to discuss what they love about each other, confess feelings, and bond with one another.

III. StarClans Luck Day

StarClans Luck Day is the day where cats who have been virtuous are blessed with luck for the day. Cats bond with one another by feasting on fish while young cats search for four leaf clovers and play games with one another.

IV. The Days of Blooming Flowers

The Days of Blooming Flowers are days celebrating the blessings of new life StarClan has given the clans. SageClan cats give thanks to the life around them by spending time around their territory. This is also a day to honor SageClan mothers and queens by gifting them flowers and prey. Cats can take part in activities such as picking flowers, playing with kits, and more.

V. The Nights of No Stars

A starless night is quite rare, yet the Nights of No Stars are a series of nights were the night sky remains empty. These nights are for the dead cats who roam the Place of No Stars, cats may be haunted and receive nightmares. SageClan cats also tell horrifying stories and sacrifice things such as prey and personal belongings as a way to try and make peace. Cats will also gather at night to pray to StarClan to bring the stars back to the skies and forgive those who have wronged.

VI. The Days of Falling Leaves

The Days of Falling Leaves are days to thank others and be grateful for one another. Warriors and apprentices can participate in friendly competitions like Snatch the Shell, Oak Runner, Minnow Chaser, and much more. Prey is also gathered and saved up for the event to have a feast. Cats can bond with one another over a full meal and have a day to express their appreciation for their clanmates and StarClan's blessings.

VII. The Nights of Warm Wishes

The Nights of Warm Wishes is a celebration where SageClan cats grant each others wishes with gifts of different forms. A feast is made while cats can bond with one another by telling stories about their ancestors and exchanging gifts.


I. Sharing Tongues

Sharing Tongues is a common activity that can be done at any time and is popular during the hot days of Greenleaf. The activity is popular among friends, mates, and relatives while they gossip or discuss the news of the day while they groom one another to cool off under the sun. Sharing Tongues is a great way to develop friendships and strengthen relationships

II. Training

Training is an activity that occurs especially when preparing for battle, but is encouraged to do as much as possible to keep your skills fresh. However, claws must always remained sheathed when doing activities such as sparring. Training can include practicing hunting, tree-climbing, swimming, and different types of combat.

III. Mossball Toss

Mossball Toss is a common game among kits and young apprentices. The game includes gathering moss and shaping it into a ball to toss around to one another. Kits often use it to pass the time and have some fun.

IV. Minnow Chaser

Swimming is one of the strongest skillsets among SageClan cats and one of their favorite activities when off duty. Minnow Chaser is a popular game where apprentices and warriors race in the Stone Stream, chasing minnows to be their guide as they have friendly competitions. The game is a great way to practice their skills in swimming and exercise.

V. Oak Runner

Tree climbing is another talent SageClan cats own, and is an activity to practice skills and have a friendly competition. The game, Oak Runner, involves cats racing up the oak trees of the Woodland to see who can get to the highest point first. The activity is common among risk taking, experienced warriors and is discouraged towards young cats.

VI. Pinecone Toss

Pinecone toss is essentially Mossball but for warriors. In this activity, a group of cats will gather in the Woodlands and compete against each other. They toss a pinecone back and forth to one another at random, and if that becomes too easy, another pinecone is added. The winner(s) of this activity gets to choose the biggest piece of prey from the prey pile, and the losers stay behind in the forest to hunt for the clan.

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New-leaf is beginning to approach, which brings the clan clear skies and plentiful herbs. Flowers and plants are starting to grow back, and prey is steadily increasing.


Prey is steadily increasing with the approach of new-leaf. The pile is pretty full.

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Running Away Copperpaw, Leafnose + TBA
Bittercloud's Army Bittercloud, Tatteredpelt + In Progress
Before her warrior ceremony, Copperpaw is in a panic because she believes that if she doesn't leave now, then she'll be stuck in the clan forever when she doesn't want to be there. After that, she talks to Leafnose about it and says goodbye, leaving the camp and returning to twoleg place for a few days. While she's there, she finds that things aren't like how she thought they were and that she no longer fits in there with the other kittypets. And, weirdly, she finds herself actually missing Sageclan.
While training her son to become a villain, Bittercloud finds herself taking on another tasks in order to get what she wants: power. Bittercloud is willing to eliminate anyone who stands in her way and do whatever it takes to gain power over SageClan with the help of her followers and achieve the things her father and villains before her were unable to.
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3/4/19 - Congratulations to Ripplethorn and Echoshade for their two newborn kits!

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