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Please DO NOT harass anyone for a ship or crush. Remember- This is just for fun! Pondclan does not tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind. If someone DOES make fun of you for your and/or others ships, tell a high ranking member of Pondclan!

Cannon Ships

Format-Cat+Cat=Ship name










Clan Ships

Format-Cat+Cat=Ship name



Fallen Ships


Creekstar+Mudleaper= Mudleap's Death

Pumpkinvine+Maplepounce= Pumpkin's death/Pumpshen sailed

Pumpkinvine+Ashen= Pumpkin's death

Twotail+Azaleablossom= Twotuft sailed

Hyenaspot+Twotail= Twotuft sailed

Brokenfoot+Fallenspirit=Brokenfoot's death/Redspirit sailed

Slatepaw+Dovekit= Slatepaw left

Wolfgaze+Coughdrop= Coughdrop left

Wolfgaze+Kujira= Wolfgaze left

Oakwish+Dovepaw= Oakwish left

Hyenaspot+Crystalscreech= Crystalscreech's death

Ivory+Typhoonstar= Both of their departure

Twotail+Wheattuft= Twotail left

Plumskin+Stormlight= Plumskin's death

Duskflight+Creekstar= Creekstar's many deaths

Skyfall+Sphinxbubble= Skyfall's death

Serpentriddle+Viridian= Serpentriddle left

Wiltedspirit+Serpentriddle=Both of their Departures

Joke Ships


Ashen x Nightsong= The smol beans


Format- Cat name-note-signed insert name




♡❥To Twotail,

Uhm, so... Well, let's just say that... Well, you're an amazing cat! And... Well... I like you. Like, a lot. I don't know how you feel about me... but, I hope it's at least a tiny, tiny bit like how I feel about you. Great Starclan, this sounds stupid. Umm.. I might regret saying this for the rest of my life, or it'll be the best thing I've ever said. Well, I guess that's done. Just thought I'd go ahead and give it a try...

From- Azaleablossom

♡❥To Twotail,

Hey, um, its Hyenaspot, ha, um you already knew that! Anyway, wow! How do I say this? Well, I have been rejected by every cat that has ever known me, for pretty much my entire life. I always assumed that my deafness was a bad thing. I also assumed that I was completely unlikeable, I mean, who would ever love a deaf cat... But, that all changed the day I met you. You made me feel, how do I put this, good about myself. That is something I never experienced before. I know I live in the elders' den, but that still doesn't change that I'm still young. You made me laugh, and for once it wasn't a forced one. I guess what I am trying to say is, I like you. I just thought that you should know...

From- Hyenaspot

♥♡To Fallenspirit

This is strange. All I do is talk and talk but now I find myself rather tongue-tied... Well, I'll just outright tell you how I feel. I like you.. A lot. I find myself thinking about you all the time! Every moment that you're by my side is pure bliss to me. Every night I dream of finding enough courage to tell you that I'd like to spend the rest of my days by your side.. I promise to tell you this one day, face to face. I just hope you'll wait for me to gather enough courage...

From- Redwood

♥♡To Twotail

Hi. This is dumb, I know it’s dumb. I know you probably aren’t ready to talk about crushes either, I know it hurts with Butter gone... I’m not that smart, I apologize for putting you in this position, it isn’t very kind of me to put my feelings about you in front of helping you feel better. Its selfish of me... but I like you. I kind of always have, even when you were with someone I had an eye on you. That’s creepy. Ugh, I’m so stupid, but still, I like you. I know a lot of cats do though, and I get it that you probably already like one of the others. I guess just ignore me from now on, this note probably makes everything awkward... Or talk to me about it? I don’t know...

From- Wheattuft

♥To Ivory

Hey! When we first left the camp I was a bit sad to leave it all behind, but I knew, in the end, it would all be worth it. So we started on our new lives, and a very, I hate to admit, the handsome cat started to act pretty oddly around me? I'm sorry for not noticing it quickly, but when we stumbled into that new start and I almost fell, I had someone to catch me. My best friend, my bro, my dear. I love you more then words can tell, thank you.

From- Typhoonstar

♥To Redwood

Oh, I love you and your silly grin. I love you and your little jokes. I love you and your hunt. I love you and your little flirts. I love the way you treat my kits and I. I love you so much, best deputy.

Love, Fallenspirit

♥♡To Creekstar

I'm not really sure how to say this but I really like you! I know you still miss Mudleap and I'm trying my best to give you space and to not make you uncomfortable! I just really want to let you know how I feel, but I'll wait until whenever you are ready!

From- Duskflight

♥♡To- Duskflight

You may be the kindest, most considerate cat I have ever met. You make me laugh when I need it most. I miss Mudleap a lot, but, the fact is, I really like you, a lot. I can't think of anyone else who I would rather be with. I felt so fragile after Mudleap died. I felt like I could never speak to another cat again, yet alone love. You were there for me though, you helped me get through it. I just really wanted to tell you how I feel You always know just what to say. Maybe, just maybe, we could see how this goes?

From- Creekstar

♡To Nightsong

Uh, Hi. How do I start, well... I, like you. Like, I- Nevermind. Just everything about you is so great.. :Inhale: I know, this probably isn't a good time, a-after what happened to Prince... You probably don't want anyone bugging you, or, You might need someone to be there for you. I'm probably cat you'd least expect to have feelings for you, but... I feel like we have so much in common even though we're so different... :sigh:

From- An Admirer

♡To Ibisfeather

My chest hurts and you say it's heartache. I want to know what love is and heartache. I have never felt it before, and my chest can feel like it can be flying and I just don't get it. You know I don't like to ask, but can you please teach me? I just think that weird emotion might be it. But whatever, I guess.

From- You probably know by now

♡To Ibisfeather

I.. I think I may have a slight crush on you..? Wow, that was easy to say. Yeah, it's fine if you don't like being back, I understand. I hope, HOPE you don't know who I am.. do you? Y-Your really kind and trustworthy... and uh... this is really uncomfortable expressing my feelings. Just know that some cat likes you, heh..!

From- Admirer

♥♡To Islandbreeze

If you're worried, let me say it again. I don't care that your legs don't work. I don't care if you can't run or swim like the other cats. All I care about is being with you, and if that means sitting in the medicine den all day, so be it. I will sit right by you for the rest of my life if I have to. I'll even do it if I don't have to! Honestly, I just can't wait for our next chapter of life together. It's gonna be great, Islandbreeze. I promise you that much.

From- Ibisfeather

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