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Mossclan's Fallen
Galaxy date
⟡☾⟡ "Gone But Never Forgotten." ⟡☾⟡
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⟡☾⟡ The Fallen ⟡☾⟡
Sootheart Male Unknown Gave his Life to Save Applekit from a Twoleg
Bramblefur Female 11/21/17 Killed by a Dog
Silverflame Male Unknown Risked his Life to Save Owlstar from a Badger
Vanillafur Female Unknown Suicide By Drowning Self
Pineheart Female Unknown Murdered by Honeysting
Cloudkit Female Unknown Murdered by Honeysting
Foxkit Female Unknown Murdered by Honeysting
Brightkit Female Unknown Murdered by Honeysting
Darkfang Male Unknown Was Slaughtered by an Unknown Murderer
Dewkit Male 12-24-17 Killed by Micah
Comet Male 12-10-17 Suicide by Jumping Off a Cliff
Jaggedheart Female Unknown Was Killed by Timberstar
Aspenpaw Female Unknown Died of Smoke Inhalation in a Wildfire
Flamefeather Female Unknown Murdered by Honeysting While Trying to Protect her Kits
Aspenkit Male Unknown Murdered by Honeysting
Swiftkit Male Unknown Murdered by Honeysting
Rustwing Male 1-2-18 Slipped off Merciless Mountain
Nightwing Male 6-7-17 Risked his Life to Save Owlstar from a Snake
Honeyblossom Female 1-1-18 Murdered by Timberstar
Bubbles Male 12-24-17 Murdered by Micah
Dappleleaf Female 1-12-18 Carried Down River and Drowned
Ivymoon Female Unknown Bitten by Poisonous Snake
Shadepelt Female Unknown Suicide
Russetleap Male Unknown Risked his Life to Save Sparrowfeather from a Fox
Cobrafang Male Unknown Murdered by Micah
Thrushsong Female 1-27-18 Bitten by Poisonous Drink
Shadowpelt Female 1-4-18 Suicide
Dragonfang Male Unknown Heart Attack
Pinesplash Female Unknown Greencough
Batwing Female Unknown Drowned
Tidetail Female Unknown Suicide
Blackstream Female Unknown Blood Loss in Kitting
Fallowstep Male 1-28-18 Fell from a Tree
Meadoweyes Female 1-28-18 Was Attacked by a Rogue
Sagesong Female 2-3-18 Died Giving Birth
Swiftkit Male 2-16-18 Killed by a rogue
Trufflekit Male 2-25-18 Trapped in wildfire
Nightpaw Female 3-14-18 Killed by a badger
Stoneclaw Male 4-6-18 Killed by Ravencry
Quicksight Male 4-25-18 Unknown
Brownface Male Unknown Ate Deathberries
Hollypaw Female 5-13-18 Ran over by a monster
Foxwhisper Female 5-15-18 Killed by Moon
Creamkit Female 5-16-18 Brutally slaughtered and drowned by Moonshadow
Moonkit Female 5-16-18 Killed by a badger
Larkpelt Female 5-22-18 Squished by falling rocks while hunting
Feathernight Female Unknown Crushed by a flaming tree during a storm.
Dove Female 6-9-18 Slipped off Merciless Mountains
Frecklenose Male 6-17-18 Dehydration
Rabbitkit Male 7-27-18 Run over by a Monster
Honeykit Female Unknown Fell into a ditch and died later on
Swiftstorm Female Unknown Killed by a fox trying to protect Daisypaw
Slatefur Female Unknown Killed by Micah
Palesplash Female Unknown Killed protecting Petalpaw
Blizzardpaw Male Unknown Killed by a Wolf
Flowerfang Female 7-18-18 Killed by a Fox
Lilyfoot Female 8-8-18 Run over by a Monster


⟡☾⟡ Notes of Remembrance ⟡☾⟡

May we all, the deceased, rest well and hunt endlessly in Starclan.

~Bramblefur :P

Sagesong, my Strongest Sage, my Sweetest Song,

I'm So Sorry. I Failed yet Another Person and Now, Due to my Mistake,

the World Will Never be the Same.

My Heart will Forever Long, My Eyes will Forever Cry, For How

Fast Our Love Flew by. Mountains, Blossoms, and Strawberries;

the Kits Whom You Gave Your Life, Will Grow Learning the Stories

of their Mother, Who Shone the Brightest in my Blind Life.

With you, I Forgot it All, I Got Lost With You, You Left Me Breathless

And I Still Can't Find The Words.

We Took A Moment, A Chance, Just To See, And No More Can We Ever Be.

~ Orchidsight

Vanillafur, I'm Sorry.

I Will Never be Able to Hear Your Sweet Laughter Again, and It's All

my Fault. It's Not Like I Deserved a Sister Like You Anyways.

You Were Always Seeing the Good in the People I Had Thought of as

Evil. You Gave Everyone a Second Chance, Including Me, But You

Know What? I Blew it. I Broke Your Heart Day After Day, Thinking

I Was Making You Stronger. Instead, I Did the Opposite and Pushed You

Over the Edge. If I Could Go Back in Time, and Change Everything,

I Would, Believe Me. You Deserve Every Blessing I Got, and I

Deserve None.



The Dark Forest
Devil wings-0
"Death Before Dishonor."

◅◈▻ The Serving ◅◈▻

Moonshadow Female 5-16-18 Killed by Tangledfrost after killing Creamkit Warrior
Ravencry Male 6/27/18 Killed by Echoheart Rogue
Stoneclaw Male Unknown Killed by Foxpelt after attempting murder on Foxpelt, Goldwind and Mountainstone Warrior
Honeysting Female Unknown Killed by Blizzardwing after killing Flamefeather, Swiftkit and Aspenkit Medicine Cat
Halfpelt Male Unknown Killed by Dashpelt Warrior