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Lynxstep IRL
Find it in yourself to love
your enemy,

even if they can't find it in
themselves to love you.





Status: Active & Living Theme Song: "Whatever it Takes"

by Imagine Dragons

AJ Username: SpanishBroom Affiliation: SpringClan
Wiki Username: InsaneGiraffe Rank: Warrior
Orientation: Light Age: 31 Moons
Species: Felis Catus Gender: Female
Belief: Life of Flight Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


    :Base     :Undercoat     :Markings     :Iris     :Nose & Pads

Pelt Build
Lynxstep has a long, brown pelt and a lighter brown undercoat and chest. She has tabby markings matching her overcoat located on her undercoat. There is a light brown patch of fur in the shape of a four-pointed star on the side of her neck. She has bright, ocean blue eyes. Lynxstep is larger in size than most cats and has a very sturdy build. She has an extra long tail and whiskers. She has large, round paws with small tufts on them. She limps ever so slightly due to breaking her leg when she fell from a tree. There is a nick in her left ear.
Breed: Maine Coon & American Wirehair Scent: Flowers & Fresh Water
Weight: 7.9 kilograms Height: 36.3 centimeters
Length Without Tail: 70.3 centimeters Tail Length: 33.5 centimeters
Claw Length: 1.95 centimeters Whisker Length: 22.2 centimeters


Positive Neutral Negative
Loyal Curious Shy
Lynxstep is extremely loyal. She will do anything at any cost to protect her family, friends, and Clan. Lynxstep loves to explore and learn new things. Her curiosity may get the best of her, and she cat get into dangerous situations. Lynxstep is very shy. She tries to make friends, but her quiet demeanor keeps her from being very outgoing.
Sweet Reserved Grudge Holder
Once a cat gets to know her, Lynxstep is very sweet. She gets along easily with others and likes almost everyone. Lynxstep doesn't tell others about herself right away. She waits until she can trust them before revealing too much. If a cat gets on Lynxstep's bad side, which rarely happens, Lynxstep never forgets what that cat did.


Flowers Butterflies
Lynxstep enjoys the scents and delicate looks of flowers. Lynxstep likes to investigate the patterns on butterfly wings.
Cool Water Cloudless Skies
Lynxstep enjoys swimming in cool water. It helps refresh her mind. Cloudless skies let the sun shine on flowers and butterflies, making them prettier.
Pass Time: Swimming Time of Day: Sun-High
Lynxstep cannot resist swimming when she sees water. Lynxstep loves how bright everything looks when the sun is at its highest point in the sky.
Season: New-Leaf Prey: Mouse
Lynxstep loves the see the plants flowering during early New-Leaf. Lynxstep loves the savory flavor of mice.


Breaking Rules Heights
Lynxstep prefers following the rules, but her curiosity often gets her into trouble. Ever since falling from a tree, Lynxstep has been afraid to be in high places.
Bickering Troublesome Cats
Lynxstep enjoys swimming in cool water. It helps refresh her mind. Lynxstep knows that cats who cause issues will only bring trouble for the Clan.
Least Favorites
Pass Time: Climbing Trees Time of Day: Night
Ever since Lynxstep fell and broke her leg, she has been afraid of climbing trees. There is little light for Lynxstep to be able to admire the beauty around her.
Season: Leaf-Fall Prey: Fish
Lynxstep prefers seasons where there are a lot of flowers and butterflies. Lynxstep doesn't like the roughness of the scales on fish.


Lynx - for her lynx-resembling pelt

Step - for her strength and intelligence

Previous Names Nicknames
Kit: Lynxkit
Apprentice: Lynxpaw
Rogue: Lynxpaw


Leadership Swimming
8/10 If Lynxstep is asked to take control, she will. Despite being shy, Lynxstep doesn't mind stepping up in a time of need.. 10/10 Lynxstep loves to spend her time swimming in ponds. It is her favorite pass time.
Climbing Hunting
2/10 Lynxstep was never very good at climbing, and her fear of heights doesn't help her any. 7/10 Lynxstep is a mediocre hunter and fisher, but she prefers to stay out of the trees.
Jumping Offensive Combat
5/10 Due to her leg injury from moons before, Lynxstep is not the best jumper. 8/10 Lynxstep is light on her paws and excels in attacking her opponents before being heard.
Defensive Combat Intelligence
9/10 Lynxstep is a larger cat, which enables her to get away from her opponent easily. 10/10 Since a young age, Lynxstep has been a very bright cat. She always has new ideas and plans, putting her one step ahead of others.
Stamina Speed
7/10 Lynxstep works in short bursts of energy and wears out a bit quicker than others. 4/10 Lynxstep would turn and fight rather than running. She is not very fast and is more likely to win in a scuffle.
Agility Stealth
6/10 Due to her larger size, Lynxstep is not the most agile. 5/10 Lynxstep has a difficult time squeezing into tight spaces, making is more difficult for her to stalk.
Strength Friendliness
10/10 Lynxstep's sturdy build makes her very strong. She easily 8/10 Once someone gets to know her, Lynxstep is very friendly and kind.
Scenting Eyesight
10/10 Lynxstep has strong scenting abilities, which brings her love of flowers. 10/10 Lynxstep has great eyesight and can spot things very easily.
Hearing Herb Knowledge
8/10 Lynxstep's hearing is the worst of her senses. She relies more on her scenting and eyesight. 6/10 After spending so much time in the medic den, Lynxstep has learned a good variety of herbs.


Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Fawngaze Sister 100% "Fawngaze is the best sister I could have. She's also my best friend."
Lionkit Brother 100% "It's too bad Lionkit was carried off by a hawk."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Sagestorm Brother-In-Law 100% "Sagestorm puts her in a good mood. I trust him to be good to her forever."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Thunderstar Leader 80% "I've known Thunderstar for a long time, but I don't feel very close with her."
Rainwing Shaman 80% "Rainwing makes a good shaman. Maybe I can get to know her better."
Heathergaze Medicine Cat 70% "I'm unsure about Heathergaze. He seems nice, but it's awkward talking to him."
Ferretwhisper Warrior; Former Mentor 90% "Ferretwhisper made a good mentor, but I wish we would have been closer."
Voidfall Warrior 70% "Voidfall seems like a good cat."
Heronfeather Warrior Undecided "Heronfeather hates me for what I did to Pinetree..."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Fang Deceased Deputy 0% "Good riddance. That cat should never have been trusted in the first place."
Pinetree Deceased Warrior Undecided "Pinetree was a good cat. I feel bad for what I did, but I didn't feel any connection to him."
Brownpaw Deceased Apprentice 100% "Brownpaw was a great learner. I can't believe Fang killed her..."



Mentor Apprentices
Ferretwhisper Brownpaw (Formerly)


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Brothers: Lionkit - brown with darker spots and blue eyes (Deceased)

Sister: Fawngaze - medium shaded, calico with bright, ocean blue eyes (SpringClan)

Crush: None

Mate: None

Kits: None

    :Female     :Male




Rogue (abandoned as kit)





Fawnpaw and I were just outside of ConiferousClan's camp one day. It was bright and sunny, and Fawnpaw wanted to climb the oak tree.

Wingside had followed us out and was watching us as we scrambled up the branches. I followed slowly after Fawnpaw, more reluctant than she was. Climbing wasn't much of my thing.

After making it about halfway up, I finally had to stop. My legs were beginning to shake, and I had to grip tightly to the branch in order to hold myself up.

Fawnpaw mewed something down to me, but I was unable to understand what she said, so I called out for her to come down the tree some. I saw her sigh as she bounced back down towards me.

She reached the branch just above me before leaping onto my branch. She jounced the limb as she landed, and I let out a squeal as I tumbled to the ground. Wingside called out to me as I fell, but I barely noticed in my terror.

Pain shot through my leg, and it hurt so bad that I was unable to move. My vision began to fade as I saw Fawnpaw leap down beside me, her eyes wide, and I felt my body being lifted by Wingside.

I spent the next moon laying in the medic den and wondering whether or not I would ever become a warrior. Thankfully, Berrylight kept me occupied by teaching me herbs, and I was able to return to being a warrior apprentice.

Brownpaw's Death

I had sent Brownpaw to hunt on her own. She was coming along well, and I was proud of her. Her leg had strengthened with all of the swimming I had asked her to do, and I knew she would make a fabulous warrior when it came time.

I had let her go off for a while before following her trail, but I could tell she was headed towards the full moon gathering space, so I took a shortcut, weaving between the trees.

I caught Brownpaw's scent and skidded to a halt, but there was another familiar scent. I wanted to know what Fang was doing here, especially near my apprentice's training.

Shaking my head, I continued following Brownpaw's scent trail. My eyes widened in horror when I spotted her.

My apprentice lay in the center of the clearing. Her neck was ripped open, and she was bleeding profusely. I pressed my paws onto her wound; there was no time for me to fetch a medicine cat or cobwebs.

Within a few heartbeats, my paws were soaked with blood, and Brownpaw's breathing was getting shallower. Brownpaw opened her yellow eyes for a moment, gazing up at me. I opened my jaws to say my last words to her, but her eyes closed, and she fell limp.

I practically collapsed, curling my body around her. I gently licked the top of Brownpaw's head as the shock of her death began to absorb me.

There was a rustle in the bushes, and I half expected Fang to attack me next, but I couldn't move from where I was.

Sagestorm and Fawngaze emerged from the bushes, their purring cut short when they saw me huddled next to Brownpaw. They rushed over, my sister offering me comfort while Sagestorm asked who had who this.

My answer was only a grunt of Fang's name. Fawngaze and Sagestorm sat on each side of me for a little while before they helped me to get Brownpaw's body back to camp where we buried her.


"Lynxstep, can I ask you something?" I heard the familiar voice ask. I turned to Pinetree and nodded.

Pinetree came closer and sat, gesturing with his tail for me to do the same. "Will you... Will you be my mate?"

I looked at him, eyes widening. I hadn't expected for him to ask something like this. I'd been thinking of him as a close friend. I did enjoy spending time with him and Squirrelkit. My mind quickly ran through the past events.

"I- I mean- I'll give it a try, but I don't know. Let's take it slow," I replied, voice unsteady. I'd never been asked to be someone's mate, and I had never really thought about it, either.

Over the next few days, it felt to me as if interactions with Pinetree had become a bit awkward. He seemed to be head-over-heels for me, but I wasn't feeling the same way. I felt like he was only a friend; a good friend, but just a friend. I felt like I needed to tell him sooner rather than later.

In the warriors' den, I pulled him aside, making sure nobody was around to listen. "Pinetree," I began, "I need to talk to you."

His eyes filled with worry, and he replied, "Yes? What is it? Is there something wrong?"

I felt as if what I was about to do would really hurt him. He'd been so caring, but he wasn't the tom for me. "Look..." I sighed. "This isn't working for me." I closed my eyes, almost afraid to see what his reaction would be.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean us. It-" I stammered, trying to find the right words. "I don't love you."

"But- But Lynxstep..."

"I'm really sorry, Pinetree," I murmured, guilt immediately washing over me.

Without another word, Pinetree got up and left the den, and I was left alone. I sighed. That had turned out more difficult than I thought it would be, and my head was spinning.

It hadn't felt like I'd been alone for that long when Fawngaze came into the den. "He-" she cut herself short when she saw me. "Is there something wrong?"

"I told Pinetree that it wasn't working. He seemed pretty upset about it," I murmured.

In that instant, Heronfeather stormed into the den. "What was that all about? What you did to Pinetree was wrong!"

"I didn't want to hurt him," I replied quietly. "Surely you understand that."

"Well you did!"

Fawngaze stepped between Heronfeather and me in a defensive position. "She did what was right for her, Heronfeather."

"She's selfish," Heronfeather hissed.

My head hurt, and I lowered my ears, blocking out the rest of the argument. Heronfeather finally left, and I looked at Fawngaze sorrowfully. "Have I made a mistake?"

"Did you love him?" Fawngaze asked in reply.

I sighed. "I don't even know what love is."

"You didn't do anything wrong, then," Fawngaze pressed herself comfortingly against me.



Lynxstep IRL


Lynxstep IG

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Lynxstep was never mad at Fawngaze for jouncing the limb and causing her to break her leg.

"Whatever It Takes" is Lynxstep's theme song because she is willing to do anything, even die, for her sister, friends, and Clan.

Lynxstep wishes Fang would have been a better mentor to Fawngaze. Now, she is waiting for Fang to make a wrong move so that she can prove Fang's treachery.

Lynxstep broke things off with Pinetree because she wasn't feeling a connection to him. She felt as if things came on too fast and that she was more obligated to being with him, which only made her feel awkward. She never felt attracted to him, but it hurt her to see him heartbroken.

Despite being the one to receive dreams from Brownwing to help find her sister, Lynxstep never thought she was special. She gave much credit to Rainwing for helping her in deciphering her dreams instead of calling her a lunatic and shutting her out like she thought other cats would do.