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"I've been knocked down time and time again, but I've gotten up each time. I suggest you do the same."


<fDate Of Creation: March 2017

Owner: Mistytunes

Location: MossClan (Bellajules8) - The Dark Forest

Name: Lotusflower

  • Lotus - /lōdəs/ Nelumbo nucifera, also known as Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, Egyptian bean or simply lotus, is one of two extant species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae.
  • -flower - /flou(ə)r/ The flowering plants, also known as angiosperms, Angiospermae or Magnoliophyta, are the most diverse group of land plants, with 416 families, approximately 13,164 known genera and c. 295,383 known species.

Past Names: Lotuskit, Lotuspaw

Nicknames: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 36 Moons

Mate: N/A

Group Information

Group: The Dark Forest

Past Group: CavernClan, MossClan

Rank: Warrior

Past Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Loner

Mentor: Fallensun

Apprentice: N/A

Thoughts On Her Group: "I don't understand why I'm not alowed to rest in StarClan. I only gave MossClan what they deserved, and I got what I deserved. Vengance."ont size="3">PERSONALITY▼</font>


Lotusflower is a deep brown she-cat with a reddish tint. She has a tan underbelly and chest. She has a stripe of dark brown, almost black fur down her forehead to her muzzle. She has wing-like shapes of the darkest fur under her pale forest green eyes. She has the same colored fur in stripes down her back. Her tail is only the reddish fur except for the tip, which fades into the almost black color, same with her paws and ear tips. She has a few dots, dashes, and small swirls on her back.


      (#642c08) - Basecoat

      (#2c1404) - Markings

      (#e2d1c5) - Underbelly

      (#d4ecd0) - Sklera

      (#7cc870) - Iris

      (#2c063d) - Pupil


(+) Protective - Lotusflower was hurt emotionally and physically back in CavernClan. She always wanted someone to protect her, but she never had anyone. She doesn't want anyone else to feel that way, so she tries to protect them.

(+) Respectful - Lotusflower desires to be respected, so she also treats other this way.

Other positive traits include practical, level-headed, and being a realistic thinker.

(=) Sarcastic - Lotusflower knows straight up insults can hurt, so she uses sarcasm to express everything she's displeased with.

(=) Ambitious - Lotusflower desires power so that she will be respected, and so she can lead others, which she knows she's good at.

Other neutral traits include quiet and distant.

(-) Self-centered - Lotusflower had a hard past, so she believes she should be treated extra specially.

(-) Aloof - Lotusflower doesn't confide in others because of trust issues, and doesn't want others to confide in her.

Other negative traits include cold, snappy and grumpy.


Lotusflower is a protective, sarcastic, and sometimes rude cat. She is a natural leader, although she is strict. She highly values respect, putting it above most things. She is reserved and opens her emotions up to few people. She has few friends, but those few are very VERY close to her. She has a hard time understanding other's emotions, desires, and motives. She is also very ambitious, and desires power, though understanding she may never obtain it.

Status: Open, Not Searching

Mate: previously Addervenom

Currently Attracted To: N/A

Previously Attracted To: Addervenom

Flings: Addervenom

Sexuality: Bisexual

Candy Eye: A cat who is strong, independent, willing to listen, witty, smart

Turn-Off(s): Cats who are emotional, clingy, dependent, whiny

Thoughts of Crush/Mate:

"I thought he was the one for me. I guess I was wrong. He ruined my life, and now I want to ruin his!"


Nightpaw -Ilovepuppies1005- [80%] {Apprentice} "Nightpaw is great. She's quiet and respectful. She takes time to think, unlike some stupid mouse-brains. I-I'm disappointed though. I've wanted to teach my skills to a young cat, but kits and apprentices are terribly rude, annoying, and disrespectful! I thought Nightpaw would be a good one who I could mentor. But in the end, I must respect her choice. It's her life, not mine."

Squirreltail -Wisteriaflower77- [-80%] {Warrior} "Where do I even begin? She's so stuck up an annoying! She thinks she's clever but she's so stupid! Her insults are horrible too. She's bad at fighting, and she's so emotional. I hate her so, SO much!"


Kithood -

Lotusflower was born to Bark, the deputy of CavernClan, and Cloudysky. She had two sibilings, Petalkit and Thornkit. Bark had never wanted kits, and hated his kits. Lotuskit was his least favorite, so he tried several times to kill her. Cloudysky was disgusted with Bark's open hatred of his own kits, but she never knew about the attempted murders.

Apprenticehood -

Lotuskit, now Lotuspaw, was apprenticed to Fallensun. She worked hard as an apprentice, quickly learning hunting and fighting techniques. As an apprentice, she befriended Adderpaw, a tom who was only a quarter moon older than her. She and Adderpaw became very close. She developed a crush on the tom, and he seemed to feel the same. She'd find out, however, that Adderpaw never cared for her.

Warriorhood (CavernClan) -

Adderpaw and Lotuspaw, being so close in age, were made warriors at the same time. Adderpaw become Addervenom, and Lotuspaw became Lotusflower. Now allowed to have mates, Lotusflower and Addervenom quickly became mates. It was foolish, since they were both so young. One day, Lotusflower's mother, Cloudysky, was found dead somewhere in CavernClan's territory. Addervenom immediately told the Clan Lotusflower had done it. Lotusflower was shocked and angered. Brown fur, the same shade as Lotusflower's had been found in her claws. Slashstar exiled Lotusflower as soon as he heard this, not looking into the situation any more.

Lonerhood -

As soon as she was exiled, Lotusflower ran to where her mother's body was. She smelled the farmilliar scent of her father, Bark. She recognized his fur too. Lotusflower wasn't surprised. She knew her father was twisted and cruel, and that he'd began quirreling with Cloudysky. From then on, Lotusflower watched and waited to see her father out hunting alone.

After a few moons of waiting, she caught him alone. She abushed him and killed him. She didn't leave CavernClan alone yet though. She eventually caught Addervenom alone and killed him too. At that point, the whole Clan knew it was Lotusflower. Her fur and scent were found along with Addervenom and Bark's bodies.

Lotusflower, suspecting that Slashstar would eventually take a patrol to kill her, gathered a group of savage, hearless rogues who would kill without question. She got them to join her by promising them prey, and a high place of power in CavernClan. She told them once they killed Slashstar, she'd become leader and give them those ranks. She truly had no intention of going to CavernClan, much less giving them high ranks. 

Eventually, Slashstar brough all of his senior warriors and his deputy to attack Lotusflower. His patrol was six cats including himself. Lotusflower had ten rogues, and they all had hidden to make Slashstar think she was alone. They then leaped out hen Slashstar attacked. The rogues killed the deputy and all but two of the senior warriors. Lotusflower killed Slashstar herself. He had had two lives left, and she killed him twice.

Having lost all of their most experienced warriors, their deputy, and their leader, CavernClan was in shambles. Lotusflower could have easily taken over and fufilled her promises to the rogues, but she hated CavernClan now and never wanted to be near any of the cats again. Because of that, she fled instead of fufilling her promises.. 

Warriorhood (MossClan) -

After a few moons of wandering, Lotusflower stumbled across a Clan. MossClan, to be exact. She joined, tired of being a loner. Lotusflower thought being in a Clan would help keep her thoughts off of CavernClan because she thought she'd be hunting and patrolling. Instead, being in a Clan reminded her even more of CavernClan since their cultures were so similar.

Lotusflower slowly began to be driven mad be her memories from CavernClan, and her hatred for the cats in it. She also developed a hatred for MossClan since it felt like CavernClan. She also hated many cats in the Clan since they were similar to cats she new in her birth-Clan. She ended up going mad and trying to do what she did in CvaernClan - cause chaos. She attacked many cats, including Rose, Squirreltail, Ravenhop, and Brambleheart. She nearly killed almost each of them. 

Swiftwind seemed to support Lotusflower through all of this, and one day Switwind followed Lotusflower to her hangout just beyond MossClan territory. Swiftwind was talking to Lotusflower, But Lotusflower felt Swiftwind was trying to manipulate her. She attacked Swiftwind, and came close to killing her. Lotusflower had pinned Swiftwind and was clawing at her belly and throat, when Rose and Moonfur came to Swiftwind's rescue. Together, the three slowly drove Lotusflower back towards a ravine. Lorusflower put up a fight though, landing many blows and wounding the three pretty badly considering it was three on one. They ended up driving her back, and Rose knocked her into the ravine, killing her.


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