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Full Name Winter
Player Momskitty1999
Age 2.5 years
Species Timber-Arctic Wolf
Gender Female
Orientation Neutral-Realmed
Group Tension
Theme Song
Rank Tba
Status Alive & unactive
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As a Pup, Winter was abandoned and left her to die, her Parents were both part Timber wolf, making her half Timber wolf. She almost died, had it not been for the ancients, the leader and wolves that have already passed on. Felt bad for the young wolf, so they saved her. she was given a Spiritual mark under her right eye in a cyan Swirl, when they saved her.Shortly after they saved her Hunter caught the young wolf, she was chained in a small pen, everyday the humans would drag her out on a chain that dug in her neck, they would put blades to her pure white pelt often inflicting pain. when she didn't fight back or submit to them they decided to break her a different way. The humans would put in a cage beside some other wolves, these other wolves were all a verity of different ages, from pups and their mothers, to elderly and even some strong willed wolves.She watched them one was named Talon he was kind and very protective, Winter quickly grew to love him, they had 2 lovely pups even though they were still in human hands. once her pups were 4 months old, winter awoke to Growling and yelping. she opened her Crystal Blue eyes and saw the humans having her pups in their filthy hands,she went to go after them only to find she was chained heavily to the wall.Talon lunged at one of the humans, and he was shot, winter's eye went wide in both fear and pain, as small blood drops went past her vision, they brutally murdered each of her pup next, and all the wolves around her. The humans then abandoned that building before doing anything to her. she couldn't advert her eyes. from the scene around her, slowly tears fell from her crystal blue eyes, as she let out a mournful howl. Some rescuers soon found her,they shot her with a tranquilliser, and set her free a long way from that place. A while after that Winter suffered many nightmares, she couldn't hunt, and went silent. Winter could see things other could not, the spirits decided to help her out, taught her how to hunt, they tried to teach her to fight but she refused to do anything that involved conflict. Winter has a very high connection to the spirits, some think she is crazy when she talks to he self but she is actually talking to someone they just can't see.

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Winter is normally Calm,ad collected although she can feel upset and alone easily. She tends to keep to herself, Nightmares at her past haunt her, she can get panic attacks, Also suffers from Depression. Doesn't like to be crowded. She dose not speak much but when she dose its most likely important. She will interact but rather not. Winter dislikes wolves who show disrespect to higher ups or her, she will not hesitate to speak her mind. She comes across as old hearted when angered, she also tends to keep to herself when upset, overall Winter is a shy wolf, that's loyal and respectful to a point. Her trust is tough to gain, however its easy to lose.

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Respectful wolves, her friends or family, the cold, the snow.

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Non Interests

Fire, Disrespectful wolves,

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Winter is a Pure white Wolf with Crystal Blue eyes, she has a cyan swirl under her right eye. Long Bang cover her left eye, she was a small athletic build, but is a little bit taller then most wolves. Winter is able to carry almost double her own weight on her back due to her dire linage. She may not look muscular, but she is strong.

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Parents: n/a (she never knew them)

Friend(s): Lucille, Hurricane ,Solostic , Sammy, Sage,Cody, Sirius, Diablo, Liz, Aurora, Letalis

Crush: N/a

Relationship Status: Single

Mentor: None

Favourite saying: "Some think the Winter Season is cold and heartless, but sometimes you just need to look below the surface"

Inspiration(s): Winter season, her friends, her pack, the soothing sounds of nature, the warm sun

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