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Likes and Dislikes


Favourite prey


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Favourite passtime

Watching the stars at night/playing around with herbs 


Seeing the sprawling forests of starclan without being blinded in one of his eyes. 


Least Favourite prey

Any type of bird species 

Least Favourite season


Least Favourite passtime







QUICK LEARNER: Froststep is a very quick learner when it comes to studying herbs and other lessons of clan life. 

INTELLIGENT: Froststep always tries to enhance his skills in his craft and is fairly intelligent 

CARING: Froststep is a very caring tom who always trys to be there for his clanmates. 


QUIET: Froststep is very quiet and doesn't really talk much as he's afraid he may he interupt his clan or family during discussions but he can seem distant. 

WORKAHOLIC: Froststep often over works himself when he tries to study herbs or help his clan because he tries to be useful to his clan. 


PARANOID:Froststep is often paranoid about his surroundings and randomly gets scared by anything ,fearful of the possible dangers around him. 

ANXIOUS:He's often stressed about minor things and gets overwhelmed by his own anxieties. 

AWKWARD: Froststep can be incredibly awkward and can mumble a lot in his conversations as well as stuttering in his sentences. 



Froststep is the son of yarrowtail and frogleap and is also the sibling of limedrop,fernclaw and puddletail and was always quite a silent young cat who kept to himself most of the time. Before froststeps birth there was an omen discovered by pinestar that was a feather with the colours of frogleap and yarrowtail with four torn parts on the feather. After this omen was discovered the shamans deduced that it was a warning that yarrowtail and frogleaps kits were in grave danger. This caused frogleap to be very protective over his kits when they were born and he would always keep watch of the den. Froststeps brother puddletail would often whine to him in the nursery about how he never played any of the same games so puddletail would often play roughly with him to prove he was stronger and trying to get froststep to join and be tougher. But froststep would always cry and rush off as puddletail moved on to just playing with fernclaw and trying to explore outside of the nursery leaving froststep and limedrop together to talk and pretend to be shamans and warriors messing around with any herbs they could get their paws on and playing mossball. Trying to guess the uses of them and seeing how far they could throw the moss around. One day froststep decided to prove himself to his family by exploring outside of the nursery and playing with a leaf in a clearing. While he was playing with it he suddenly heard a furious squawking and a hawk swooped down at him, its claws extended as it slashed froststep across the face face holding him down as it picked into the young kits eye with its beak before it began to ruthlessly tear into the young kits fur and face leaving froststep scarred and bloody before frogleap and deerstar sprang out to save him fighting the hawk viciously until it eventually dropped froststep and died. Froststep was rushed to the shamans den where they worked desperately to save him. They managed to save him but froststep had lost the vision in his right eye and had numerous scars across his pelt. Froststep stayed in the shamans den for a long time before finally returning to the nursery with a large phobia of birds after this event and becoming much more anxious and fearful. Many moons after the hawk incident froststep became much more shy and anxious as a kit and he had very few friends due to these reasons as the other kits were a little frightened of him because of his scarred appearance and strange blind eye. He soon met a young kit who had travelled for many moons to try and find a home eventually discovering tsunamiclan with her mother ravenflutter. This shecat was called bleakkit and would eventually become bleakdream and the two kits both forged a strong bond and they would talk and play around with each other every day. Froststep had been friends with bleakdream for a good while and he eventually decided to make her something to convey his feelings of friendship to her by trying to make her a flower crown. Froststep decided to wander out of the nursery towards the forest with some encouragement from puddletail when he was still a kit to get some vines to tie the crown together. He wandered amongst the forest his fear and paranoia causing each of his movements to be slow and sporadic as his thoughts about a hawk suddenly bursting out from the trees above him but the only sounds were of birds fluttering about causing froststeps fear to increase before suddenly a cat burst from the bushes onto him causing the young kit to yelp in fear but it was only bleakdream so he calmed down as he felt more comforted being around her. The two of them wandered about for awhile before eventually discovering the vines and preparing to pad back to camp before they heard the sudden stomping of paws and froststep spun around to see his father who was wide eyed with fear worriedly bombarding him with questions still paranoid about the area surrounding him and the two kits. He brought them immediately back to camp and they were both angrily yelled at by their kin over wandering about outside of camp. Froststep finished his flower crown for bleakdream and shyly gave it to her and she wore it ever since that day and their bond grew stronger. Over time froststep eventually became a shaman apprentice and was assigned hawkfrost as his mentor. Froststep and his new mentor both travelled to the moonstone to test if the young tom was truly meant to be a shaman. Froststep pressed his nose onto the moonstone slowly getting overcome by sleep soon waking up in a bright and sunny clearing were starclan cats surrounded him. These starclan cats approached him announcing their agreement with him becoming a shaman and they soon began to chant his new name frostpaw. After these events froststep trained for many moons under the guise of hawkfrost and he began to get to know his mentor a little more and a few other clanmates. He befriended another newly made apprentice called dizzypaw who had issues with her eyes causing them to be somewhat cross eyed. Froststep and dizzypaw who would eventually become dizzygaze related to one and other a lot as they both had problems with their eyes and froststep found her happy go lucky attitude endearing but at this time he and his sister limedrop aswell as his friend bleakdream had begun to drift a little more apart and wasn't as close as they were before as froststep was constantly busy with training with hawkfrost which caused him to feel quite guilty for not being with them to much but he couldn't really do anything about it. Froststep had to travel alongside hawkfrost to the moonstone to try and decipher an omen that may involve another hawk attack while bleakdream,dizzygaze and pinestar were on a patrol trying to track down the scent of a potential badger in their territory. But half way to the moonstone dizzygaze suddenly burst out of the bushes yowling that bleakdream had gotten some strange poisonous berry juices in her eyes and was in immense pain. Froststep immediately sprinted off into the forest eventually reaching the area where pinestar was sitting next to bleakdream who was wailing in pain. Froststep immediately rushed off to find celandine which he discovered was close by. He tore it out from the ground and rushed back and applied the herb to bleakdreams eyes to stop the poison from affecting her further. Sadly bleakdream had been blinded somewhat in his right eye similar to froststep and dizzygaze. A few moons later he soon had to assist in an incredibly important event when deerstar was having her kits he helped in their birth alongside hawkfrost and for this he was made into a full shaman by hawkfrost for his skill in safely helping deerstar in her kitting allowing her to have two kits, birchkit and wishkit. Froststep beamed with pride after receiving his full shaman name and he celebrated with bleakdream,limedrop and dizzygaze along with hawkfrost. But this moment of happiness was short lived as during a normal herb gathering session hawkfrost was suddenly attacked by a hawk on the cliffsides and was soon killed as he attempted to fight it off to protect his clanmates from it. Froststep found his body at the edge of the cliffs when he went out to search for him as the tom hadn't returned back to camp for a concerning amount of time and he couldn't believe his eyes at the sight of his mentor and friends corpse. The young shaman stayed at his mentors side for an absurdly long time wailing in sorrow over the death of his friend. He was eventually lead away by bleakdream,dizzygaze and limedrop tears still streaming from his eyes as his heart sank in misery. Life carried on as normal in tsunamiclan but froststep still harboured a lot of guilt for hawkfrosts death constantly imagining how he could've saved his mentor if he had only went on the trip with him. Bleakdream,limedrop and dizzygaze have all became full warriors and this allows them to visit one and other more with their new freedoms. Soon another tragedy struck when otterspeck assisted in a battle against a badger but was viciously bitten on the leg which he didn't reveal to the clan as to not stress anyone out as his mate petaldust was having his kits soon. Eventually frogleap managed to get him to visit the shamans and froststep was horrified as he saw how badly the wound had been infected. He worked for days desperate to heal the wound but it was too late and otterspeck died due to his infection. Froststep felt immensely guilty for otterspecks death thinking it was his fault that the tom died as he didn't save him in time. During this time froststep was given teapaw as his newest apprentice and froststep tried his best to be there for his new apprentice and brought him to the moonstone where teapaw received his shaman apprentice title and was visited by starclan cats along with froststep. Froststep excitedly met with hawkfrost again but he attempted to avoid otterspeck still feeling guilt over the young toms death. Otterspeck realised this and attempted to comfort him but the young shaman still felt immense guilt even at the spirits reassurance. After the ceremony was completed froststep and his apprentice returned to camp and life carried on as normal until petaldust begun her kiting. Froststep immediately tried to help here and assisted in delivering her three kits stormkit,bloomkit and quailkit but sadly during petaldusts kiting she died due to blood loss as she couldn't handle the birth of her kits. More guilt overtook him as he thought of how he had caused the death of another cat with his insolence. His friends tried to comfort him along with his siblings and parents and froststep eventually moved on somewhat but he still harbours an immense amount of guilt. After awhile froststeps sibling limedrop had become mates with bleakdream and they both desired to have kits but since they were both shecats this would pose some issues but limedrop and bleakdream still pressed on and bleakdream desired to be the one to give birth to their kits. They soon found out a way to achieve their dream of having kits by having one of their clanmates act as a donor who they both desired to be froststep. Limedrop and bleakdream padded up towards the shamans den and found froststep nervously organising a few herbs scattered around the den and they both informed him of the news causing him to immediately start to panic and worry about the situation due to the fact that he was a shaman and it was against the medicine cat code but they both persisted and froststep eventually gave in wanting to help his friends with their plight. Froststep was in a constant state of paranoia after their discussion and began to avoid his clanmates out of fear of them finding out and he even began to avoid his father frogleap leading to him becoming suspicious of his kits due to their strange behaviour. Soon after awhile froststep was padding back into camp after a herb gathering trip to find limedrop crying on the beach next to the water who froststep briskly approached incredibly worried about what happened to her. Limedrop calms down a bit to tell him that their father frogleap found out about what they did which caused froststep to become immensely terrified of what would become of him and limedrop and bleakdream and the kits now that frogleap found out and could potentially get them thrown from the clan with this information. Froststep now began to completely avoid his father all together terrified of what he might say to him. Soon froststep was sat alone in the shamans den sleeping until he heard a sudden yowling coming from the nursery which he instantly realised was bleakdream kitting and he bounded down towards the nursery with numerous herbs to find teadrip and numerous other cats surrounding bleakdream and limedrop who froststep pushed past to help bleakdream terrified that bleakdream may end up like petaldust. The first kit that was born who they planned to name lividkit sadly didn't live longer than a few minutes but the second kit , a young tom with an orange stripped pelt similar to limedrop survived and limedrop and bleakdream decided to name him gingerkit. After all the madness past froststep stayed in the nursery alone with limedrop, bleakdream and gingerkit fretfully organising some herbs for bleakdream before he suddenly saw frogleap pad into the den which caused him to try and evade his father by trying to exit the nursery but frogleap stopped him before he could escape and began to talk to him informing him on the fact that he did know about what he did but he promised to be there for him and limedrop, bleakdream and gingerkit and would do everything in his power to keep the secret safe and even if it did get out he wouldn't let the clan harm them in anyway. This finally put the young toms mind at ease and he remained in the den still trying to help bleakdream with the numerous herbs as frogleap began talking to limedrop about what he had said to froststep. A short while after this froststep and limedrop left bleakdream alone in the nursery with gingerkit to bury lividkit in the area where limedrop and bleakdream had become mates...





"She's always there for me when im scared or feel happy to have her as my mother."



"He stuck with me through my time with the injury and proud to call him my father..."



"He can often called me a scaredy cat when we were kittens but...but i still love him as my brother even when he treats me like a mousebrain."



"I always like talking with her....She's a great listener and can handle my obnoxious ramblings well."



"She always trys to be there for everyone and im happy shes my sister."



"She is my closest friend and she's always there for me and knows what to say, its just nice to be around her.."



"Dizzygaze is a very creative and cheerful cat to be around....and im glad she treats my like any other cat... and is always friendly to everyone...i'm happy she decided to return back to tsunamiclan.."



"Hawkfrost was my mentor of my closest...friends. He was always there for me and taught me all that i know and i still can't believe he's dead...I hope he's at rest in starclan"



"Im so.....proud of him....he's come so far over...these few moons and im so proud of him for finally.....reaching the rank of a.....shaman but i miss him so much.....i wonder everyday where he is....."



"He may be a bit rude at times but....he's a good cat at heart and I'm proud to be his father...even if..i can't truly express it..."


Trust: 40%

"I don't uh think....he really likes me that much..He gives me a lot of side long glances but I think.... he's just worried about rosethorn having her first litter..and is just a bit stressed..."





Froststep has ornithophobia and can't stand the sight of birds in the prey pile or seeing birds anywhere else especially hawks

Froststep feels uncomfortable about his scarred appearance and thinks he is ugly.

Froststep occasionally has dreams about starry cats yowling at him.

Froststep doesn't like water on his paws which is quite odd for a cat in a water based clan.

Froststep enjoys stargazing at night to give him a chance to clear his mind.

Froststep enjoys the smell of rain and likes to watch it fall down around camp.