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General Role-Play
Status: Active & Living Theme Song: "Home" by Machine Gun Kelly,

X Ambassadors, & Bebe Rexha

AJ Username: InsaneGiraffe Affiliation: SpringClan
Wiki Username: InsaneGiraffe Rank: Leader
Orientation: Light Age: 44 Moons
Species: Felis Catus Gender: Female
Belief: StarClan & Dark Forest Sexual Orientation: Aeromantic

& Asexual


    :Base     :Undercoat     :Stripes     :Iris     :Nose & Pads

Pelt Build
Foxstar is a thick-furred orange feline a white undercoat, muzzle, and paws. She has ginger tabby stripes on her back. She has a long, fox-like tail with a white tip. There are five white spots on her left shoulder that that resemble a paw print. Foxstar is semi-muscular and moderately sized, but her fur gives her a slightly larger appearance. She has faded scars along her hips, tail, and flank that show through her pelt and remind her of her kit-hood.
Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat X Red British Shorthair Scent: Fresh Water & Ash
Weight: 5.3 kilograms Height: 30.11 centimeters
Length Without Tail: 58.3 centimeters Tail Length: 20.5 centimeters
Claw Length: 1.73 centimeters Whisker Length: 18.42 centimeters
Positive Neutral Negative
Friendly Wistful Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Although she has a naturally quiet demeaner, Foxstar is friendly with the cats she has gotten to know and is willing to put herself into danger to save them. Foxstar can often be found gazing off into the distance as she remembers the family members she lost to her father. She often yearns to have her family with her. Due to her past with her father, Foxstar suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is subject to flashbacks, especially when it comes to battle.
Peaceful Quiet Naïve
Foxstar does not believe in punishment unless it is truly needed. She often listens to both sides of a pending issue and often sends the cats away to think about their actions. Foxstar dislikes putting herself out there for everyone to see. She prefers staying in the background and usually does what she is asked to do without question. Foxstar often pushes away the larger worries of her Clan-mates. She does not wish to create what she thinks to be unnecessary conflicts due to any accusations made.
Rain Peace
Foxstar loves rain. To her, rain cleanses the land and animals of anything wrong they may have done. Foxstar prefers for peace between her Clanmates and requests that they listen to one another.
Water, Waterfalls Having Someone to Consult
Water helps Foxstar's muscles relax, giving her an opportunity to brush away her bad thoughts. Since Foxstar never found herself worthy of being leader, she is glad to have a person that can offer advice.
Pass Time: Swimming Time of Day: Sunrise
Swimming helps Foxstar to calm her nerves when she thinks of her father. Sunrise signals a new beginning, something that Foxstar wished she could have had sooner as a kit.
Season: Leaf-Fall Prey: Fish
Leaf-Fall is cool enough for her, and she likes the way the orange and yellow leaves look. Foxstar enjoys the overall taste of fish, especially when they are freshly caught.
Arguments Snow
Foxstar avoids arguments and prefers solving conflict peacefully. Arguments remind her of her father. Snow sticks to Foxstar's pelt easily, making it clumpy and difficult to clean, which she dislikes.
Death Humidity
Foxstar can't stand to see death. She tends to avoid vigils. Dry heat is difficult for Foxstar to bear, but adding humidity makes things worse
Least Favorites
Pass Time: Sun Bathing Time of Day: Sunset
Due to her likelihood of overheating, Foxstar avoids sun bathing, especially on a warm day. Sunset signals the end of something. Foxstar would rather be able to see the sun at all times.
Season: Green-Leaf Prey: Birds
Green-Leaf is too hot for Foxstar and her thick pelt, and she is prone to overheating. In general, Foxstar dislikes having to pick birds of their feathers or risk getting them stuck in her jaws.


Fox - given name for fox-like appearance

Star - traditional leader suffix

Previous Names Nicknames
Rogue: Fox Foxie Foots
Warrior: Foxfoot Foxie Poxie
Deputy: Foxfoot
Leadership Swimming
8/10 Foxstar can easily take control of a situation if she needs to, but she only steps in if absolutely required. 7/10 While Foxstar is not opposed to swimming, it is not her favorite thing to do.
Climbing Hunting
5/10 Foxstar's strength is not climbing, but she does not mind getting up in the trees every once in a while. 10/10 Foxstar has fantastic ground hunting skills and rarely misses a catch. She also enjoys fishing.
Jumping Offensive Combat
8/10 Foxstar is able to pounce and jump well, and it benefits her highly in hunting. 7/10 Foxstar struggles with attacking others. Her morals lead her to believe that peace is a better answer.
Defensive Combat Intelligence
8/10 Foxstar has never done much fighting, but she is better at protecting herself than fighting others. 7/10 Foxstar can be gullible and tends to stick to what she knows. She is rarely suspicious of what others say.
Stamina Speed
7/10 Foxstar cannot work for too long before wearing out. She prefers working in shorter bursts. 7/10 Foxstar has average speed. It is unlikely that she will outrun something, especially with her lower stamina.
Agility Stealth
9/10 Foxstar has good agility and footwork, which gives her an advantage in hunting. 10/10 Foxstar is very quiet and has no problems sneaking up on prey or intruders.
Strength Friendliness
8/10 Due to Foxstar's semi-muscular build, she has a good amount of strength. 8/10 Foxstar does not speak up first, but she is willing to have a conversation is someone else starts it.
Scenting Eyesight
8/10 Foxstar has average scenting. She does not favor it over her other senses. 8/10 Foxstar has average eyesight. She prefers scenting over her other senses..
Hearing Herb Knowledge
8/10 Foxstar has average hearing. It is her least favored sense. 0/10 Foxstar knows absolutely nothing about herbs and tends to stay away from the medicine cat den.

Please only request to be added to the relations session if our characters have interacted recently.

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Angel Mother 100% "Angel did the best she could to protect us. I'll never forget her face when Fang killed her..."
Fang Father 0% "I keep wanting to believe that what Fang did was to help us, but I can't seem to find a way through the facts."
Casper Brother 100% "If only I could see my lovely brother again."
Rory Brother 100% "Rory did his best to save me. I hope he's still alive..."
Rainwing Aunt 90% "I hated having to tell Rainwing what happened to Angel..."
Sapphirefall First Cousin 85% "Sapphirefall is unique, and I like her. I wish we knew each other better, though."
Badgerstripe First Cousin Unsure "I didn't even know that we were related before she died."
Dragonheart First Cousin Unsure "I hardly knew her. Then she died."
Grasspath Second Cousin 60% "She's caused some problems, but I know she's good at heart."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Stormstar Leader 100% "Stormstar was so welcoming, but she was gone too soon."
Pebblestar Co-Leader 85% "Pebblestar was a good cat, but I had too many disagreements with her, thus giving me my reason to separate from EclipseClan."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Thunderstar Leader 100% Thunderstar has fantastic ideas and makes a great friend. It's good to have her by my side.
Leafshine Deputy 100% "Leafshine has always been so kind. I know that I chose the right deputy this time."
Skystorm Deputy 80% "It's great to have Skystorm as deputy. She's kind and understanding."
Sagestorm Shaman; Former Apprentice 90% "Sagestorm was an eager learner. He is a good asset to the Clan."
Mistlebranch Elite Warrior 100% "Mistlebranch has been extremely helpful during this fog. I think she'll make it far in the Clan."
Fawngaze Warrior 90% "I feel guilty for not believing what she said about Fang... It almost got her, her kits, and her mate killed."
Brightleaf Warrior 85% "Although I do not know her well, Brightleaf seems to be kind and helpful to everyone around her."
Heronfeather Warrior 85% "Heronfeather is a little too protective. I understand her worries, but she can be overbearing."
Kookie Kit, Little Sister 100% "Kookie is sweet and understanding. She wants to be my sister, and I gladly agreed."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Fang Deceased Deputy 0% "I didn't see Fang's treachery. By the time I did, it was too late..."
Fluff Deceased Warrior 90% "Fluff was a good cat. Too bad she died in the battle with the rogues."
Thornscar Deceased Warrior 0% "I missed all the warning signs, just like I did with Fang."
Shortwhisker Deceased Warrior 60% "After she left SpringClan to become a leader before returning, I wasn't sure what to think, but it's too bad she's gone now."
Tundrashade Deceased Deputy 100% "I trusted Tundrashade, and then he died tragically."
Thicketkit Deceased Kit 60% "Thicketkit was extremely shy, but I believed she had a good heart."

Name Relation Trust Thoughts
Hawkclaw Former Warrior 100% "Hawkclaw was kind and understanding."
Hollowsky Former Elite Warrior 100% "Hollowsky is such a good cat. He's got a big heart and understood my struggles, even when he was a kit."
Ferretwhisper Former Warrior 100% "Ferretwhisper was one of my closest friends, but I respect her decision to return to the farm."

Mentor Apprentices
Self-taught Sagestorm (Formerly)
Reedpaw (Formerly)
Windpaw (Formerly)

Mother: Angel - silver tabby with soft blue eyes (Deceased)

Father: Fang - russet with amber eyes (Location unknown)

Brothers: Casper - pure white tom with amber eyes (Deceased)

Rory - russet and white tom with amber eyes (Location unknown)

Sisters: None

Crush: None

Mate: None

Kits: None

    :Female     :Male     :Gender Unknown







The Death of Those she Cared For

I cowered, my paws covering my ears as I watched Fang’s temper flare. Angel crouched in front of him, and I could see the terror in her wide blue eyes.

“You’re so weak,” Fang sneered. “You can’t even protect yourself against me.”

“And you couldn’t live without me, which is why you’re still here,” Angel replied, her voice surprisingly calm.

This only angered Fang more, and his claws flexed in the dirt.

Casper and Rory were on each side of me. Casper’s white pelt was spiked with fear while Rory appeared completely calm, his amber eyes fixed on the situation.

“You don’t deserve these kits,” Fang hissed, and my attention went back to my parents.

He stared directly at us, his eyes lit with fury. He sauntered over, without a care in the world while Angel’s eyes only got bigger. Fear rose in my chest as he grabbed Casper roughly by the scruff and lifted him away.

“Those kits are your blood as well as mine,” Angel cried out. “You wouldn’t kill them!”

“Or would I?”

Fang dropped Casper on the ground before raising his paw, claws extended, and slicing through my brother’s neck.

Angel shrieked as Casper writhed for a moment before going limp. Blood leaked from his neck, and I stared wide-eyed at the sight.

Angel leapt for Casper, curling around his now lifeless body. She lapped at his dirty white pelt, and it glimmered with every stroke.

I watched Fang while Angel was distracted. He circled around her for a moment, his muscles rippling through his pelt. He sat, licking the blood from his claws.

“You-” Angel choked. “You killed him!”

In a heartbeat, she got to her paws, leaping for Fang, but he was quicker. With one swift move, he slashed his claws over her neck. Angel fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Her body convulsed, which only sent more blood streaming from the gaping wound.

I watched in horror until she stopped moving. Rory had even tensed up, and I felt him lean slightly towards me.

“Run,” he mewed softly into my ear. “Fang won’t kill me, but I’m not so sure what he’ll do with you.”

For being so young, Rory always seemed to know exactly what was going on and what to do next. I had not idea how he did it, but I trusted him. Rory was Fang’s favorite kit because he didn’t appear weak, and he always did what Fang told him to do.

I blinked at Rory. “I can’t leave you behind…”

“Just go before it’s too late,” he replied, his eyes glossy.

I quivered but managed to tear my eyes away from my dead mother and brother before turning to run off into the forest.

Foxstar's Leader Ceremony

I felt my nerves getting the best of me. I had never been to Moon Falls before, and I was taken by its beauty.

"Drink the water before you sleep," Pebblestar's voice snapped my attention back to her.

I nodded my head, bending down to drink from the clear water. I made myself comfortable on the rocks before slipping into sleep.

I woke in a meadow filled with flowers. Cats with stars sparkling in their pelts were all around me. I looked to Rabbitpaw then to Pebblestar. Rabbitpaw's eyes were gleaming, but Pebblestar seemed quite calm.

The first cat stepped forward. "Moss!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, Foxfoot. It's been a long time," she purred before resting her muzzle on my head. "With this life, I grant you adventure. Use it to guide your Clan through the strangest but most exciting times.

I barely felt her pull away as adrenaline rushed through my body. I shook slightly but was able to stay on my paws.

"Please tell Sorrowpaw, Bravepaw, Brightpaw, Flowerpaw, and Bearfur that I miss them very much," she meowed before being replaced by the next cat.

Sweetsong appeared, and I felt a purr erupt from my throat.

"Hello, Foxfoot," Sweetsong meowed. She touched her muzzle to my head and meowed, "With this life, I grant you forgiveness. Use it to forgive yourself and your Clan. I couldn't forgive myself, and it led me to my death. Use this wisely."

I noticed the slightly warning at the end of the life she had given me, but I couldn't say anything, for my body was wracked with pain. I groaned, as I fell to the ground.

I lugged myself to my paws just as Sweetsong slipped away, her eyes filled with warmth.

I dug into the depths of my memory to remember the next cat before me. My eyes widened as I realized it was Stormstar.

"Hello, Foxfoot. Long time no see," she purred. "You were right to leave CliffClan; it is falling apart." Stepping closer, she mewed, "With this life, I grant you a mother's love. Use it to love your Clan with all of your heart and lead it away from dangers."

Warmth filled my body, and I suddenly remembered the love I felt for my mother. I shook my head clear of the memory just as fear crept through me.

Stormstar was replaced as the fear faded away.

"Sweetbranch!" I exclaimed.

"With this life, I grant you joy. Let it give you and your Clan happiness at the darkest times," she murmured.

I barely felt anything this time, but I could see the sorrow in Sweetbranch's eyes. I knew she would have enjoyed a longer life with her Clanmates.

Sweetbranch faded away, and she was replaced by a cat whom I did not recognize. The she-cat was dark grey with white patches and sky blue eyes.

I looked at her with confusion, but she quickly introduced herself. "It is nice to meet you, Foxfoot. I am Eclipsestar, the original leader and founder of EclipseClan. With this life, I grant you trust. Use trust to show your Clan you care about them, and know they are all loyal to you."

I felt weakness flood through my legs, but it was suddenly replaced by strength that lifted me back up.

Eclipsestar dipped her head to me before a daunting figure took her place.

He was a black tom with russet paws and deep scarlet eyes. "Hello, Foxfoot. I am Russetsky, the first deputy of the original EclipseClan. I died after catching greencough, and I was never able to become leader." Pausing, he meowed, "And so, with this life, I grant you war and peace. Use it to make the right choices in battle and to not to back down from a challenge."

Russetsky touched his muzzle to my head, but he was pushed away by another cat as fear engulfed me before being washed away by a calm feeling.

I looked down to see a small grey-blue tom. He squeaked, "I am Riverpaw! I died under the paws of a badger when I was six moons old: just an apprentice." Riverpaw stretched up on his toes when he touched his chin to my head and mewed, "With this life, I give you faith. Use it to know StarClan is always there for you but to also know that your Clan is always there for you."

I felt strength and confidence rush through me, something I hadn't felt since I left Fang the day of my mother's death. I blinked thankfully at the young cat as he backed away from me.

Riverpaw immediately disappeared, and a small kit replaced him. The kit, a yellow-grey tom, squealed, "I am Sunkit! I died during birth, but I wouldn't have made anything different in my life as a StarClan cat."

I crouched down so Sunkit could touch my head. He mewed, "With this life I give you selflessness. Use it to care not just about yourself but to care about EclipseClan, too."

He quickly backed away as another cat approached me. He was fainter than any of the others I had seen thus far.

"I am Cliffstar, founder of CliffClan. My clan is going to disaband a final time, and I'm glad you're not there with them." His voice raspy, he mewed, "With this life I give you the Warrior Code. Use it to make the right decisions and to lead your Clan wisely alongside Pebblestar."

I felt powerful as the life was given to me, but the feeling quickly wore away.

"Foxstar, Foxstar!" I looked around myself as the cats chanted my new name. It was my turn to lead with Pebblestar, and I couldn't have been more proud of myself and the life I had lead so far.

1st Life

The second blizzard had been raging for days. Our camp was taking a beat down; there was little prey and shelter against the snow and wind. I hadn't eaten in days. I wanted to allow my Clanmates to have as much prey as they needed.

I had gone into a furious fit of coughing, all of my senses blurred. All I heard was Shortpaw's voice asking me if I needed a medic, and I had managed to nod my head.

Moments after Shortpaw had left, Badgerpaw rushed in, her jaws filled with herbs. A sweet scent filled my nostrils as she pushed the set of leaves towards me. I stretched my head forward, lapping up the herbs.

The herbs didn't help much, and I continued coughing. Mintkit had somehow managed to push her way into the den. What felt like chaos broke out around me as Shortpaw tried sending Mintkit back to the nursery.

I began to cough, harder this time. I heard Badgerpaw's rapid voice telling Sandpaw to fetch honey from the medic den. I pulled my paws beneath myself, laying miserably in my nest. Badgerpaw ordered Shortpaw to sit at the entrance of the den to block the wind and any other cats from coming in.

Once Sandpaw had returned with the honey and a few more herbs, I had become even weaker. I could barely keep my head up, and my coughing had turned into wheezing. Badgerpaw urged me to eat the herbs and lap up the honey, but I was unable to move, so she eased them into my mouth, helping me to eat them.

Shortpaw and Mintkit were worried. I could faintly sense their fear, but I was slightly worried about Badgerpaw. She hadn't lost a cat so far in her training. I would likely be the first.

I slumped in my nest, body aching yet relaxed and breath barely coming out. I continued to wheeze, and my eyes closed. It was no use trying to stay awake, and I slowly drifted into an fevered sleep. It felt like my whole body was burning, and the pain was worse than anything else I had ever felt. Suddenly, everything began to ease, and I opened my eyes to a flowered meadow. The same one I had received my nine lives in. This was my first life lost.

2nd Life

Fang, who I thought was my loyal deputy, had taken Fawngaze and Sagestorm. I couldn't believe myself, and I felt so guilty for allowing myself to ignore one of my Clanmates. Fawngaze had never shown unloyalty, in fact, she is one of our longest running members. I don't know why I couldn't see what was right in front of me.

There was screeching and the stench of blood everywhere. I was locked in battle with a black tom-cat, his yellow eyes burning with rage. I had just managed to send him screeching off into the mass of cats with some nips to the ankles to remember me by.

Suddenly, there was a heavy weight upon my back, thrusting me down into the dirt. I spat, trying to twist around to face my assailant, but they were stronger than me. Their paws held me firmly to the ground. "You can't even put up a fight," sneered a voice. It was Fang herself.

"What's become of you? This is wrong!" I allowed myself to relax slightly, claws flexing in the dirt. I hoped that Fang would soften, but her grip remained.

"I've been planning this a long time. SpringClan will perish," she hissed, claws digging deeper into my shoulders.

I writhed, managing to shift slightly away from her, but she wouldn't allow me to get away. I felt jaws close around my throat, and I gasped, trying to twist around to sink my claws into Fang, but her paws were still planted firmly on my shoulders, and it would be no use trying to escape. I could feel the life slowly leaking out of my body, and things began to grow fuzzy before turning to black. My eyes opened to the flowered meadow, just like my previous life.


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Foxstar never found herself worthy of becoming deputy and was shocked when Pebblestar asked her to step up as second leader.

It took Foxstar a long time to find a true home, which is the reason for her theme song: "Home" by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, & Bebe Rexha. It connects directly to the most difficult portion of her life.

Fang's negative actions towards Foxstar, Angel, and Casper lead to her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She can still feel the rake of Fang's claws and hear the harshness of his voice. She often has flashbacks and struggles to spar and battle.

The pelt colors in Foxstar's family are symbolic. The white and silver of Angel and Casper's fur represent the purity and innocence they had inside of them. The russet pelt of Fang represents power and violence. The mixed pelt of Rory represents the genuine reverence he had for his father. The mixed pelt of Foxstar represents an earned power through peace and balance.

Foxstar tends to be too trusting, thus leading to her naivety.

Foxstar feels that Thunderstar is the glue of the Clan and that she is more like a bystander. Her confidence in her own leadership lacks.