"Through the fog, I'll be there. I'll shine as bright as my name."



Name Fograinbow
Rank Warrior
Past Ranks Kit, Apprentice
Age 26 moons
Gender She-cat
Sexuality Straight
Clan CloudClan
Parents Featherstone and Wheatblaze
Siblings Owlkit, Flamestripe, Gingercloud
Apprentices Badgerpaw
Theme Song Superheroes (The Script)
Animal Jam User Lillyheartbear45



Prefix-Fog. Her pelt resembles the colors of fog, light grey and white.

Suffix-Rainbow. This represents her energetic spirit and her simple love of any type of rainbow. She chose this suffix specially.

Past names-Fogkit, Fogpaw

Future names-(possible) Fogstar

Nicknames- Foggy, Fog



Pelt- Light grey. Long-haired fur. Silky like a feather.

Markings-White splotches all over her body, including a white-tipped tail.

Eyes-Deep Indigo, sometimes appear a dark purple.

Pads-Dark grey.

Other-A scar near her tail base from battle.




Positive Traits

Caring-Fograinbow is very caring and loving of all her family and friends.

Encouraging-She hates seeing people give up and will try to convince them to keep trying.

Neutral Traits

Loyal-Once she trusts them, she will be fiercely loyal to any cat.

Stubborn-Fograinbow is very persistent once she has motivation.

Hyper-She's achingly enthusiastic about everything. Ravenfrost claims it gives him a headache.

Negative Traits

Annoying-Many cats, like her siblings, find her very annoying and overenthusiastic.

Nosy-She breaks into other cats' conversations, which often annoys them.



Rainbows,  Bright colors, Warmth,  Swimming, Fish,  Wind, Friends,  Hugs, Grass, Lavender,  Trees,  Nature


Nostalgia,  Karma,  Deja vu,  Blood,  Chervil,  Sticky cobweb,  Rudeness,  Ignorance,  Being nuzzled,  Thorns,  Flames,  Stripes



Hunting 8/10

Fighting 6/10

Intelligence 7/10

Swimming 9/10

Climbing 4/10

Mental Strength 6/10

Physical Strength 2/10

Kindness 8/10

Stamina 5/10

Speed 7/10

Herb Knowledge 1/10

Leadership 6/10


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Family and




Featherstone-Mother-92%- She's a very wise, dependable cat. I'm glad she's my mother!

Wheatblaze-Father-18%- I never met him. I wish I had.

Gingercloud-Sister-98%- She's the best sister you could hope for! I'm happy that she finally found love, so she'd stop complaining about it. But hey, she did have it tough.

Flamestripe-Brother-96%- He's quiet, grumpy, and infuriating. He also loves one of my best friends. He's a good brother, though I know he hates me. It makes me love him more.

Owlkit-Half-Brother-99%- He is very nice and he gave my mom the chance to see her loved ones again, but she chose to stay with us.

Other Owlkit-Nephew-50%- He is very cute a nice and, yeah, he's small.


Friends (WIP)


Honeykit-100%- I would've trusted Honeykit with my life. She was truly the best friend I ever had. No matter how blind she was, how insane either of us were, or how crazy I acted, we helped each other through.

Violetmist-98%-Thank Starclan that Violetmist was there. We trained together, teased each other, and just were always there for each other! She made me happy again after the sadness I felt when Honeykit left.

Clearcomet-98%- Clearcomet was... amazing. I loved him so much. He was the first cat who asked me to go hunting with him. He was the first cat who agreed to go rainbow sight-seeing with me. He was always, always there whenever I needed him. I miss him so much.

Dawnfeather-91%-She was a really great mentor. I got all of my fishing skills from her!

Mudpine-90%-Mudpine was really nice and we just had a sort of special bond. I can't really explain it.

​​Creambird-90%-I had always wanted her for my mentor. She made such funny jokes and was so kind to everyone! I'm really sad that she left.

Puddlekit-85%-It was nice to have a younger kit to show around.

Finchpaw-82%-Finchpaw and I (and Badgerpaw) all love rainbows! But Finchpaw is on my friend list because we went on a mission to save Badgerpaw together, along with Blossompaw. Oof. They should probably be on this list, too, but I'm too lazy.

Ravenfrost-78%-He's smart. And we fought Sharpie (Yep, that's right, we fought a permanent marker) together!

Rowanstar-75%-He's a nice leader. He told me to "CHANGE DA MOSS OF DA DEN".

Greystorm-75%- We used to play moss-ball all the time when I was a kit! I think that's what sparked my creativity, because he used to challenge me to do it in all different ways, such as hitting it with my head or tail.


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