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Bayflow ❤ Melodicsky= Baelodic

Sky ❤ Acornstripe = Slacorn

Greentea ❤ Pebble = Greenpebble

Vipersnap ❤ Ravenshadow = Ravenap

Sandstreak ❤ Wolfwhisker = Sandwhisker

Mothblaze ❤ Rustedspark = Rustedmoth

Specklefur ❤ Swiftpelt = Spif

Mosswing ❤ Sleetriver = Mossy River

Mapleleaf ❤ Tavvy = Tavple


Ferretclaw ❤ Clover = Clever

Briarshine ❤ Cactusthorn =Bractus

Coalfeather ❤ Ferretclaw = Carrot

Peonystar ❤ Peonystar =ewwww

Thrushpaw ❤ Alpinepaw= Alprush

Ashwind❤ Owlflight = Ashflight

Rabbitstep ❤ Pinecone = Rabbitpine



Berry ❤ hating everyone

Honeyblaze ❤ Running from all the boys

Bayflow ❤ Being a positive bean

Blazingpaw ❤ Clovers

Otterpaw ❤︎ The warrior code

Pebble❤ no youth anymore

Ashpaw ❤ Arguing

Tayo ❤ Water

Lingerkit ❤ making new friends

Sky ❤ dragging Darkkit to the nursery

Pinepaw ❤ Pureness

Mapleleaf ❤ Extreme Gay Depression

Rabbitpaw ❤ happiness

Specklefur ❤ Purdy's personality

Tavvy ❤ " What's your favorite color? "

Minkfoot ❤ Anxiety and confusion

Spirit ❤ Epic Death

Oceankit ❤ Gay but not gay

Blazingsun ❤ Flexing

members without discord ❤ crying (please dont come to murder me)


Ship Name OCs Song




Swiftpelt, Specklefur

A Thousand years

Dear Fellow


Rabbitpine Rabbitstep & Pinecone Kids Again
Tavple Tavvy & Mapleleaf One More Time - Ramin


Write anonymous (or not anonymous) letters to your friends, OC's crush, or your OC's mate! DM Peony if you

Dear anonymous,

Listen, buddy. We haven’t been friends very long- and that’s okay.. I guess. Let’s get to the point, alright? Your great, and well honestly it’s no surprise, I just have to say it. Don’t ask why. We have lots in common, and in this point it almost scares me, but maybe I guess thats why I like you? Or maybe i’s the way you are. Your outgoing and you can take a good joke.Unlike yours truly, you don’t take things personally.

Sorry about this foolishness,

Nobody Special.

Dear anonymous,

Hey, i. Let me guess, you have no idea who wrote this or if i am not even in Ec. And maybe that's why i like you? Your great, and that's a clear thing. Your honest and fun, and your OC personality is awesome. We have lots in common, and you just seem like a overall great person. I hope this is revealed sometime in the future.

- Your secret admirer

Dear anonymous,

We met a few days ago, yes, but you're special. You might not know if this is for you or not. Here's a hint: I'm single and caring, you're single and sweet. We may not be meant for eachother, but I'd like to try being with you. I've noticed these main things about you: You care. You just want to be accepted by your clanmates. You're a fine warrior. And most importantly, I really, really like you.

Hope you like me, too!

~A single queen~

Dear Lionfoot,

You probably already know who i am, But does that matter? Hint: Im a no-mate cat looking for a mate. Your a fine warrior, and you care. You want to be happy. We might not be met for eachother, but you are quiet and nice. Thats what i love about you, we have a lot in common, and most importantly, i Really like you.

Yours truly,

Another single queen

Dear Tayo

Im so very sorry for leaving you behind in my pit of stress, i wish i could fix it. And im sorry that our kit, Echo'kit, died. You mean so much to me, but just know that i am coming home. Im coming home my dear....

~ Flint ~

Dear Tayo, the best mate ever

Tayo, my dear. Our kits have arrived, and they are as beautiful as the stars in the night sky. Paw'kit looks almost exactly like you! I hope he has your brave and loyal personality too. I cannot wait for you to meet them!

~ Flint again ~

Dear Acornstripe,

It's been a while since I was with you in camp, enjoying our time together, watching our beautiful kits play together. So much has happened... it's hard to believe. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is my love for you. It will never disintegrate. I will always love you. Even if you turn out to be evil! Heh... Anyway, please send my message to our kits. They'd love to know I'm happy in StarClan.


To Shattered


- <3

To <3



Dear couples,

The fact ElmClan has changed platforms means some ships and couples will die. But never will these special ones I'll be listing!

Spirit x Epic Death!

Pebble x no youth anymore!


Tavvy x "What's your favorite color?"!






And best of all,

members without discord x crying!!! (again, please dont come to murder me)


Who is your favorite couple?

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