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(Banner drawn by Yelpingfox aka Trailstar)
DewClan is a small colony of forest-dwelling cats. Our territory is misty and shaded with very cool weather. We are peaceful cats, valuing loyalty and faith above all else. Just as dewdrops collect and swell upon the grass, our Clan continues to grow and prosper.



Founded 1/3/2018
Founders Natty4 & Tigerlastic
Status Active & Accepting!
Realm Neutral
Species Domestic Felines
Roleplay Style Descriptive Traditional
Group Type Thread-based side-group
Religion StarClan & the Dark Forest
Season New leaf
Location West Washington
~ Loyalists ~

Empty Ribcage
Big ratty fatty daddy



○◎● Leader (1/1) ●◎○

Leaders are the head of their Clan. Their personality is the same as their Clan's and describes how their Clanmates treat others. The word of the Clan leader is law, proclaimed by the warrior code, and all other Clan cats must respect and obey them. They have their own den and are assisted by a deputy in their tasks. They are responsible for the whole Clan, calling Clan meetings, appointing cats to new ranks, leading the Clan into battle and gatherings, and making the toughest decisions.

Name Username Gender Description Moons Lives
Trailstar Yelpingfox Tom Cinnamon-brown classic tabby with bold, curving stripes and a creamy-white underbelly. 33 9/9 ~
  • Trailstar
○◎● Deputy (1/1) ●◎○

Deputies sleep in the warriors' den; they do not have their own den like leaders do. Deputies are responsible for organizing daily patrols for the Clan, such as hunting patrols and border patrols. If a Clan leader is unable to lead a Clan temporarily due to sickness, being away from the Clan, etc., then the deputy would take over for that time. If a deputy is sick or injured, then a warrior will temporarily take their place. If the leader dies, is banished, or retires, the deputy will succeed them, taking over the position as Leader.

Name Username Gender Description Apprentice Moons
Gooseflight TaffiestHusky Tom a soft, fluffy silver tom with brown eyes and tabby markings. ~ 19 ~
  • Gooseflight
○◎● Medicine Cat (1/2) ●◎○
Medicine Cat Nat

Medicine Cats treat diseases and injuries, and receive directions and guidance from StarClan. They have their own den in the Clan's camp, where they sleep, store herbs, and treat wounded or sick cats. Medicine cats are not allowed to take mates or have kits. They are expected to stand apart from Clan rivalries. They are deeply respected by their Clanmates and few cats dare to argue with them.

Name Username Gender Description Apprentice Moons
Mistflower Mistytunes Molly A small white siamease whose markings are grey instead of brown.
Maplepaw 25
  • Mistflower
○◎● Medicine Cat Apprentice (2/2) ●◎○
Medicine Cat ApprenticeNat

A Medicine Cat Apprentice is essentially a helper to the Medicine Cat(s). They are to listen attentively to their mentor. They are not to leave camp without a warrior as protection unless given specific permission by a high rank. they are expected to learn their herbs, help collect herbs, and learn basic battle training in case they need it. They sleep in the medicine cat den.

Name Username Gender Description Mentor Moons
Maplepaw Brightrise14 Molly Light cream cat with large dappled markings, a white muzzle, paws & underbelly, a pink nose & greenish-blue eyes. Mistflower 11
  • Maplepaw
○◎● Senior Warrior (0/6) ●◎○

A senior warrior is a warrior who is older and more experienced than the others, but has not decided to become an elder yet, and would rather serve their Clan as long as they can. Senior warriors are given respect, and are often asked for advice by the Clan leader. In the warriors' den, the senior warriors sleep towards the middle where it is warmest, while the younger warriors sleep towards the sides.

Name Username Gender Description Apprentice Moons
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Placeholder
○◎● Warrior (17/∞) ●◎○

Warriors are adult Clan cats who feed and protect the Clan. Their duties are extremely important to the overall survival of the Clan. Warriors have been trained in the ways of fighting and hunting in addition to the ways of the warrior code. They are charged with the responsibility to feed and protect those cats who are elderly or unable to spend time out of camp. When a she-cat expects or nurses kits, she temporarily gives up her warrior duties.

Name Username Gender Description Apprentice Moons
Pintopelt Yelpingfox Molly Chocolate calico molly with short, downy fur & teal eyes.
Skunkpaw 28 ~
Clearnote Brightrise14 Molly Clearnote is a all white Maine Coon with soft sleek fur, black paw pads, black nose and clear blue eyes.
Storkpaw 20 Gracklecry
Gracklecry Yelpingfox Tom Deep brown tom with soft, iridescent fur, a stocky build & lime-green eyes.
~ 20 Clearnote
Raccoontail Hamiltrashhh Tom Fluffy, black and gray tom with dark amber eyes.
Greypaw 26 Nightsky
Nightsky KittyPie002 Molly Slim short-fur jet black she-cat. Has turquoise blue eyes evenly centered on her silky triangular face.
~ 19 Raccoontail
Grizzlyfur KittyPie002 Tom Cream colored pelt with an ombre of black, brown, and cinnamon brown stripes run down his back and carries onto his hind and front legs. has beautiful green eyes.
~ 24 ~
Wolf Mistytunes Molly Wolf is a grey she-cat with a tan underbelly and muzzle as well as a thick pelt. She has black ears and a black tail-tip. Her eyes are bright amber.
Breezepaw 37 ~
Weaselleap Mistytunes Tom A lanky reddish-brown tom with a white chest and underbelly.
~ 17 ~
Batear Arohanaut Tom A dark-brown tom-cat with wide, yellow eyes.
~ 24 ~
Splashburr Empty Ribcage Molly She is a more larger shecat with short fur, her fur is mainly white with some ginger splotches, she has some stripes on her tail, she has blue eyes.
~ 22 ~
Salmonspot Hamiltrashhh Molly She is a light gray bengal she-cat with dark gray/black/brown spots covering her fluffy pelt. She has light blue eyes and a large pink scar down her flank.


~ 16 ~
Frostfur Somewhereintimeandspace Molly A long furred white she-cat with icy blue eyes.


~ 31 ~
Pepperseed Kihyunnie Tom Thick exotic shorthair tom with cocoa brown base coat, white underneath. He has a round, flattened face and soft amber eyes.


~ 11 ~
Houndear Big ratty fatty daddy Molly Houndear is a brown tabby scottish fold she-cat with white paws, a white chest, and a white tail-tip. She has a green and a blue eye.


~ 15 ~
Elderflower Big ratty fatty daddy Molly Dark gray she-cat with black stripes and green eyes. Lynxpaw 23 ~
  • Pintopelt
  • Clearnote
  • Gracklecry
  • Raccoontail
  • Nightsky
  • Grizzlyfur
  • Batear
  • Splashburr
  • Pepperseed
  • Salmonspot
  • Elderflower
  • Houndear
○◎● Apprentices (6/20) ●◎○

Apprentices are Clan cats six moons or older, training to be a warrior under a mentor. An apprentice becomes a warrior once their mentor or Clan leader thinks they have learned enough or proved they are worthy of becoming warriors. Apprentices may not leave camp without a warrior escort unless given permission from a higher rank. They are to treat the higher ranks with respect.

Name Username Gender Description Mentor Moons
Birchpaw Brightrise14 Tom Fullbred Norwegian forest cat with grey & black fluffy tabby fur a white underbelly, paws, & under-tail. He has green eyes.
tbd 8
Skunkpaw TaffiestHusky Molly Fullbred Norwegian forest cat with silky black fur, a white muzzle, underbelly & paws. She has green eyes.
Pintopelt 8
Winterpaw KittyPie002 Molly Fluffy white cat with grey fur that is circular pressed against her face. Her ears are grey as well as her delicate small paws. Has icy blue eyes.
Salmonspot 9
Breezepaw Badgerburr Tom Breezepaw is an American Curl who has a white coat with orange markings and a bushy orange tail. He also has brown eyes and long billowy fur.
Wolf 7
Greypaw Empty Ribcage Tom He is a small grey furred tom with short fur, he has white undercoat, and has darker grey stripes, he has dull brown eyes.
Raccoontail 7
Storkpaw Hamiltrashhh Tom He is a white, fluffy tom-cat with pale brown tabby markings and blue eyes.


Clearnote 10
Lynxpaw TaffiestHusky Tom Large dark brown main coon cat with black stripes and a creamy underbelly. He has pure green eyes and creamy colored paws. Elderflower 8
  • Birchpaw
  • Skunkpaw
  • Winterpaw
  • Breezepaw
  • Greypaw
  • Lynxpaw
  • Storkpaw
○◎● Kits (1/15) ●◎○

A kit is a cat under the age of six moons who is still living in the nursery with their mother and littermates. Kits are usually very mischievous and energetic, and are known to bother warriors and elders. However, they tend to be interested in the stories the elders tell. Most kits are eager to begin their apprenticeship before they reach six moons of age, and very curious about what happens outside their camp.

Name Username Gender Description Moons Parents
Leo Kihyunnie Tom A dark tabby with white flecks and amber eyes. He has a puff of snow-white fur on his chest. 4 n/a
  • Placeholder
○◎● Queen (0/5) ●◎○
Poptarts NAt

When a warrior she-cat is expecting kits or has recently given birth to a litter of kits, they become known as a queen and move to the nursery. When she-cats become queens, they give up their title and duties as a warrior. However, they become a warrior again once their kits have been apprenticed. Some she-cats, though, prefer to stay in the nursery even after their kits have become apprentices.

Name Username Description Kits Moons
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Placeholder
○◎● Elder (0/7) ●◎○

An elder is a Clan cat that has served their Clan faithfully, but has now retired. They are wise and are held in high respect by the other cats; their counsel and knowledge is sought several times, even by Clan leaders, though they are often described as grumpy. They do not have to catch their own food, nor do hunting patrols or fight, except to defend if necessary.

Name Username Gender Moons
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Placeholder
○◎● Injured (0/5) ●◎○

Injured cats have been hurt and are unable to preform their duties. They can either temporarily pause their rank or if the injury does not heal properly the cat may retire to an Elder or Queen. Apprentices are expected to hunt for them and bring them food every day. They will be taken care of by the medicine cat(s) and sleep in the extra nest in the medicine cat den.

Name Username Gender Description Former Rank Moons
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • Placeholder
○◎● Visitors (2/5) ●◎○

Visitors are cats who are checking out the clan, considering joining or just hanging out with old friends. Visitors may not go on patrol and do not preform the tasks of a normal rank unless given specific instruction in a dire situation. Visitors must respect all clan cats and be treated with respect themselves.

Name Username Gender Description Current group Stay duration
Currentsong DoxyLoxy Molly Dilute tortoiseshell with fuzzy light grey fur & cream-colored patches.
~ Indeterminate
Fireflypaw Fire8fly Molly Dark brown base coat, thick black tabby markings, almost yellow blonde tail & rump area along with a blaze on the chest and face to make that double cup shape you see in owls.
OrchidClan 1-2 weeks
  • Currentsong
○◎● Allied Clans (1/5) ●◎○

Allied Clans are groups which DewClan has formed a treaty with. They do not fight, instead, support each other. Borrowing herbs, supplying prey, and helping in battles are what we expect from each other.

(Please note that we are only accepting Thread-Based groups as allies.)

Group Leader's Username Leader's Name Realm
RowanClan Big ratty fatty daddy & fireheart0110 Rowanstar & Midnightstar Neutral

Dating & marriage
DewClan does not have mates, instead there is dating and marriage. Apprentices may date but only Warriors & up may be married.

Please, when sparring or fighting, do not make your character indestructible. Do not use roleplay shortcuts such as 'NN' or 'NM', find creative ways for your characters to defend themselves.

You must be active at least 3 times a week on the thread rp. Make sure to check the page regularly for important updates and announcements. If you know you are going to be inactive for a set period please let the leader know and you will not be exiled. (If you did not let the leader know why you were inactive for only a short while and can provide a legitimate reason afterward, you will be excused.)

The oc limit is 3.
You may only create & kill off one oc each month. This is for the sake of our editors.

Unless you are an editor, please do not edit the page without permission. If you wish to become an editor you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
If your character has not been added to the page, kindly remind an editor until it's done. Do not add them yourself.
If you see a typo, point it out to an editor so that it can be fixed.

Two weeks is one moon.
If you'd like to pause your character's aging, tell an editor and they will put an asterisk (*) next to their moons so other editors know not to update it. Be sure to tell them when you want it removed.
A mentor will choose when their apprentice is ready to become a Warrior.

The prefix "Dew" is not allowed.
You may only use a rogue name if your character was previously a rogue.
The leader will choose an Apprentice's Warrior name unless asked to use a specific name.

Please keep swearing to a minimum, even when abbreviated. Extreme swear words such as the f, b & s words are completely prohibited.



The Oak Forest
The Oak Forest is DewClan's main hunting ground. It supplies birds, squirrels, mice and an occasional water vole or fish. A glimmering stream winds through it often carrying fish in Newleaf and Greenleaf. Patches of warm sun illuminate the moss floor. The Oak Forest also supplies some medical herbs.

Dangers: Badger, fox, opossum, falling into the stream.


The Stream
The Stream is where DewClan hunt fish. There is usually a place shallow enough to wade across or stones to leap across, however, sometimes in Leafbare, it overflows and cats are forced to swim across for gatherings.

Dangers: Small kits or apprentices falling into rushing currents, flooding.


Two-leg Ruins
The Two-Leg ruins lies deep within DewClan territory. It was once a nest for two-legs but it has long since been forgotten and left to rot and crumble. It provides an excellent source of mice however. There is no danger of two-legs returning to the ruins.

Dangers: Adders hiding under rocks, large rocks falling on cats.


The Beech Tree
The Beech Tree is a huge tree that lies in the heart of DewClan's territory. It has thick sprawling branches that often shelter squirrels and birds. It annually sheds its leaves to make a soft forest carpet below its bows. Its roots often house mice. It is an excellent source of prey for very experienced hunters.

Dangers: Cats getting stuck in the branches or under its roots


The Willow Island
The Willow Island is a small island in the middle of the stream. It contains a huge weeping willow tree will long branches reaching towards the ground. if a cat is in the middle of it they can hardly see through. It is good for catching fish but only experienced swimmers can fight the current to reach it.

Dangers: Cats falling in and drowning



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3/13/2019 - Houndear & Elderflower (Big ratty fatty daddy) bid us farewell.

3/16/2019 - Houndear & Elderflower (Big ratty fatty daddy) have decided to return!




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