Crystalline Cometias Herb Guide


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Basic herbs and their uses

Herb Name
Used For
Alder Bark Toothaches Chewed
Bamboo Holds a broken limb in place, such as a cast Binded against broken bones
Beech Leaves To carry herbs None
Bindflowers Keeps sticks in place when against a broken leg Tied around stick and broken leg
Blackberry Leaves Eases Swelling of Bee stings Leaves are chewed into a pulp
Borage Leaves Helps a nursing mother produce more milk & brings down fevers Chewed and Eaten
Broom Used in poultices for broken legs and wounds Put into poultices
Burdock Root Prevents an infection in rat bites as well as treat an infection in rat bites Chewed into Pulp
Burnet Traveling herb, keeps a wolf's strength up Eaten
Caralluma Fimbriata Root Traveling herb that builds up appetite Eaten
Catchweed Stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin Burrs put onto the poultice
Catmint Remedy for Whitecough, Greencough, Yellowcough, Blackcough, and Redcough Eaten
Celandine Helps heal damaged eyes Juice is trickled into damaged eye
Chamomile Strengthens the heart, relaxes the mind, can help with stomach pain, and can be used for boosting a wolf's strength Eaten
Chervil Infected wounds, & bellyache Chewed
Chickweed Also used for Whitecough, Greencough, Yellowcough, Blackcough, and Redcough though Catmint is preferred Eaten
Coltsfoot Respitory Problems, sore pads, or cracked pads Leaves are chewed into a pulp
Comfrey root Heals broken bones, helps wounds, used for wrenched claws, itching, stiff joints, and burns Chewed into a poultice
Daisy Leaves Eases pain in aching joints & traveling herb Chewed into paste
Dandelion Soothes and heals bee stings, leaves chewed to act like a painkiller White liquid applied to bee stings, leaves are chewed
Dock Soothes Scratches and also for sore pads Chewed up and applied to scratches
Dried Oak Leaves Stops infection from setting in Chewed into poultice
Elderleaves Soothes Sprains Chewed into poultice
Fennel Helps pain in the hips Juice is squeezed into mouth
Feverfew Reduces body tempature, great for aches and pains, and headaches Eaten
Goldenrod Helps heal wounds Chewed into poultice
Heather Nectar Makes swallowing easier and sweetens mixtures Included in mixtures
Horsetail Treats infection and stops bleeding Chewed into poultice
Juniper Berries Soothes bellyaches, gives strength, helps troubled breathing, and calms wolves Eaten
Lavender Cures fever and chills, hides the scent of death Inhaled, rubbed onto a dead wolf's body
Lichen Prevent or cure infected wounds, sometimes used in bandages. Crushed into poultice or woven into bandage material
Lungwort Cures Yellowcough only Eaten
Mallow Leaves Soothes bellyaches Eaten
Marigold Stops infection, bleeding, used for inflammation of stiff joints Chewed into poultice
Mint Hides the scent of death Rubbed on a dead wolf's body
Parsley Stops a mother from providing milk, cures bellyache Eaten
Poppy Seeds

Helps a wolf sleep, soothe shock, and help pain

Ragwort Leaves

Treats aching joints and keeps a wolf's strength up

Mixed with juniper berries, crushed and chewed
Raspberry Leaves Used as a painkiller or to stop bleeding Eaten, chewed into poultice
Rosemary Hides the scent of death Put onto the pelt of dead wolf
Rush Holds a broken limb in place, such as a cast Binded against broken bones
Sorrel Traveling herb that builds up appetite Eaten
Stinging Nettle Induces vomiting, brings down swelling. Mixed with comfrey to heal broken bones. Helps heal wounds. Chewing the stems helps fight against infection, seeds eaten for poison Seeds are eaten, leaves chewed into poultice, stems chewed
Sweet-Sedge Eases infection Sap is swallowed
Tansy Cures coughs, cures wounds and poisons, prevents wolves from getting Greencough, soothes throats Eaten
Thyme Calms nervousness, anxiety, and wolves who are in shock Leaves are chewed on
Vanilla calm nerves, helps with inflammatory infections, relieves muscle pain and cramps, and fights anxiety Eaten
Watermint Treats bellyache Chewed into pulp, then eaten
Wild Garlic Prevents infection, especially rat bites Rolled on
Willow Tree Leaves stop vomiting, bark helps with pain and lessens fevers Eaten
Yarrow Leaves Removes toxins from the body, leaves help heal cracked pads Eaten or applied to wound
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Non-Herbal Medications

Cobweb Stops bleeding and protects small wound Press over wound or wrap around wound like a bandage
Honey Ease coughing, sweeten remedies, and soothe infections Eaten or applied with moss
Mouse Bile Deterring ticks Dab onto the tick
Stick Distraction from pain when no medicine is availible Bite it to distract from pain when no medicine is available

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Kills a wolf within minutes if consumed

Foxglove Seeds

Causes paralysis and heart failure

Deadly Nightshade

Kills a wolf within minutes if consumed

Water Hemlock

Causes writhing pain and foaming at the mouth

Coding Credit - Dolphin1900 and Eccatt