Crystalline Cometias

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          The trees loom overhead, dark and threatening. The only sound you hear is the rustling of the leaves and the creaking of the branches. No insects crawl through the leaf litter below your paws, and not even the birds dare to sing in the forbidding evening sky above. You are alone; just you and your uncertainty fill your thoughts.

          For the past few days, you have been trudging along the outside of a ring of mountains. The cliffs are sheer and smooth--unclimbable. You couldn't imagine anything or anyone living beyond those seemingly uninhabitable mountains, with the cold snow and sleet constantly whistling across the mountaintops, and surrounded by this dark and uninviting forest.

        For the past few days, you've been eating and drinking nothing but sour berries and muddy streamwater, with the occasional mouse. The prey seemed so much faster here, and less plentiful. Unable to catch anything sufficient has left you weak with hunger, your health worsening as the days go by. You want to lay down and sleep, but you are afraid that if you do so, you may never get back up again.

          You don't know why you've been following the edge of the mountain range; if you walk away, you might be able to find a better forest with more substantial prey. You might even find other wolves who--hopefully--might take you in.

          But something--some strange, unexplainable urge--keeps telling you to continue searching, looking. But for what, you have yet to know.

          Finally, you come across a cliff that seems almost climbable. The stones there had crumbled away just a little bit, and you spot a few pawholds that just might enable you to climb over. In your feverish, weakened state, you determinedly hop from pawhold to pawhold, ignoring the pain in your legs and head as you scramble over the last ledge.

         Tumbling face-first onto soft, green grass, you lay on the ground, panting. You realize then how much energy the climb took, and how you barely have enough left in you to breathe. You wonder what compelled you to do such an excruciatingly painful feat, especially in the state you were in. You also wonder why it was so important to cross the mountains.

          But then, you realize that you had completed your goal--you were finally within the circle of mountains! Barely breathing, you right yourself and stumble to your paws. You lift your head and look around, only to realize your disappointment.

          Sheer rock walls still surround you. You had not entered the mountain range; you had simply found an indent in the circle. The stone cliff behind you wasn't even a part of the mountains. You had not completed your goal. And now you are even weaker, and you believe that there is no chance you will ever climb over the mountains.

          Devastated and hopeless, tears blur your eyes as you begin to realize your fate. You slump down, but then notice a shimmering pond at the other end of the clearing. The starlight glints off the surface of the water so gracefully, and the reflection of the moon is so clear that it looks like there's a second moon floating in the pond. Unable to tear your eyes away from the beautiful, shimmering water, you stumble forward, as if in a trance.

          You collapse at the water's edge. You try to lap from the moonlit pond, but you're so tired, you can barely think now. You plop your head on the stones that surround the pond and close your eyes, anticipating death.

* * * * *

          Voices float through your head and around your wounded body, which you can barely feel. The wind ruffles your fur and dries your blood. You wonder if you're dead. The voices sound so angelic, like feathers drifting on a breeze...

          Then, all of a sudden, the pain shoots through your limbs like bolts of lightning. You want to scream, but your mouth is so dry, not a single sound comes out. All you can do is sit motionless, eyes unable to open, and listen to the voices, which are now clear and audible.

          "What the--"

          "Midnight, is it just me, or is there a dead stranger bleeding into our pond?"

          "No, not just you. I see it." You now realize there are two wolves talking, both referring to you. They walk around you, sniffing, prodding you with sharp claws. You realize that the two wolves probably think you're dead. You try to let them know that you're still alive, but your mouth is too dry to make any noise. You try again and again, and finally, a tiny squeak comes out.

          "Quick, they're alive! We'd better bring them to Crystal Magia. Come on, hoist them up." You feel rough paws hurriedly yet gently roll you over and onto one of the wolves' back, and then feel yourself being carried across the grass. Finally, you gather the strength to open your eyes, and see daylight disappearing as you are carried further into a cave that you hadn't noticed before. Satisfied and hopeful, you close your eyes, trusting your care to your two rescuers.


          Finally, you come to. Eyes closed, you smell the scent of two wolves. Since your nose is clear and wet now, you can tell both are she-wolves. One scent is familiar; you realize that smell belongs to the wolf that carried you on her back. The other is strange, like herbs and mist.

          You realize the scent of herbs and mist is everywhere, mixed with the scent of soil, bamboo, stone, and lots of other plants, some unfamiliar.

          Turning your senses to yourself, you realize that several poultices have been smeared across your wounds. Spiderwebs and several other bandages made of strange material are wrapped around the poultices, and your mouth is no longer dry. You feel a mouthful of wet moss draped across your head, and a mat, probably made from a thick, coiled vine, spread under you on the soft ground.

          Finally, you open your eyes. The walls and ceiling are made of wood and stone beams with woven bamboo stalks stretched between them. The den only has three walls, however; one side of the den was completely open, giving you a view of another den, much more sparesly decorated and also surrounded by walls and planters.

          The sunlight streams through the cracks in the bamboo, illuminating the den. Herbs and plants of all kinds surround you, some growing out of stone pots and some straight out of the ground, some just piles of leaves or seeds placed neatly around you. Four other vine mats much like the one you're laying on are placed next to you, surrounded by raised wooden planters filled with sweet-smelling flowers. Mulch covers the ground, making the room smell earthy. An appetizing deer leg and a shallow stone bowl of clean water sit on the ground next to you, both sprinkled over with bits of herbs. You manage to groan.

          The two wolves stop their conversation and turn their heads towards you. One wolf, the one who carried you, is light, dusty brown with strange black spirals. Her eyes are a dark shade of green, as well as her garments. Noticing her head, posture, and scent, you decide that she's either the Alpha or the Beta of the mysterious pack you have wandered into.

          Just then, you notice the strangest thing about the brown wolf before you--her antlers. Huge, spiraling deer antlers sprawl upwards from her head, the tip of each branch narrowed to thorn-sharp points. You widen your eyes in shock and surprise.

          The second wolf, whom you had forgotten, leans forward. Her fur is clean and white, with a tinge of silver. Her eyes are bright, and her voice is clear when she speaks.

          "Salutations, fellow wolf. My name is Bluestar, and I am the Delta Healer of Crystalline Cometias. Who are you?" Her voice is friendly, and you don't hesitate to tell her your name and situation.

          The misty silver wolf blinks invitingly when you ask if you could join her pack. But before Bluestar can answer, the brown wolf leans forward even farther than her and gives you a wide grin. "Of course," She says, tilting her head, her antlers slicing a leaf off a nearby plant. Bluestar glances with concern at the fallen leaf, then returns her gaze back to you.

          "I'm Acorn, by the way, the Alpha of this pack. Nice to m--"

          Acorn is interrupted by a shout from the den entrance. Two wolves burst in, one a light gray-black and the other black with a slight hint of brown. They scramble over to you across the mulch floor, stirring up the dust, before retaining their footing and sitting down side by side. Now that they're still, you can tell the light wolf is a she-wolf and the dark one is a male. By the similarity of their scents, you guess they are mates.

          "We heard there's a new arrival. I hope it's a warrior!" The she-wolf exclaims. The other wolf lifts a leg and scratches his ear, then splays his front paws energetically.

          Instead of getting angry at the two wolves for interrupting, the dusty brown wolf--Acorn, you remember--grins at them. "Indeed. And they're awake. Why don't you speak to them while I announce this news to everyone else?" She suggests.

          The two wolves nod their heads, panting heavily, while the antlered green-clad wolf pads out of the den.

          Eager, the dark colored wolf leans forward and begins firing questions. "I'm Thunderbolt! This is Riptide, and we're Warriors! I'm pleased to meet you. I heard you were half dead. Did it hurt? Were you scared? How did you find us?"

          Your mind still a little fuzzy, you have trouble sorting out the words. The two wolves continue to stare at you, the lighter she wolf tilting her head, until Bluestar says, "Enough. It's crowded in here, and you're spilling dust over everything. Ask your questions later, outside." She nudges them out the den, then pads up to you.

          "Would you like to come out and meet everyone now? The longer you're in here, the more noisy visitors you'll get." She offers. "And the dustier my herbs will be..." She mumbles, most likely to herself this time.

          You nod weakly, agreeing. Bluestar helps you up. You slowly walk out of the den and into a small, grassy clearing surrounded by even more dens. Evening sunlight streams into the clearing. Wolves sit in a large semi-circle, with Acorn standing in the middle, facing away from you. She turns around when you approach and grins at you, tilting her head like before. A nearby wolf ducks as an antler tip barely cuffs him over the ears.

          Acorn dips her head in greeting and sits down with the other wolves as you and Bluestar walk up to the semi-circle of wolves.

          "This is our newest member." Bluestar announces. She tells the pack your name and backstory, as everyone else listens intently. Finally, Acorn stands up once again.

          It seems like Acorn has something important to say, but a large white wolf wearing a cloak hops up and speaks first.

          "Nice to meet you! I'm Snowstorm. Just curious--how high was that wall?" Seeing your confused look, she adds, "Sorry. It's my job to make sure we're safe from enemies!" She bubbled cheerfully.

          A gray wolf steps up. "Snowstorm, Acorn's tryna give a speech here, can't you see?" He scolds.

          "Well, of course. But the safety of the pack comes first." She replies.

          The gray wolf looks at you. "I'm Timber, by the way. And Snowstorm here is the Delta War Council member, in charge of coming up with strategies in case of a war. And in general protecting the pack. I must say, she does a good job." He paused. "I mentored her myself, by the way." Timber adds proudly. Acorn gives Timber and Snowstorm a wry look. The two wolves sat down quietly.

          "Welcome to Crystalline Cometias. I believe you will enjoy it here." Acorn proclaims, stepping forward to lick you on the nose. "Let us welcome a new wolf into our pack!"

          Everyone else begins to howl, their songs swirling into the darkening sky. You hesitate, then join in with their howls, contemplating a new chapter in your life.

Founder Adolpha (Dolphin1900)
Alpha Acorn (Eccatt)
Location Eccatt's Den
Status Open
Species Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus)
Orientation Light/Crystal
Server Flint

Roleplay Style

Recruiting Yes
Tag Any color with wing
Discord Crystalline Cometias Discord Server

Member Count

1. Acorn - Eccatt - Alpha

2. Midnight - Jammer33084 - Beta

3. Kai - Jammer33084 - Warriors War Council

4. Riptide - smartcake111 - Delta Warrior

5. Starlight - Sillylittledonut - Warrior Trainee

6. Violet - yame31313 - Delta Healer

7. Everest - Rainbowbirdie - Mother

8. AngelPaw - Sillylittledonut - Warrior Trainee

9. Whiskey - smartcake111 - Warrior

10. Chimps - Fl00ber - Warrior Trainee

11. Aurther - smartcake111 - Warrior Trainee

12. Ariana - Rainbowbirdie - Warrior Trainee

13. Juno - Jammer33084 - Enemy War Council

14. Fluffy - Fl00berton - Warrior Trainee

15. Firestorm - spiritpridefamily - Healer Trainee

16. Leafstone - Hamham1000 - Warrior Trainee

17. Minty - Gabby08012 - Elder

18. Mica - hedgehog554 - Pup

19. Darkleaf - Hamham1000 - Pup


*Cleared every two weeks*

 Crystalline Cometias is Founded! {12/8/2017}

Coal, Snowstorm, Griffin, and Sage have left Crystalline Cometias, while El, Venom, Dark, Winterhood, Moonvine, and Timber have been kicked due to inactivity. {1/20/19}

Darkleaf has joined Crystalline Cometias! {1/22/19}

We are now Allied with The Forgotten Cats, and our Roleplay Times have changed! {1/26/19}

We are now allied with Direclan, and we have three new visitors! {1/30/19}

Rules and Customs


Double-grouping--being in a different Animal Jam wolf pack or another AJCW group--is forbidden in Crystalline Cometias. Double-groupers will be exiled or taken to trial. Side-groups do not count in this rule.


You MUST show pack-related activity atleast once every two weeks or else you will be kicked from Crystalline Cometias. If you notify an Alpha or Beta that you will be inactive, however, you may be inactive up to two weeks past the last day of your planned absence. You only need to excuse yourself if you will not be active at all on Animal Jam, Discord, and our page.


You are allowed to have up to three different OC's. If you create an OC, use it regularly. If you wish to stop using an OC, discard it so it does not waste space.


Only Gray Wolves, Gray Wolf subspecies, and animals that are atleast part wolf are allowed as full members of Crystalline Cometias. On Animal Jam, Pups are bunnies, wolves, arctic foxes, or foxes, Trainees are wolves, foxes, arctic wolves, arctic foxes, or bunnies, and any other rank can either be an arctic wolf, a wolf, a direwolf, or a fox. (If you want to roleplay as an unusually small wolf. Arctic foxes can also be very small wolves.) If you are doing a plot including somebody to be a different animal, that is fine.

Alpha's Words are Law

If an Alpha gives a definite order, all wolves below the Alpha rank must obey the order or else punishment will come.

No Drama

Do not create unnecessary drama. If there are any conflicts between a packmate, settle it together peacefully. Try not to drag the whole pack into the drama. If it is drama within roleplay, that is alright as long as you do not make it unnecesarily intense, time-consuming, insulting, or personal.


Crystalline Cometias is a semi-fantastical pack. You may not have supernatural abilities or appearances without decent and acceptable explanations. Supernatural powers that are not crystal-based and given by a high rank are not allowed, meanwhile, odd traits or skills are acceptable. (Such as antlers or the ability to jump unusually high.)


You must respect each other in and out of roleplay. However, you must earn it. Acting obnoxiously and rude will not earn you any respect from your packmates.

We are Not Your Hotel

We are not a hotel. You cannot just come and go at the drop of a hat. Make up your mind before you post a joining form. If you would like to be a Guest, you may stay for a reasonable amount of time before making your decision.


Once you leave Crystalline Cometias, you may only have three more chances to join us again. If you leave more than three times, you will no longer be allowed back in the pack, unless under certain circumstances.


The only people who can demote others wolves are the Alphas and Betas. You can ask one of them to demote somebody, but unless they have done something very awful, it most likely will not be done. If there is a problem, appropriate actions will be taken.



Sparring is where wolves can practice fighting skills. You may NOT seriously injure your opponent or use magic, unless your opponent also has magic. No breaking bones or killing your opponent. Weapons and claws must be dulled in some way. There should be a friendly exchange of words after each battle, and both opponents must be looked over by a Healer afterwards. A spar ends when an Alpha or Beta intervenes, or when one wolf gives up or is badly injured. Sparring is NOT allowed near Peace Pagoda, or near the Cavern Entrance.

Forbidden Areas

You may not go into the den or chamber of a higher rank without being accompanied by a wolf of that rank or above, without their permission, or if you do not have a reason to be there.


DO NOT EDIT THE PAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION! That is so important! Only Alphas or Betas may edit the page freely. If you are not an Alpha or Beta, you must gain permission from an Alpha or Beta before editing the page. Failure to comply with this rule will result in punishment. This rule also applies to CC's subpages, though full Healers may edit our Herb Guide freely.


When a wolf does something against the rules, they can ask to go to trial, where all Deltas, Betas, Alphas, and any other wolves involved sit together in the Meeting Chamber and listen to the Defendant try to convince them to not deliver or to lessen punishment. Defendants remain in their rank, but they are suspended from duties and must care for themselves until after trial.

Pack Meetings

Pack meetings are meetings where the whole pack sits in the Meeting Chamber and discuss certain topics. Major Pack Meetings are put temporarily on the News, comments, and calendar. All wolves must attend a major Pack Meeting unless they have a valid excuse. Minor Pack Meetings may be missed, however, they are still important.

Roleplay Times

Please be online during roleplay times. If you are online, come to the Main Territory to roleplay. After roleplay times, roleplaying is optional. You DO NOT have to be online during all roleplay times, though please try to.


At a Graduation, Ceremony, or Funeral, certain words are always said. Here are the words that must be said at certain events like these. 

(Typically, during a Ceremony, the wolves involved will stand while all other wolves will sit until the Ceremony is over.)


Alpha-It is time you learn the ways of Crystalline Cometias. From now on, you shall be the Trainee of (Guide name here).

Guide-(Reasons why Guide decided to take Trainee as their own) Because of this, I will teach you the ways of the pack so that you can become a (Trainee's desired rank) and carry on the traditions of (Crystalline Cometias/the pack).

(All wolves in the Main Territory surround the Guide or Trainee and either congratulate them or chant the Trainee's name.)


Alpha-It is time you become a (rank) of Crystalline Cometias. (Reasons for Graduation) This is why I believe that you are ready.

Guide- I, (Guide's name), believe I have taught you well, (Graduatee's name), and I believe that you will make a fine (rank). (Wishes and hopes for Trainee's future)

(All wolves in the Main Territory surround the former Guide and former Trainee and either congratulate them or chant the former Trainee's name.)


(This Ceremony takes place in front of the Cavern Entrance, just before the moon rises over the Eastern horizon. If there are two Alphas, the two will alternate speaking. If there is only one Alpha, then the Alpha and one Beta will alternate.)

Alpha-(Bride) and (Groom), are you absolutely sure you wish to proceed on your journey together?

Bride and Groom-(In unison) We do.

Alpha or Beta-And you accept that your journey together is dangerous, and that you may not come back?

Bride and Groom-(In unison) We do.

Alpha-When the moon is halfway over the tallest mountain of the Howling Peaks, I will tie a rope to bind one of each of your front paws together. Then, you will head into the Caverns. From there, you will head as far away from Crystal Magia as you can, whether you explore the Caverns or run under the silver moon. You will run far, fast, and together, living off of nothing but water and your feelings for each other.

Alpha or Beta-You will be gone for exactly three days and three nights, not including this night, and you will return once the sun is halfway over the tallest mountain of the Howling Peaks after the third night. When you return, I will undo the rope, and we shall feast until the moon rises.

Alpha-For luck, I will give you my (Alpha's best weapon)...

Alpha or Beta-And I will give you (Mine/Alpha's or Beta's best weapon). May they serve you well.

(The Alpha then takes off their weapon and gives it to one of the wolves while the other Alpha or Beta gives theirs and offers it to the other wolf. Both wolves sheath their weapons and bow. Then, the Alpha ties a rope binding the two wolves' paws together, and steps back. All wolves in the Main Territory then howl as the two wolves step into the Cavern and travel away.)


Alpha or Beta- I, (Alpha's or Beta's name), have observed you and believe that you retain the qualities and responsibility needed to deserve crystal powers. Do you, (Recipient's name), believe that you meet the qualifications needed to deserve crystal powers?

Recipient- I do.

Alpha or Beta- Do you believe that you understand the hazards and conditions of these abilities?

Recipient- I do.

Alpha or Beta- Do you understand what these abilities are, what they mean, and how they work?

Recipient- I do.

Alpha or Beta- Do you vow to never to misuse these abilities and to always think twice before you act?

Recipient- I do.

Alpha or Beta- Do you vow to only use these abilities to benefit your pack, your packmates, and the overall well being of others?

Recipient- I do.

Alpha or Beta- And do you understand that if you misuse these abilities, then they may be taken away from you?

Recipient- I do.

Alpha or Beta- Then let it be known and said that from now on, the spirit and magic of Crystalline Cometias will live within you from now until--hopefully--the end of time.

(The Alpha or Beta will lift their head up to howl as the recipient does the same. They will howl together, the Alpha or Beta breathing crystals into the air, until the two run out of breath and step away from each other. Then, all the wolves in the Main Territory will surround the recipient and either congratulate them or chant their name.)


Alpha- Because of your loyalty to Crystalline Cometias and potential to make Crystalline Cometias flourish, I have decided to promote you, (Chosen Beta's name). It is your choice if you would like to turn down this offer, but if you don't, then your pack welcomes you as second in command and Beta.

(These words can be said as a comment on the page and not during roleplay, if preferred. The new Beta can answer to this any way he or she wants. If they accept, then the Ceremony is complete. If they do not, then the ceremony is also complete, only the choson wolf is not promoted to the Beta rank.)


Current Alpha- I, (Current Alpha's name), am (Leaving Crystalline Cometias/Choosing another Alpha to rule beside me). I believe that you, (Chosen Alpha's name), have the qualities needed to make a fine leader. It is your choice if you would like to turn down this offer, but if you don't, then your pack welcomes you as first in command and Alpha.

(These words can be said as a comment on the page and not during roleplay, if preferred. The new Alpha can answer to this any way he or she wants. If they accept, then the Ceremony is complete. If they do not, then the ceremony is also complete, only the choson wolf is not promoted to the Alpha rank.)


Alpha- (Elder's Name), you have served Crystalline Cometias well in your years. We now grant you a chance to rest in turn for serving your pack.

Elder-I thank you, (Alpha's name), for allowing me peace.

(All wolves in the Main Territory will surround the Elder in a neat circle and howl for them. Then, they will stop howling and congratulate the Elder.)


Alpha-We mourn the loss of (deceased wolf's name). (He/she) was a (redeeming qualities of deceased wolf)(Deceased wolf's rank). We will remember (deceased wolf's name) always.

(All wolves in the Main Territory gather around and bow their heads. Afterwards, wolves may come up and speak of how they will miss the deceased wolf and why. Certain wolves who were very close to the deceased wolf, such as their mate, pup, or close friend, may request a night off from their duties to mourn.)

Main Looks

Anyone can ask to have their main look updated up to twice each week. You can update it yourself without permission or ask an Alpha or Beta to do it. Your main look does not have to be an image taken of your jammer card; it can be a drawing, or an image from elsewhere. The requirements for updating your own OC picure are:

-The drawing (or image) must be generally recognizable AS YOUR OC.

-It's okay to have a background with birds or bugs in the distance, but you CAN NOT have another large animal in the picture besides yourself.

-You do not have to draw your accessories (if it is a drawing,) but doing so may make it more recognizable.

-You may only update YOUR OWN PICTURE. It's okay if somebody else draws it, but YOU must update it. If somebody else draws your OC image, then you must follow the art policies for uploading art. If you do not know the policies, click on this link: Animal Jam Clans Wiki:Art Policy

-When uploading, label your image correctly with capitalizations and correct spacing. An Alpha or Beta may correct any labeling errors.

-After uploading your own picture, you MUST delete the old one.

Crystal Powers

Crystal magic is the only type of special powers or magic allowed in Crystalline Cometias roleplay. These powers are only given by an Alpha or a Beta to a wolf who:

-Are persistent in the well being and success of the pack

-Are generally very active and available to roleplay

-Show clear, undivided loyalty to Crystalline Cometias and its members

-Have done actions to benefit Crystalline Cometias substantially

-Understand the hazards and conditions of these abilities

-Understand what the abilities are, what they mean, and how they work

-Can be trusted to never to misuse the abilities and to always think twice before they act

-Can be trusted to only use these abilities to benefit the pack

-Understand that if they misuse the abilities, then they may be taken away


In roleplay, a wolf with crystal powers can release pure energy into the air and crystallize it into any form he or she wants. This can be especially useful during spars, in battle, or in many other situations. However, these abilities can often be hazardous and, if misused, can result in serious injury and even death.

One way these abilities can be dangerous is energy loss. Once energy is crystallized, it cannot be reversed back and absorbed into the body. Therefore, overuse of crystal magic can lead to fatigue and in some cases, death.

Crystal magic is also a very lethal weapon, if used correctly. Although it is allowed in spars, misuse can lead to serious injury and even death. This is why crystal magic is only given by Alphas or Betas.


If you're reading this, you must be a new recruit for Crystalline Cometias. If you are not a new recruit, then this is not important. But anyway, here's how to join the wolf pack:

1 - After reading these rules, go down to the Comments. Right above the Comments is a gallery. To the new recruit, it looks more like an image than a gallery. Right above the gallery is a blue rectangle.

2 - In the top right corner of the rectangle is the word "Expand". Click on "Expand".

3 - You should now see all the forms. Find the form labeled "Joining Form". Read all the questions in the Joining Form. Then, go back to the Comments.

4 - At the very top of the Comments is a rectangular box outlined in a thin, grey line. Click on this rectangle to post a comment.

5 - Using the Comments, answer the joining questions. You do not have to answer all of them, but you MUST include your username, roleplay name, desired rank, CC's eighth rule, and the Loyalty Promise. DO NOT FORGET THE EIGHTH RULE. EVERYBODY DOES. PLEASE DON'T. THANKS.

6 - Wait for approval. If you filled in your form incorrectly, you may have to try again before being accepted.

Keep in mind that by joining, you are saying that you have read and understand Crystalline Cometias' rules and customs, you will follow these rules, and that you understand the position which you have asked for in your joining form.


The Tournament of Winter Claws (Day One)

The season of winter begins when a member of Crystalline Cometias spots the first snowflake to fall from the sky that is not in Crystal Magia or the Howling Peaks and reports it to the pack. The wolf who spots the first snowflake is then the leader of the pack's team in the first part of The Tournament of Winter Claws, which is a two-day, two-part event held exactly ten days after the begining of winter.

The first day of The Tournament of Winter Claws is a team event in which Crystalline Cometias will invite allies to participate. Each allied group will choose one of their members to lead a team representing their group. The member leading their team will choose two other cats or wolves in their group to be on their team. Then, the team must come up with a name for themselves together, or they may simply use their group's name. The team will represent their group, and the team leader will represent the team. Participating groups may also choose no more than three of their members to spectate in The Tournament.

The arena is the territories of all participating groups put together, though groups may declare their territorries off-limits for use if they like. Spectators and non-participants will stay in The Forest of Paws in Flint, and if they wish to enter the arena, they must talk to an Alpha or Beta of Crystalline Cometias first and gain their permission to do so. Non-participants must wear or hold an evergreen branch at all times when they are within the arena to prevent being attacked by participants. No lying is permitted at all at any time during The Tournament, in and out of the arena, and participants who are not defeated may not wear or hold evergreen branches.

The team members must stay together, though all the different teams must scatter away from each other and hide at the beginning of The Tournament. If one team runs into another, they must fight while following Crystalline Cometias' Sparring rule. When one team submits, they must leave the arena and head to The Forest of Paws in Flint as soon as possible while each member of the losing team is holding or wearing a branch of an evergreen tree so that they are not attacked by other participants. When all except one team arrives at Flint, all wolves in Flint will howl to call the remaining team back as the winner. All members of the winning team will each receive a crown of evergreen branches made by their defeated opponents, and will eat first in the next day's feast.

The Tournament of Winter Claws (Day Two)

All visiting members of allied groups have a choice of either sleeping the night and sharing leftover prey in Crystal Magia, or they may sleep the night in their own Haven or camp and return the following morning for day two of The Tournament of Winter Claws.

During the night, Sentries and Warriors from Crystalline Cometias or volunteers from participating groups will find elk or large deer and drive them into the area around the camps and Havens of the participating groups and put barriers up to make sure they don't escape. Each camp or Haven is to have three deer or elk near it, no more, no less.

For the second part of The Tournament, the teams will change. There will be the same amount of teams as before, though the participants will construct their own teams with members of other groups and species. They will also come up with a new leader for their team of four and a new name. They must also plan out which Main Territory or camp they will hunt at. Once they have planned that out, they will prepare for The Tournament together.

Again, the arena consists of all territories of participating groups put together, unless groups declare particular territories off-limits. Spectators and non-participants will again travel to The Forest of Paws in Flint and may not leave unless they are carrying or wearing an evergreen branch and have permission from an Alpha or Beta of Crystalline Cometias.

Each team will go to their designated hunting spot and try to catch all three elk or deer as quick as they can. Teams may not head back to The Forest of Paws in Flint until they have caught all three elk or deer. On the way back, teams must carry all their prey together. If teams run in to each other on the way, they may fight over prey, as long as they follow Crystalline Cometias' Sparring rule. If a team loses their prey, they must search for another team to attack, for they may not return unless they have atleast three deer or elk. If a team does not have three or more deer or elk and all other teams have entered The Forest of Paws, the team must howl to Flint about their position and carry or wear evergreen branches, along with their existing prey, back to Flint.

There will be two awards--One for the most prey, and the other for the quickest catch. The team that receives the award for most prey may keep the antlers and bones of all the prey that they have caught, and third pick of the evening's prey. The team that receives the award for quickest catch may have second pick of the evening's prey and will have their kills skinned and turned into whatever kind of items they want. The rest of the prey will be half-cooked over a fire, stuffed with herbs, and eaten in a great feast with lots of singing and talking late into the night. When everyone is tired, participating groups may either head back to their own Haven or camp, or spend one more night at Crystal Magia.

Sharing of Winter's Joy

On the first full moon of winter, the pack gathers in the clearing beyond the Entrance Stairs. Each wolf receives a sheet of bark paper and writes about themself and what they'd like as a gift. Then, they hang their bark paper sheets on one wall together. Afterwards, each wolf receives an identical scrap of paper and writes their name on it. Each scrap is folded twice, placed into a basket, and shaken up. The basket is passed around until every wolf has taken a scrap of paper. If a wolf has their own name, then the basket is passed around again. If not, then each wolf unfolds their paper to find out who they're partnered with.

No wolf can reveal to anybody who they are partnered with. Everybody must prepare a gift for their partner in secret, consulting the bark paper sheets when needed. On the second full moon of Winter, the gifts are expected to be finished and wrapped in more bark paper. Each gift will have a tag telling who the gift is for, but not telling who the gift was from. Paw-writing should be disguised. The pack will gather in the same clearing as before. The wolves will place the gifts in a pile and sit in a circle around the pile, then each wolf will receive their present. Only then can wolves reveal who their partner was.

Usually, Crystalline Cometias will not invite allies. However, if the season is especially pleasant and there is a good reason, other groups might join.


Allies and Enemies

Leaders/Alphas (Name & AJ User)
or Enemy
Side Group?
The Forgotten Cats



Flint 7 Domesticated Cats Ally No

Leopardstar (koalascarlet)


Shadestar (Xxkazxx)

Undetermined 8 Domesticated Cats Ally Yes
Midnight Howlers



Burke 3 Wolves Ally Yes
- - - - - - -


{ 1/2 }

  • Acorn (Credit - Eccatt)

Alphas are the leaders of the pack. They give orders, accept wolves into Crystalline Cometias, deal punishments, edit the page freely, solve conflicts, and overlook activities and events such as Graduations and Trials.

*NOTE* Please do not ask for this rank upon joining, it must be earned.

Crystal Powers
Active Eccatt Acorn None None Chimps and Leafstone Existent
- - - - - - -


{ 1/2 }

  • Midnight (Credit: Exploding Unicorns)

Betas are the Alpha's second in command. They help accept wolves into the pack and deliver punishments. They make sure the pack is running smoothly and report any problems to the Alphas. Betas get chosen by the Alphas for loyalty to the pack and its members. They also have crystal powers and can edit the page freely if needed. Betas share a den with the Deltas.

*NOTE* Please do not ask for this rank upon joining, it must be earned.

Crystal Powers
Absent (Return Time: Unknown) Jammer33084 Midnight Louis (No longer in CC) None None Existent
- - - - - - -


{ 2/4 }

  • Violet - Delta Healer
  • Riptide - Delta Warrior (Credit: Cactuswater)

Deltas report to the Alpha and are head of one of the ranks. There is a Sentry Delta, Warrior Delta, Healer Delta, and War Council Delta. They report to the Alphas on how their group is doing. They are also allowed to freely edit their rank slot, for example, the Delta Warrior can edit the Warrior's rank slot on the page freely. Some Deltas are given crystal powers. Deltas share a den with the Betas.

*NOTE* Please do not ask for this rank upon joining, it must be earned.

Rank Crystal Powers
Active Yayme31313 Violet None None None Delta healer None
- - - - - - Delta Sentry -
Absent (Return Time: Unknown, as soon as CC gets a thread) Smartcake111 Riptide Moonvine (Kicked from CC) Starlight and Chenoa (Adopted, no longer in CC) Ariana Delta Warrior None
- - - - - - Delta War Council Member -

War Council

{ 2/5 }

  • Juno - Enemy
  • Kai - Warriors

The War Council is a group of wolves who decide and on what to do in a war, or what actions to take to start, stall, or finish a war. They also advise Alphas on what to do. There are five categories of the War Council: Warriors, Resources, Terrain, Enemy, and Strategy, which is the Delta War Council Category. Each council member is to know about each category and advise the Alpha on what to do. War Council members have their own den.



Crystal Powers
Absent (Return Time: Unknown)


(Second OC)

Kai None None None Warriors None
- - - -


- Resources -
- - - - - - Terrain -
Absent (Return Time: Unknown)  Jammer33084 (Third OC) Juno None 


None Enemy Existent
- - - - - - Strategy -


{ 0/7 }

Healers care for wolves or pups who are wounded. The Healers will be put on the battlefield to heal injured wolves. Healers are also Peacekeepers, meaning they are supposed to settle conflicts within the pack. They are sometimes given crystal powers. Healers have their own den.

Crystal Powers
- - - - - - -


{0/Infinite }

Sentries guard and defend the various ranks of Crystalline Cometias, protect the treasures of the pack, and scout the territories. During times of war, Sentries are stationed throughout Crystal Magia and the territories to protect while the rest of the pack goes off to war. They sometimes are given crystal powers. Sentries share a den with the Warriors.

Crystal Powers
- - - - - - -


{ 0/Infinite }

Warriors keep track of the prey under Preyrocks, and hunt prey whenever needed. These wolves help Sentries guard and defend when necessary. They will also fight in any wars or battles and are sometimes granted with crystal powers. Warriors share a den with Sentries.

Crystal Powers
- - - - - - -


{ 1/Infinite }

  • Minty

Elders are old wolves who have retired and now live in peace, though sometimes Elders continue to guide a Trainee or retain their crystal powers. They are tended to by the Trainees, and tell them stories of previous leaders and events. The Elders are treated with respect by all ranks. Elders have their own den.

Crystal Powers
Active Gabby08012 Minty None None None None
- - - - - - -


{ 1/Infinite }

  • Everest - Healer (Credit: Rainbowbirdie)

Mothers are wolves who are caring for or expecting Pups. They stay in the Nursery from the time they think is necessary to when their Pups become Trainees. When a Mother moves to the Nursery, her current Trainee(s) are put temporarily in the care of another wolf.

Previous Rank Crystal Powers
Active Rainbowbirdie Everest Chenoa (Left the pack) December or January Healer None
- - - - - - -


{ 7/Infinite }

  • Starlight - Healer Trainee
  • AngelPaw - Warrior Trainee
  • Ariana - Warrior Trainee (Credit: Rainbowbirdie)
  • Firestorm - Healer Trainee
  • Leafstone - Warrior Trainee
  • Chimps - Warrior Trainee
  • Fluffy - Warrior Trainee

Trainees are young wolves who are being trained for a new rank. Once a wolf becomes a Trainee,  they are allowed to leave Crystal Magia as long as they are accompanied by a wolf above the Trainee rank accompanies them. Trainees will become their training rank when their mentor believes they're ready, and after they have attended atleast forty roleplays. They are encouraged to explore and do whatever they have to do to learn. Trainees share a den with the Omegas.


Training Rank

Guide Roleplays Attended
Absent (Return Time: Unknown) Sillylittledonut Starlight Healer Undetermined 31
Absent (Return Time: Unknown) Sillylittledonut AngelPaw Warrior Undetermined 11
Active Fl00ber Chimps Warrior Acorn 32


(Second OC)

Ariana Warrior Riptide 5


(Second OC)

Fluffy Warrior Undetermined 5
Active spiritpridefamily Firestorm Healer Undetermined 5
Active Hamham1000 Leafstone Warrior Acorn 38
- - - - - -


{ 2/Infinite }

  • Darkleaf

Pups are the newborns. They stay in the Nursery with their mothers until they become Trainees. They aren't allowed to leave the main territory unless they are accompanied by a wolf above the Trainee rank. Pups move up to the Trainee rank after they have attended atleast 20 roleplays.

Future Guide Roleplays Attended
Active hedgehog554 Mica Unknown Undetermined 1
Active Hamham1000 Darkleaf Unknown Undetermined 6
- - - - - -


{ 0/Infinite }

Having the Omega rank is a punishment. Omegas have the chores, responsibilities, and privileges of a Trainee. They are the least repected, and are constantly on hunting and border patrols. The earliest rank that can become an Omega is Trainee. Once a wolf becomes an Omega, their Trainee is put in the care of another wolf until they graduate. Temporary Omegas are given a "Guide," as if they were a Trainee. If a wolf has crystal powers before they are demoted, then their powers are taken away as long as they have this rank. These wolves return to their former rank once an Alpha or Beta believes they have learned their lesson. Omegas share a den with the Trainees.

Previous Rank  Crystal Powers Reason for Punishment
- - - - - - -


{ 3/Infinite }

Guests are people who are planning on joining but are not entirely sure, or just temporary visitors, sometimes from other packs. Guests do not have to submit a form and do not even have to access the page. They simply need to talk to an Alpha or Beta to be listed as a Guest. The typical Guest session lasts a week; if someone wants to prolong their stay as a Guest, they must talk to a Beta or Alpha. This is to make sure that all guests are active.

Days left
koalascarlet Leopardstar Undetermined
catlo21 Honeycomb Undetermined
catlo21 Flame Undetermined
- - -


{ 2/Infinite }

This is an out-of-roleplay rank that any member of the pack can have. Artists are in charge of drawing art for Crystalline Cometias' page and side pages. They also draw OC images when requested. There is one head artist and two assistant artists, who are in charge of organizing major art projects.

Status Projects
Active Rainbowbirdie Everest and Ariana Head Artist Banners for all pages
Active Smartcake111 Riptide, Aurther, and Whiskey Assistant Artist Main Page's Banner
- - - - -


Plot Title Side Plots/Main Plot OC Owner of plot
Wolves involved
The Cold-Blooded Killer Main Plot Aurther

Aurther, a wicked, untrustworthy wolf with a bad past who everyone believes is loyal and trustworthy, begins carrying out evil tasks for reasons only known to himself. One night, he goes for a walk and encounters a member of Crystalline Cometias, who he realizes is actually a hated enemy from his past. He attacks the wolf, however, the wounds is small and barely visible. The wolf, for reasons only known to themself, does not report this incident, and after a few nights, everything returns to normal. Normal, atleast, for the rest of the pack, for under the cover of the night, Aurther continues completing malicious tasks with the purpose of wounding and harming other wolves in the pack.

(This plot comes into action when Aurther graduates as a Warrior.)

Aurther and those Aurther dislikes
Noneya Business Undetermined Acorn Acorn, Violet, and Leafstone run into some cats in the Forest of Paws, from a clan called The Forgotten Cats. They agree to share the territory through an Alliance. The cats and wolves hunt together, and one of the cats challenge Acorn to a spar. However, while they are sparring, a strange wolf shows up. He attacks Acorn and claims that his name is Noneya. The wolf has unnatural strength--He breaks Acorn's stone-bladed sword with one swipe, then mends it with strange magic. Acorn questions this, but he is elusive, provoking Acorn into making Noneya business puns while the wolf claims that the territory is his, and he is the Alpha of a pack that will take the territory from them. Acorn then tells the wolf that if he wants the territory, he can fight Acorn as well as The Forgotten Cats' Leader Darkstar two-on-one. Noneya leaves, claiming he must be prepared before doing so. Acorn, Noneya, and The Forgotten Cats
The Berries Undetermined Everest Everest finds some blueberries while walking through The Forest of Paws. She eats them, though it turns out that they are not, in fact, blueberries. They cause her to fall unconscious, and when she wakes up, her eyes are yellow instead of their normal blue. She also acts different; She's brasher, ruder, and louder. The pack scrambles to figure out what happened. Everest and the Healers
- - - - -
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Crystal Magia
  • Alphas' Den
  • Nursery
  • Elders' Den
  • Entrance Stairs to High Dens
  • Shelf of Lanterns
  • Statue of Adolpha
  • Betas' and Deltas' Den
  • Healers' Den
  • Sentries' and Warriors' Den
  • Preyrocks
  • War Council's Den
  • Trainees' and Omegas' Den
  • Portal Chamber
  • Training Grounds
  • Crystal Caverns Entrance
  • Gathering Chamber
  • Peace Pagoda
  • Pack Archives
  • Crystal Fountain
  • Main Entrance Stairs
  • Central Clearing
Roleplay Schedule

(Times are PM. Weather only applies to Crystal Magia.)


Sunday 2/10

3:00-4:00 EST

12:00-1:00 PST

1:00-2:00 MST

Light snow




6:00-7:00 EST

3:00-4:00 PST

4:00-5:00 MST

Light snow None



6:00-7:00 EST

3:00-4:00 PST

4:00-5:00 MST

Light snow None



7:00-8:00 EST

4:00-5:00 PST

5:00-6:00 MST



Thursday 2/14

7:00-8:00 EST

4:00-5:00 PS

5:00-6:00 MST

Frosty None

Friday 2/15

7:00-8:00 EST 4:00-5:00 PS

5:00-6:00 MST



Saturday 2/16

3:00-4:00 EST

12:00-1:00 PST

1:00-2:00 MST




Crystal Cavern

The Crystalline River farther down

The Crystal Cavern is in a tunnel leading from Howling Peak to Crystal Magia. It is filled with crystals, and at the back there is a secret door that leads to the main territory. The tunnel is the only way into the camp, since it is surrounded by unclimbable mountains. There are no prey or predators in the cavern except for a few crystal fish.

Howling Peaks

The Howling Peaks are frozen tundras. It is a ring of mountains that surround the main territory. One of the peaks has the tunnel to Crystal Magia running through it. The dangers of the Howling Peaks are frostbite, Mountain Goats, Elk, Caribou, and Polar Bears. The prey are rabbits, Caribou, Elk, and birds. The Howling Peaks are located in Mt. Shiveer.

Forest Of Paws

Beautiful forest scenery-wallpaper-1024x576

The Forest of Paws is a lush forest found near the Temple Ruins. Its usually used for training and hunting. The dangers of the Forest of Paws are bears, snakes, badgers, raccoons, foxes, bucks, and occasionally humans. The prey are rabbits, foxes, does, many birds, and groundhogs. The Forest Of Paws is located in Sarepia Forest.

Claw Canyon

Rocky Canyon Pathway

Claw Canyon is a rocky canyon with a single waterfall in it. Its used to gather rare desert herbs for Healers. The dangers of Claw Canyon is rock slides, heat strokes, dehydration, rattle snakes, deadly lizards, Gila monsters, and scorpions. The prey are birds, mice, and woodchucks. Claw Canyon is located in Coral Canyons.

Twisted Tail Path

Pathways ,mn

Twisted Tail Path is a sandy path that leads from Claw Canyon to Endless Waters. It starts out with high walls from the canyon and then smaller boulders along the end. There are torches along the route that are rarely lit. The dangers of the Twisted Tail Path are scorpions, rock slides, deadly snakes, and heat strokes. Prey in the Twisted Tail Path is rare but there are a few. They're small birds and lizards. Twisted Tail Path is located in Canyons Pathway.

Endless Waters


Endless Waters is at the other end of the Twisted Tail Path. The Endless Waters has a small sandy beach. It has miles and miles of blue waters. The dangers of Endless Waters are drowning, crabs, eels, venomous or poisonous, dangerous fish, and sink holes. The prey are small fish, parrots, and small crabs. Endless Waters is located in Crystal Sands.

Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins

The Temple Ruins are overgrown by vines and foliage. There is also a small creek running by. The dangers are collapsing buildings, snakes, and sink holes. The prey is scarce, and they consist of small birds and mammals. The Temple Ruins is located in The Temple Of Zios.

The Oasis

Oasis arizona

The Oasis is a large pond with two waterfalls running off an outcrop. This teritory is in the middle of a desert and has clean water, an old abandoned medical center, and a cave dug into the stone. The dangers are crocodiles, snakes, and poisonous spiders. The prey is mostly large animals. These animals are buffalo, platypi, sugar gliders, lyre birds, cassowaries, kookaburras, and blue penguins. The Oasis is located in Kimbara Outbacks.

Abandoned Human Town


The Abandoned Human Town is a large town that was abandoned. There are stores that were left with items still in them and a small river runs along the perimeter. The dangers of the Abandoned Human Town are falling buildings, leftover humans, and getting lost. The prey in the Abandoned Human Town are few, but there are some rodents such as squirrels or mice, and small birds. The Abandoned Human Town is located in Jamaa Township.

Muddy Paw Place

Muddy Paw Place is a swampy wetland close to the Howling Peaks. There is an old temple and an abandoned shop. The dangers of Muddy Paw Place are drowning, infected mosquito bites, poisonous toads, snapping turtles, and leeches. The prey are ducks, herons, snapping turtles, snakes, and fish. Muddy Paw Place is located in Balloosh.

Braveland Savannah

The Braveland Savannah is a dry, grassy tundra with trees, a mudhole, and lots of prey. There is a tunnel leading to Muddy Paw Place and an old museum. The dangers of the Braveland Savannah are dangerous animals such as elephants, poisonous snakes, or boars, and heatstroke. The prey are warthogs, Guinea Fowls, moles, zebras, Weaverbirds, and other rodents and birds. The Braveland Savannah is located in Appondale.

NOTE: You are not supposed to click on the forms. Read the questions and answer them in the comments. Please keep in mind that in order for any form to be valid, only the questions in bold must be answered. Questions not in bold are appreciated but optional.

1. Joining Form

AJ Username:

OC/Roleplay Name:


Desired Rank (If Trainee what Future Rank Is):



OC Picture (With correct credits, if it is art):


Wolf Subspecies:



Discord User:

An explanation of Crystalline Cometias' Seventh Rule (Tell us what you think it means.):

Loyalty Promise: (Copy the Promise word by word, replacing your OC name where needed.) I, (Your OC/Roleplay name), promise to uphold the rules which Crystalline Cometias lives by. I will run and howl by their side until my last breath, and if the moment comes that I can no longer fulfill this promise, then it is my time to take my leave. This I promise.

1. Additional OC Form

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Loyalty Promise: (Copy the Promise word by word, replacing your OC name where needed.) I, (Your OC/Roleplay name), promise to uphold the rules which Crystalline Cometias lives by. I will run and howl by their side until my last breath, and if the moment comes that I can no longer fulfill this promise, then it is my time to take my leave. This I promise.

3. Leaving Form

(None of the questions in the Leaving Form are needed. If you would like to leave Crystalline Cometias, the only requirement is that you say so. However, if you can, we would appreciate that you leave formally and fill out this form.)

AJ Username:

OC Name(s):


When/if you will return:

Where can we find you if we happen to need you again?:

Would you like to be removed immediately or hold a plot in which your OC('s) either die(s) or leave(s)?:


Goodbyes/Final wishes:

4. Alliance Request Form

(Just to clarify, Crystalline Cometias is a wolf pack, though we ally with all different kinds of groups. We only ask that you let us know if you ever disband or move to a different page.)

FIC's Names and Usernames:

Link to Page:

Name of Group:

Roleplay Animal:

Main Territory/Camp Location:


Member Count:



Side Group or Main Group?:

Discord Link:


5. Plot Request Form


Related Plots:


Wolves involved:

6. Poll Question Request Form

OC Owner of Poll:

Poll question:

Poll answers:

  • Novapaw's Trainee Ceremony
  • Having fun
  • Amberpaw's Pup Graduation
  • Starlight's Pup Graduation
  • Snowstorm's Trainee Graduation
  • Echo's Pup Graduation
  • Rose's Elder Ceremony
  • Chenoa's Pup Graduation
  • Kai's Trainee Graduation
  • Everest's Pup Graduation
  • Tala's Pup Graduation
  • Chenoa's Trainee Graduation
  • Rose's Funeral
  • Chimps' Pup Graduation
  • Everest's Trainee Graduation
  • Leafstone's Pup graduation
  • Alexis' Elder Ceremony
  • Coal's Pup Graduation
  • Ariana's Pup Graduation
  • Alexis' Funeral
  • Akacia's Funeral
  • Leafstone's Second Pup Graduation

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