Rosestar (RoseSnow) has founded the Clan, and have started on the page!


The page is done, and we are now accepting members!


We welcome Ivyclaw, Dawnflower, and Sparrowleaf into the Clan!


We welcome Featherpaw into the Clan!


We welcome Tumbleweed into the Clan!


We welcome Leopardpaw, Lionpaw, and Tigerpaw into the Clan!


Tumbleweed and Featherpaw have left our Clan, may StarClan light their paths.

Dawnflower has been exiled.

We welcome Dovekit into the Clan!


We welcome Bluemist (122clo122/Clodelano) and Nightflight (PreyHuntress/CatsaretheBEST) into the Clan!


Ivyclaw has been made deputy, and we welcome another member—Specklepelt—into the Clan!


We were attacked by foxes!

(CarnationClan honors all who died on 9/11/16)

Springleap has been exiled, but then Springleap was reaccepted back into the Clan!


Springleap quit the Clan.


Ivyclaw was disloyal and was exiled, and Nightflight has been made the new deputy!

We welcome Mistnose to the Clan!


We now have a logo, which can be found in the Gallery!


Leopardpaw, Lionpaw, and Tigerpaw have been exiled.

We welcome five new members: Sunpaw, Fallpaw, Heronpaw, Graypaw, and Frostpaw!


Bluetail and Whitepaw were exiled.


We welcome Shimmerpaw with open paws!

Risingpaw was made a warrior! She is now Risingstorm, and Soulkit was made an apprentice! Her mentor is Mistnose.

We welcome Larkkit to the Clan!

Spiritclaw tried to kill himself! We made it just in time to stop him from joining StarClan.

Larkkit was made an apprentice! Spiritclaw is her mentor.

Rosestar went crazy and charged into a battle with a wolf pack. Thank StarClan that Rosestar came to her senses and decided to retreat!

Talonstar chose to leave the Clan as she thought that she was a bad leader, leaving Spiritclaw in her place.

Spiritclaw is now the leader of EarthClan!

Duskflower, the rogue who killed Crimsonstar, made an appearance here today. We fought her off bravely.

Spiritstar made Mistnose the new EarthClan deputy!


We’ve got another ally: FinchClan!

We welcome Windpaw to the Clan!


We welcome Echopaw to the Clan!

Cedarpaw (Spottedflightchamp) has been made a warrior! She is now Cedarleaf.

We welcome Elmshade to the Clan!


Cedarleaf was hurt! But by whom?

We welcome Heavypaw (TheDarkestSpirit) into the Clan!


Soulpaw has been made a warrior! She is now Soulrise.

Windpaw (windstorm of probably carnationclan now) has earned her medicine cat name! She is now Windstorm.


We welcome Rosedapple into the Clan!


Cedarleaf, being controlled by Tigerstar, attacked us, but luckily, Roseleaf came back, possessing Frostflower’s (RoseSnow) body under her will. Roseleaf remedied Cedarleaf, hopefully putting away Tigerstar for good.

Soulrise was attacked by wolves out in the forest. She’s okay though.

Frostflower came back to us safely after being possessed by Roseleaf.

Echopaw came back after being exiled briefly. Cloudpaw too came back after being exiled briefly.

Dawnkit became a medicine cat apprentice! Her mentor is Windstorm.


Bluemist got hurt.

Frostflower and Elmshade had kits!


Bluenight is welcomed into the Clan!

A storm was coming. Spooky. And the storm frosted half our territory!


Bluenight left, she wanted to double-Clan.


We welcome Berrypaw to the Clan! Her mentor is Elmshade.

We welcome Featherkit, Duskpaw, Leafpaw, and Mysticfur into the Clan! Duskpaw’s mentor is Larksong, and Leafpaw’s mentor is Shade.


Mistnose was exiled.

Elmshade made Frostflower upset, and she ran off to be a rogue, but she returned.

Soulrise, once she found out we had exiled her mate Mistnose, she quit the Clan.

Soulrise attacked Frostflower.

We let Mistnose back into the Clan, and therefore Soulrise came back into the Clan.

Frostflower quit. Have fun, Frostflower!


We welcome Thunderclaw into the Clan!


We are now allies with Orchid and DarkClan!


We have added things into the Schedule.

Elmshade left the Clan. (Darn it, Elm. You’re making me choose a new deputy! -Nightstar)

We have discontinued having two leaders and two deputies, now we only have one of each.

Bluemist was attacked by a Dark Forest cat!

Soulrise is the new deputy of CarnationClan!


Mistnose and Soulrise quit CarnationClan. May StarClan light their paths.


We welcome Ashcloud and Petalkit into the Clan!

We are now allies with RockClan!


Rosedapple was exiled for inactivity.

Ivykit (RoseSnow) was made an apprentice! Her mentor is Bluemist.

Ivypaw caused a lot of drama today, she: disrespected Bluemist, got into a fight with Heavypaw, and disrespected and insulted everyone.

We welcome Dawnshadow and Wolfleap into the Clan!


We are now allies with CrimsonClan!


We welcome Thornpaw with open paw!

We are now allies with SageClan!

We welcome Jupiterpaw (TheAmazingCoconut) into the Clan!


We welcome Mistpaw into the Clan!


We exiled a lot of cats for inactivity today! This brought our member count to 18 cats.

We welcome Cowpaw (Lack.of.Integrity) with open paws!


We welcome Aurorakit with open paws!

Wolfleap and Dawnshadow quit the Clan.


We welcome Ashfur to the Clan!


Heavypaw died, earning his warrior name. We will now remember him as Heavyshadow.


We welcome Crablegs into the Clan!


We welcome Nix to the Clan!

Larksong is exiled for inactivity. She was a good member of the Clan.


We welcome Shattermoon!


Ashfur quit.


Aurorakit was exiled for inactivity.

Cedarleaf died from unknown causes... She was a good warrior and will be remembered.


We welcome Silentstorm and Blackwish!


We welcome Stormclaw into the Clan!

Petalkit became an apprentice! Her mentor is Brokentooth (TheDarkestSpirit).

Brokentooth is the new deputy!


Petalpaw has been exiled for double-Clanning!

Blackwish committed many crimes today. He will be punished!


Our camp has been flooded! DUN DUN DUN!

Cowface (Lack.of.Integrity) died in the big flood. He will be missed, but he is with his brother now.


Goldenfeather is welcomed into the Clan!

Thymetooth is welcomed into the Clan!

We welcome Koi into the Clan!

A chain-reaction of people leaving the Clan happened today. Such a shame when everyone wants to quit because someone quit. Cats who left today: Ivyheart (RoseSnow), Brokentooth, Mistpaw, Thornpaw, Croakkit, and Thymetooth. Goldenfeather and Silentstorm quit as well.


We welcome Coldkit into the Clan!

Koi quit.

Cloudfeather quit.


Minnowpaw, from SageClan (Silencedrose), assaulted Coldkit! We took her prisoner when she refused to leave our camp.


We welcome Cinderpaw and Snowpaw into the Clan!


We welcome Maplepaw into the Clan!


Jupiterpaw was made a warrior! He is now Jupiterstripe.

We are now allies with FaunaClan!


Snowpaw (RoseSnow) has discovered something! A cave with a moonpool and a pink moonstone.


We welcome Salamander (TheDarkestSpirit) into the Clan!

We are now allies with CityClan!


Salamander quit.

We welcome Note to the Clan!


Reflectingwater (CatsaretheBEST) found a kit by the Twoleg nests. It didn’t even have its eyes open, yet!

We welcome Frigidwind (RoseSnow) into the Clan!


We welcome Reflectingwater–Nightstar’s sister!


Patchleap (salliejo925/Janie.Got.A.Gun) joined the Clan!


We welcome Mapleshadow (SkinAndBones1/roxyrose522), Rainfeather, Cloudkit, and Graytail to the Clan!


We welcome Viperkit into the Clan!

Frigidwind has been killed for treacherous actions!

We have been invited to fight alongside JayClan in their battle against ChemicalClan.


Nightstar has decided that we will not get mixed up in the battle whatsoever.

We are now allies with EbonyClan!


We welcome Littlepaw (Janie.Got.A.Gun) into the Clan!

Congratualations to Jupiterstripe and Snowcloud (RoseSnow) for having three healthy kits! Their names are Tinykit (SkinAndBones1), Sandkit (Spottedflightchamp), and Jadekit (Twistedpawtheweirdo).

We welcome Oathkit and Wavedusk to the Clan!


Wavedusk has been exiled for double-Clanning.



Patchleap, Littlepaw, and Mistpaw (RoseSnow) have died today. We mourn their death.


Mapleshadow has died today. We will remember her, always.

We welcome new members: Mistkit, Moonkit, Rainleap, Voidkit (Nøbody’s Høme), and Petal-leap!


Heavypaw (TheDarkestSpirit) has joined the Clan!


Ashrose has joined the Clan!


Lakepaw joined the Clan!

Raggedtail and Witheredface left the Clan... May StarClan light their paths.

Riverpelt, and Hawkpaw have joined the Clan!


Downpour and Oakwish (RoseSnow) has joined the Clan!


Meadowheart has joined the Clan!


Hazelpaw has joined the Clan!


Heavypaw, Ashrose, Rainleap, and Lakepaw have quit the Clan...

Ryle has joined the Clan!


Leafdew has joined the Clan!


Reflectingwater was bitten by a snake! Thank StarClan that she’s okay.


Oakwish has died, we will mourn him.

Foxpaw died by suicide by deathberries. He loved his mentor too much. The apprentice will be remembered.


Twistedoak (Twistedpawtheweirdo) has passed from an illness... She will have a good life in StarClan.

Rosepaw (RoseSnow) has joined the Clan!


Snowcloud tried to kill Cedarleaf and Twistedoak even though they are already dead! She then tried to kill her own brother, Silver (RoseSnow).

Snowcloud ran away! Let’s hope that she won't be seen again.

Silver found Snowcloud and got into a battle with her. In the end, Silver killed Snowcloud.

So tragic.. Nightstar and Ivymoon (SkinAndBones1) ate poisoned prey, killing poor Ivymoon and taking one of Nightstar’s lives. We have now gone to assume that most of our prey supply has been poisoned!

Dayflight (Janie.Got.A.Gun) reported that Reflectingwater crossed over on SableClan’s territory. She will be punished for breaking our noble code.


Dayflight has retired to the elders’ den.


We welcome Aster to the Clan!

Dayflight has fallen from a tree, we will mourn her death.

We welcome Ebonypelt to the Clan!


Milkface (Janie.Got.A.Gun) has died, we will mourn his death.

A random Clan was on our territory and attacked us! We almost lost Gingerpaw (bunnycare30) because of it, but thankfully, everybody is okay!


Ravensong (Twistedpawtheweirdo) had 2 kits! We welcome Willowkit and Batkit to the Clan!

A fox was spotted on our territory while hunting! It attacked mainly Nightstar. We managed to chase the fox out. But in the process, the fox threw Nightstar and she was put into a coma that we don’t know if she will wake up from.


We had the Clan Gathering, including FaunaClan and SableClan. Sadly, Nightstar was unable to attend so Silver took charge and represented CarnationClan.

Congrats to Redblaze (TheAmazingCoconut) and Reflectingwater! Reflectingwater had given birth to five beautiful kits! Their names are, Cinderkit, Rainkit, Cloudkit (windstorm of probably carnationclan now), Featherkit (RoseSnow), and Wolfkit (Janie.Got.A.Gun)! We welcome them!

Nightstar woke up from her comatose! Unfortunately, though, she lost a life in the process.

Mistpaw and Moonpaw became warriors! Good for them! They will now be known as Mistwing and Moonfeather.

Silver got his warrior name! He is now Silverlight!


Voidpaw, Gingerpaw, and Dakota (Janie.Got.A.Gun) have become warriors. Their warrior names are Voidfall and Gingerflower, but Dakota has decided to keep his name.


Ghostkit has now been made into an apprentice!

A fire has started in our camp! Making us retreat to Sunstones.

Nightstar lost a life due to Jasmine’s (TheAmazingCoconut) jealousy—she killed Nightstar and left her to burn in the fire.

Nightstar came back to punish Jasmine for her crimes, getting into an all-out brawl.

We welcome Acornbreeze as our new medicine cat!


Icesweep (Janie.Got.A.Gun) and Skypaw (bunnycare30) have burned to death.

Redblaze led us to an abandoned camp! We will settle down there until we are able to rebuild our own camp again.

Oscar (Nøbody’s Høme) joined the Clan!

Acornbreeze and Ghostpaw left the Clan.


Dakota fell from a tree and died today. It was a shame that he died. He was young and just became mates with Gingerflower.

We welcome Dustyleaf (RoseSnow), Softpaw, and Shadepaw into the Clan! All three have decided to go the medicine cat path.

We welcome Tundrakit (Blaze41130) and Pythonkit!

Sandpaw (Spottedflightchamp) became a warrior! Her new name is Sandpetal.


We welcome Scorchpaw into the Clan!

Gingerflower had 4 kits! We welcome Sunnykit (Twistedpawtheweirdo), Bramblekit, Mudkit (Nøbody’s Høme), and Goldenkit into the Clan.


Jasmine attacks us once more. Nightstar has been paralyzed. Luckily, no one else was hurt, and Silverlight was able to kill her. At the same time, Storm(leg) tried killing more cats, but Silverlight killed him.


Heatherpaw (RoseSnow) and Scorchpaw died.


Poppypaw has left the Clan. May StarClan light her path.


Bramblekit disappeared! We have no clue about where he is!

We welcome Reedfin (Janie.Got.A.Gun) into the Clan!

Icepaw ran away from FaunaClan to be in CarnationClan. We welcome her!


We welcome Acornfur (bunnycare30) into the Clan!

We welcome Cloverpaw into the Clan!


Tundrakit has now been made into an apprentice!

Slatewind (RoseSnow) was killed by a fox trap. We will mourn his death.

Icelily had Slatewind’s 4 kits! We welcome Jaykit (Janie.Got.A.Gun), Sootkit (CatsaretheBEST), Frostkit (RoseSnow), and Whitekit into the Clan.


Rogues were found on our territory, thankfully, they were chased off by Sandpetal, Silverlight, and Dustyleaf. Sadly, though, Dustyleaf was killed by one of the rogues. We will mourn his death.


Shadepaw has earned her medicine cat name! She is now Shademist.

Rainpaw has chosen to take the medicine cat path! We hope that StarClan will guide her.

Frostkit fell off a cliff. We will mourn her death.


Snowcloud somehow returns from her death. How suspicious!


A rogue was spotted on our territory! Reflectingwater had to fight it off!

Iclily fell of a cliff and died. We will mourn her.

Flamepatch (bunnycare30) went to bring her body back for the burial, but he fell and also died.

Gingerflower has decided to take care of Icelily's kits.


Snowcloud tried to kill Silverlight. Silverlight refused to fight back, so Jupiterstripe had to kill her.

Reflectingwater got her memories back, although, they seem to be scrambled. She remembered the fight between Jupiterstripe and Snowcloud all wrong. She thought that Jupiterstripe murdered Snowcloud in cold-blood! And she thinks that Silverlight is evil!

Reflectingwater ended up lashing out at Jupiterstripe, causing Jupiterstripe to fight Reflectingwater. But in the end, Reflectingwater was forced to leave the camp, and to never return.


Rainpaw has quit the Clan... May StarClan light her path.




Jaykit has quit the Clan... May StarClan light his path.

Nightstar is expecting Oscar’s kits! Making Jupiterstripe temporary leader, and he needs to appoint a temporary deputy.

Nightstar was caught with Silverlight, and Oscar almost ran away.

Silverlight almost ran away because Nightstar got mad at him.

Oscar jumped off a cliff in front of Nightstar after that.


Acornfur has been murdered.


A rogue has been brought to camp for questioning of a rogue group who killed Acornfur.


Tigerscar (SkinAndBones1) turned out to be a traitor, and teamed up with Split (CatsaretheBEST) in an attempt to get out of CarnationClan camp.

Split killed River (RoseSnow) in a river (it was really a stream, but c'mon, I wanted to be ironic).

Bear (RoseSnow) and Illusion (bunnycare30), former members of Split’s pack, had come to help in the battle and we made them both CC warriors in return.


Koipond and Whitesky joined! We welcome them!


Tundrapaw, Obsidianpaw (Nøbody’s Høme), and Cloudpaw (windstorm of probably carnationclaw now) are now warriors! They will now be known as Tundraflare, Obsidianwhisper, and Cloudfall. Also, Mintkit (TheAmazingCoconut) has now been made into an apprentice. His mentor is Sliverlight.

Gingerflower is expecting Bear’s kits! But she has been before he joined...


Windstorm died saving two kits. She will be remembered.


Sedgecreek has joined the Clan!

Jaykit has made, yet, another appearance in the Clan after running away two times. Hopefully, he will stay this time?

Goldenpaw died in a twoleg trap. She will be remembered.


Sootkit was made an apprentice!

A rogue pack has invaded the camp! Their leader, Hurricane is holding kits captive.

Sedgecreek was killed by Pale (Blaze41130). She will be remembered.


The rogue pack has taken over the camp. Nightstar has given up her leadership to Hurricane (TheAmazingCoconut).

Pinestorm (windstorm of probably carnationclan now) was killed by Pale. She will be remembered.

Bearheart (RoseSnow) was killed by Hurricane. He will be remembered.

Viper was killed by Silverlight.


FaunaClan has come to help. This is CarnationClan’s chance to take back the camp!

Reflectingwater is having Hurricane’s kit!

Redblaze was killed by Hurricane. He will be remembered.

Illusion was killed by a rogue. He will be remembered.

CarnationClan won! Hurricane and his rogue pack have run off.

A rockslide completely buried the prisone’s hollow! It also killed Laurelbreeze (Blaze41130) and a rogue (Silver Swirl). A rock landed on Sootpaw’s paw, crushing it, and it seems like it’s broken.

Silverlight was given a second chance to live.

Reflectingwater got her memories back but they’re still messed up! Now she doesn’t remember having kits with Redblaze OR Hurricane.


Bluebell (RoseSnow) and Pepper (windstorm of probably carnationclan now) are now technically mates!


Mintpaw has died. He will be remembered.


We welcome Heavycharm and Thistlepaw (SkinAndBones1) into the Clan!


Orchid (RoseSnow) has died. She will be remembered.

We welcome Whalepaw (Janie.Got.A.Gun), Blizzard, and Stormcloud (XxRainbowdash27xx) into the Clan!

{7/25/17} (Continued)

Jupiter and Rose fight over stupid stuff again. Due to this, Rose, Scorch, and Sal left.


Void left.

Jupiter left.

Rose came back, bringing Scorch and Sal back with her.

Void returns.

Jupiter confirms leaving :( May StarClan light your path.


Gingerflower had 4 healthy kits! We welcome Rookkit, Badgerkit Leafkit, and Almondkit.


Leafkit accidentally ate deathberries, but the medicine cat was out collecting herbs! We will remember her.


Happy Founder’s Day everyone!


Sidney, Halfmoon, and Shatteredwisp have joined the Clan. We welcome them with open paws!


Shatteredwisp has decided to leave the Clan. May StarClan light her path. Also, we welcome Lynxkit and Finchkit into the Clan!


Tundraflare (Blaze41130) has escaped from the Twolegs and made it back to camp! But where is Split and Streamheart (RoseSnow)?


Petalkit (Spottedflightchamp) has been made an apprentice, her mentor will be Halfmoon.


Icicle (XxRainbowdash27xX) has randomly shown up at our camp. Nightstar decides to let her join our Clan.


Lion (Blaze41130) has died from falling off a cliff while chasing a robin. We will mourn his death.

Crystal (RoseSnow) has disappeared.

Orchid has come back to camp! How is she alive?!

Sootpaw tried to kill himself, luckily, Tundraflare talked him down from jumping off a cliff. But he then accidentally fell off anyway, and he dislocated his shoulder.

Darkkit (XxRainbowDash27xX) has caught a deadly disease known as redcough! May StarClan help him get better.


Bluekit (windstorm of probably carnationclan now) has caught redcough! Oh no!


River, Frostpaw’s brother, came back and tried to murder Nightstar. But Frostpaw killed River instead.

Frostpaw earned her warrior name! She is now Frostfoot!


We welcome Blackgaze into the Clan!


We are now allies with ForestClan. We also welcome a new visitor, Phobia, into our Clan today!


Phobia has found a Clan of her own. May StarClan light her path.


Tundraflare tried to kill herself, thankfully, the fall wasn’t high enough to do any serious damage.

Sootpaw earned his warrior name! He is now Sootcloud!

Sootcloud and Tundraflare are now mates!


We welcome a new visitor, Dewpaw, into our Clan today!


We welcome Midnightrose into the Clan!


A random tom has shown up at cat. A tom named Fire (RoseSnow). He hasn’t been accepted, yet, though, even if he seems like he has good intentions.


Silverlight told Bluepaw (windstorm of probably carnationclan now) and Darkpaw (XxRainbowdash27xX) to stop because they were arguing about something. Bluepaw reacted poorly. Causing Silverlight to lose it and lash out at Bluepaw and Darkpaw, leaving a scratch down Bluepaw’s face, and a notched ear on Darkpaw.

After this, Silverlight wanted to be exiled or killed, and if not, he would leave camp to punish himself. Nightstar refused to let him go and refused to punish him altogether. Silverlight attacked Tundraflare, getting into a fight with Bluepaw and Tundraflare.

After the fight, Silverlight jumped into the stream, which led to fatal results...We will miss him.

Another rogue named Flowerwind (RoseSnow) has come to camp, probably to join.


Midnightrose has been exiled due to inactivity!

Blackgaze has been exiled due to inactivity!

The camp flooded due to a storm! Forcing us to evacuate camp. We have found an abandoned camp, though there seems to be a reeking smell of fox around.

Thistleheart (SkinAndBones1) was swept away in the flood when Sootcloud tried to save him. Thistleheart has been presumed to be dead.


Bluebell has returned from seeming death!


Fire and Nightstar have become mates!


Cloudfall was possessed by Pinestorm and Silverlight at the same time! It seems like Silverlight was trying to get Pinestorm out instead of helping her though.


Tundraflare and Sootcloud ran away!


Fire earned his warrior name! He is now known as Firerise!


Tundraflare’s kits were born!


Nightstar has assigned Darkpaw a new mentor—Firerise!

Nightstar has coaxed Tundraflare and Sootcloud into coming back to camp!


Willowspirit (SkinAndBones1) is expecting kits!

The makeshift camp was attacked by foxes!

Pepper and Bluebell were both killed by foxes, we will mourn their deaths...

Bluemist has come back!


Bluemist has found a _Corrupted Text_ washed up by a river.

Two of Tundraflare’s kits have died, Rushingkit and Whisperkit (RoseSnow), we will mourn with her and her mate..


Acornkit (Snowydroplet) and Brittlekit (SkinAndBones1) have become apprentices!


Willowspirit’s litter were stillborn, may StarClan watch over them.


Spider-river (Janie.Got.A.Gun) has joined the Clan!


Thrushflight has joined the Clan!


Firerise, Spider-river, Stormcloud, and Acornpaw went to explore the debris of the old camp.


Spider-river has left, may StarClan light his path.

Stormcloud has found her long-lost brother!


Raindawn has joined the Clan!


Treeleap has joined the Clan!


Tanfeather (BlueGray122) has run away!

Acornpaw has run off after Tanfeather, we hope the two come back safely!

Cookie (Snowydroplet) has joined the Clan!

Maple (BlueGray122) has joined the Clan!


Corrupted Text_ that Bluemist found has started to randomly freak out, we are concerned about this situation.

Bluemist tried to kill herself, thankfully Firerise convinced her not to jump, but she fell of the cliff on accident! It looks like she is in bad shape...

Maple and Firerise have become mates! We hope everything works out between them.

Tanfeather and Acornpaw have returned, we are glad they are safe and well.


Tanfeather and Mistfur have become mates!

Nightstar has had her kits! She’s named them: Morningkit (Blaze41130), Daykit (Twistedpawtheweirdo), and Midnightkit (RoseSnow).


Spottednight (RoseSnow) has found that not all of Nightstar’s kits are actually Firerise’s kits. This caused Firerise to throw a fit and run away.

Cookie and Spottednight are now mates, we hope they have a beautiful relationship.


Acornpaw killed herself by jumping in the stream. She will be missed.


Cookie and Spottednight had kits! They were named Aspenkit (Blaze41130)  and Milk (BlueGray122).

Maple killed himself by eating foxglove. He will be missed, and he is happy now in StarClan.


Leopardtail has joined the Clan!


Moonpaw has left the Clan, may StarClan light her path...


Stagpaw and Gharialsnout (Janie.Got.A.Gun) has joined the Clan!

Also, happy Spirit Night everyone!


Tundraleaf has joined the Clan!


Loki (Silentglide104) has joined the Clan!


Rainkit (Spottedflightchamp) has become an apprentice, her mentor is now Tanfeather!

Bluepaw and Darkpaw have become warriors, they are now known as Bluewind and Darkfall

Split, Cloudfall and Sunnywhisker have been appointed to head warriors, we hope they serve the Clan well.


Clover has joined the Clan!




Sootcloud and Tundraflare broke up.


Spottednight and Cookie have died in battle today. May StarClan light their paths.

Stormcloud killed herself because of the death of her brother, we will miss her very much.

Dustyleaf has come back to camp! How is he alive?!

Dustyleaf and Tundraflare are now mates!


A blizzard hit camp!

Dustyleaf has slipped into a coma.


Dustyleaf has woken up from his coma!

Silverpaw (RoseSnow) and Snowpaw (Spottedflightchamp) has become warriors! They are now Silverwish and Snowtail.


Otterpool has joined the Clan today! She is our new medicine cat.

Angelkit (bunnycare30) was made an apprentice! Her mentor is Nightstar.


Some normal Clan drama. Mainly in the love-triangle consisting of: Nightstar, Cole (CatsaretheBEST), and Firerise. But today, it has become apparent that Nightstar has another love interest: Bluemist. Nightstar refused to admit that Bluemist and her were a “thing,” causing lots of drama in this love triangle. Firerise tried to kill himself, saying that he would never find love again, but thankfully, Sootcloud stopped Firerise.



Some StarClan activity today: Alderfur (CatsaretheBEST) has finally turned good. Well, he didn’t do it by choice. Waterpelt restored the balance between Silverlight and Alderfur. The bad news is that we have to deal with Silverlight again.


Aspenpool and Maplekit have joined the Clan! We welcome them!


Tundraflare and Nightstar have been put into comas! Oh no.


Nightstar has woken from her coma, but Tundraflare hasn’t, yet.

Lilackit, Bluekit, Aspenpool, and Loki have all died today. Lilackit dying of stillborn, Bluekit of frostbite, Aspenpool by falling off a tree and Loki of unknown causes. We will mourn their deaths...


Otterpool has decided to leave the Clan... May StarClan light her path. Meanwhile, with some more happier news, Berryfrost (SnowedAngels) and Lotispaw (Silentglide104) have joined the Clan today! Also, we are now allies with Blurred Past.


Firerise tried to kill himself by slicing his throat open. Luckily, Dustyleaf was able to save him before he died.


Frostflake (XxRainbowdash27xX) died in a landslide. We mourn her death.

Echoflight (XxRainbowdash27xX) has joined!


Two cats, Hibiscus and Crab (both Snowydroplet), showed up in CarnationClan today. Nightstar has allowed them to stay a while, but she says that she hasn’t allowed them to officially join, yet.

Silverwish and Icicle started another rebellion against Nightstar after a long fight about Firerise planning something against Nightstar, in which Nightstar had refused this accusatory statement.


Happy Valentine’s day from CarnationClan!


Dustyleaf came back calling for Echoflight, Firerise, Hibiscus, Crab, and Berryfrost to follow him. Nightstar questioned him about why he wanted them to follow them, creating an argument. Dustyleaf threatened Firerise’s life with a deathberry, saying that if the cats didn’t follow him, then he’d force Firerise to swallow it. But, fortunately, Nightstar talked Dustyleaf down, and Dustyleaf left the cats alone.


Out in the forest, Silverwish tried to kill Firerise, but Nightstar intervened. The cats broke out into a fight, Hibiscus joining in a bit later. But Hibiscus ended up joining Silverwish’s rebellion in the end, as Nightstar exiled her from the Clan because Hibiscus decided to defend Silverwish instead of her own Clan.

At the end of the fight, a deaf cat named Lilac (RoseSnow) appeared and joined the Clan as a medicine cat apprentice!


Willowspirit and Cloudfall are expecting another litter of kits!



Willowspirit has given birth to 5 healthy kits, Ebonykit, Whitekit (RoseSnow), Applekit (Snowydroplet), Birchkit, and Fawnkit (Spottedflightchamp)!


LeafClan has asked CarnationClan to meet them peacefully at the border between both territories. But a fight broke out when LeafClan found out that Firerise’s death was a lie. CarnationClan won.


LeafClan has invaded CarnationClan camp! But we fought them off.


Flooferss has joined the Clan as Larkpaw!


Creamwhisker (another OC of Snowydroplet) has joined the Clan!


SnowedAngels (Lavendernose/Palespot) has quit the Clan. May StarClan light her path!

Squirrelpounce (another OC of Flooferss) has joined the Clan!


Lilacpaw had Crab’s kits, and ran away because Nightstar wanted Lilacpaw to give up motherhood to be a medicine cat. While, Icicle ran into camp, clearly injured, and passed out.


Sunnyside45 has joined the Clan as Mushroomkit!


Finchstar (RoseSnow) raided CarnationClan’s camp with three other cats! But CarnationClan fought him off, and took all of his lives.

Jayscar—now known as Jaytuft—(Janie.Got.A.Gun), Sootcloud’s brother has decided to rejoin the Clan!



Bluewind has given birth to two healthy kits! Stratuskit (RoseSnow) and Cirruskit (Blaze41130).


Pinestorm was has began mentoring Applekit (Snowydroplet). Tundraflare found a cat named Twitch. Twitch was being a jerk and was only slightly over the LeafClan and CarnationClan border. Tundraflare attacked Twitch and grabbed him by the scruff. Sootcloud scented the foreign scent and thought that an intruder had invaded CarnationClan territory. He chased Tundraflare, because Tundraflare was trying to avoid Sootcloud, but Sootcloud eventually caught Tundraflare. The two cats brought Twitch back to camp where he was almost put to death by Nightstar and Bluewind for being such a jerk. What saved Twitch was Tundraflare talking sense. After that, Twitch was returned to his territory. {4/25/18}

Sh_cg1.png deleted successfully, and we’ve allied with HailClan!


Holly (RoseSnow) has joined the Clan!


Applekit has been causing much drama today (yet, again). It has become apparent to Nightstar that Pinestorm has been influencing the young cat. Because of this, Nightstar has told Cloudfall to talk to his daughter.


Tundraflare was almost run over by a monster. Firerise wanted to kill Echoflight. Sootcloud was being a mess. Fawnkit wished to protect her sister like Stratuskit could. 

Echoflight had four kits. We got a scare: we thought all of them had been stillborn! Luckily, one kit was still alive.

We were invited into a Clan system, which we turned down.


Today, Sootcloud, Cookiepaw’s mentor, has run away for various reasons. Will he come back? We don’t know. While that happened, StarClan welcomed Thistleheart, as he had died in his sleep from unknown causes. He will be missed.

Icicle’s 6-moon punishment has finally been lifted, and she now mentors Applepaw (Snowydroplet)! Clover, Willowspirit, Tundraflare, and Cypressleap (windstorm) also mentor: Ashpaw (silentglide), Harepaw (silentglide), Cookiepaw (sparkswood), and Fawnpaw (spottedflightchamp).

Applepaw has been causing much drama today (yet, again). It has become apparent to Nightstar that Pinestorm has been influencing the young cat. Because of this, Nightstar has told Cloudfall to talk to his daughter.

And finally, Firerise went looking for Sootcloud in the morning and got bombarded with omens. This includes: ravens, a dead snake, and an alder tree with a split in it. RoseSnow contemplated killing him off, but, lucky for Firerise, she didn’t.



Cloudfall tried to talk to Applepaw about her behavior but failed miserably. This caused more drama, but thankfully, the lovely Speckledpaw (Noodlezzzz) broke it up (hooray Speckledpaw!). The outcome is: Applepaw is still a prick.

Echoflight named her kit Blazekit (Xxrainbowdashxx), and Firerise was happy to find out about the kit.


Tundraflare went off to find Sootcloud after finding out he ran away.

Cirruskit couldn’t open her eyes, which scared Bluewind. We figured out that it was crust in her eyes. All she had to do was wipe it away! Cirruskit is good now.

Flightpaw passed her warrior assessment.

Cypressleap trained Fawnpaw and Icicle trained Applepaw. Applepaw treated Icicle poorly, and Holly got mad at Applepaw.


Blossomheart snuck off in the morning and earned another scratch on her ear. No one’s noticed though.

Nightstar talked to Bluewind. Mostly about the fact that Stratuskit used to be white, but now he was earning colorpoints.

Marigold, Gingerkit, (both bunnycare30) and Swanpaw (Painandsørrøw) joined the Clan! We welcome them. They also got to come to our second gathering with Ohana.


Flightpaw and Speckedpaw have earned their warrior names! They will now be known as: Flightsong and Specklednose.

Firerise realized that Sunnywhisker was neglecting him (not abuse).

Creamwhisker trained Leafpaw like she was supposed to. {5/6/18}

Cedarpaw (bunnycare30) and Penguinpaw (Defluo) have joined the Clan. Their mentors are: Rosefoot and Specklednose.


Painandsørrøw (a.k.a Zinniakit and Swanpaw) has quit the Clan... May StarClan light their path.

Aspencreek has joined the Clan (Sillylillykitty)!


Olive-eye quit the Clan due to personal reasons... May StarClan light his path.



Valory185 has joined as Dreamkit!

Applepaw has unfortunately died giving birth to Vanillakit, Chocolatekit, and Strawberrykit

Nightstar of SnowClan has allied with us!


Blossomheart gave birth to Rootkit and Treekit!

Cedarheart from MistClan will be visiting us!

Simbatheorangekitten as Emberpaw has joined!


Thistlepaw has returned!

New mentors have been assigned: Pluie & Bluewind, Mistypaw & Cloudfall, Thistlepaw & Echoflight, Twigpaw & Featherwisp, Autumnpaw & Flightsong


We have allied with BeetleClan!

Lilykit (Just a warrior catter) and Shadowpaw have joined!


Quietstrike form Ohana will be visiting us!


VineClan has allied with us!


Snowydroplet has created Cactuspaw!


Noodlezzzzzzzzzz has created Redpaw!


Ohana has unfortunately become a side-group and will no longer be an ally. May StarClan light their path!


Aurafrost has joined!


Aurafrost has left. May StarClan light her path.


Jack (TheDarkestSpirit) and Jill (Lack.Of.Integrity) have joined!


Riverflower has joined as Cedarpaw!


Treelover823 has joined as Soulpaw!


Primpaw has joined!


Jølly will be visiting as Ebonykit!


Kh1016 will be visiting as Versitile!



Mistfur/SkinAndBones was demoted from her deputy position to head warrior.


As the Clan tries to figure out who the new deputy should be, drama breaks out. Serious drama. RoseSnow leaves temporarily, then Snowydroplet and Elysian.Gardens left. Then RoseSnow came back.


Drama has calmed down, but TheDarkestSpirit, Lack.of.Integrity, and Janie.Got.A.Gun left...

Snowydroplet came back! Creamwhisker changed her name to Creamleap.


Stratuspaw talked to Nightstar about how he didn’t trusting Silverlight. Nightstar reassured him, trying to convince him to trust Silverlight. Then she gave Stratuspaw to Silverlight for Silverlight to mentor. Stratuspaw wasn’t very happy about this. Ravenwatch came to see Nightstar the same day. It was about Snakeheart. Ravenwatch claimed that Snakeheart killed Waterpelt, Nightstar’s mother, and he said it in such wording that Nightstar was inclined to believe him so. Nightstar got very upset about this that she confronted her brother with this. She yelled at him, creating a scene. She didn’t even allow him to explain himself for killing their mother. Nightstar swiped Snakeheart with a claw and told him to leave. Snakeheart left.


Cirruspaw left the Clan to join LeafClan. She was pregnant. Meanwhile, Silverlight was casually trying to kill Featherwisp.


For only devious reasons, Silverlight was trying to kill Featherwisp. Know one in the Clan knew about this, except for Twigpaw and Stratuspaw, who defended Featherwisp against Silverlight’s attempts. Silverlight faked his death over a cliff just to get away from the two apprentices. Though, later, the apprentices found that out.


Nightstar gave Stratuspaw and Twigpaw their warrior names! Their new names are Stratuswhisper and Twigleap. But right at the end of the ceremony, Silverlight “objected” to the naming ceremonies. Accusing Stratuswhisper and Twigleap of treason and of trying to murder Silverlight the meeting became chaotic. Stratuswhisper and Twigleap defended themselves by accusing Silverlight of trying to murder Featherwisp. Nightstar panicked due to the cats fighting being both very close to her—Stratuswhisper, her grandson, and Silverlight her mate—and left Clover to gain control of the crowd.

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