This policy refers to the editing and creation of articles, blog posts, and user pages on the wiki. This does not apply to threads, comments, or anywhere else on the wiki. To see our general policies, click here.

Regarding Page Creation

  • Spam pages are not allowed. Spam pages include:
  1. Creating an article and leaving WIP (or a variant) as its only content.
  2. Creating an article which is “waiting until [group name] disbands”.
  3. Creating an article that has a blank layout with no informational content.
  4. Inactive groups (disbanded or dead).
  5. "Adoptable” pages. If you have a cool idea for a group or OC, either use it yourself, or give it to someone else to use.
  6. Pages under 500 bytes.
  • Use blogposts or user subpages/sandboxes to store these pages until they’re ready to become mainspace pages.
  • Use the forums, blog posts, or user pages for announcements, fanfictions, signups and pages for ideas/etc.
  • You may create group, OC and guide pages in the wiki’s mainspace. All other types of pages should be confined to blogposts and user subpages/sandboxes.
  • Pages that have their primary focus/theme revolve around death, mental illness, violence, religion or a commonly disliked/touchy subject are not allowed.
  • Non-Animal Jam related pages/subpages are not allowed. This includes (non-AJ related) character pages and roleplay pages (use the forum for roleplaying instead).
  • Any pages that stray away from the original focus of the wiki (i.e. irrelevant or jokey/”just-for-fun” pages) are not allowed as articles. They are allowed as blogposts or user pages, though.
  • If a page by the name of "____Clan" for example already exists, make it a disambiguation and have all pages of that name renamed "____Clan (Animal Jam Username)". Don't put something like "___Clan OFFICIAL" or "___Clan REBORN".

This applies for OC pages as well, which should be named the OC's name and your username, "Name (Username)". OC: Name, OC - Name, etc. should not be used.

  • Please do not keep or recreate pages for the comments.
  • You may not create pages about characters or groups heavily based off of copyrighted content or existing people like celebrities. This includes characters or content from books, TV shows, movies, etc. Remember, there's a difference between being "inspired by" something, and copying it.
  • If the group is about humanoid species or features humans heavily, its page should not be a mainspace article. Groups that feature humans or humanoids (instead of animals) can be blog posts or confined to the forums.
  • Inactive OC's must be moved to user subpages or blogposts. Inactive OC pages will be deleted.
  • A user may only have 5 active mainspace articles in their name. User subpages/blogposts/guides don't count.
  • Despite the fact that we only allow 5 active mainspace articles, guides are excluded due to the fact that they are an open-resource for everyone on the Wiki.
  • If you have an inactive group that is opening within a week, the group may keep its page. Any longer then a week will result in the page being deleted for inactivity

Regarding Page Editing and Content

  • Absolutely no vandalism.

Vandalism, as directly defined by the dictionary, "is the deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property".

  • Be thoughtful when editing another user's page. It is not recommended you do unless it is removing vandalism, correcting categories, or fixing minor mistakes such as grammar. Otherwise, being reported for vandalism is a possibility.
  • If someone vandalizes your page, don't vandalize it back or you are both in the wrong. Simply report it to a staff member.
  • No extreme/graphic violence in pages. Keep blood/gore to the lowest possible limit.
  • Do not spam-edit to earn badges. This is called badge farming and is prohibited.

Spam-editing includes repeatedly adding and removing a letter or chunk from the page.

  • Use grammar to the best of your ability.
  • If Soundcloud URL tags are being used, do not have them set on "autoplay". This goes for anything and everything on the wiki, userpages, articles, blogposts etc.
  • SoundCloud widgets can have swearing and other crude language in them as long as you post a language warning near the widget.
  • Please do not use the display title template to code or have symbols in article titles.
  • Letter accents (à, ñ, é, etc.) are not allowed in page titles unless it is to identify the username of somebody (i.e. a disambiguation page)
  • When making a mainspace article, you are not allowed to create a sandbox for it. All sandboxes must be user subpages.
  • Mainspace articles are only allowed to have 5 subpages linking back to them.
  • Improper or abandoned subpages will be deleted.
  • Pages that don't have categories after five days of creation will be deleted.
  • Pages that revolve around countries too directly will be deleted (Both group and OC). This is due to common stereotypes and political insensitivity.
  • Plagiarism, the act of taking someone else's ideas, work, characters, etc., is not allowed; this would be stealing a formatting without permission, someone's writing, blatantly using a character concept from someone else, or any other incident where a concept is being used without consent.
  • Pages that go over a month without being edited will be deleted.

Regarding Coding

  • If you make a page or format specifically for a group that is being actively used by said group, you cannot demand they take the page down, although credit can be requested. The exception to this rule is any art made for the group, which can be requested to be taken down at any time. If you'd like a group to stop using your format or writing, wait until the group is inactive or discontinued and then revoke the rights to such.
  • Coding should be kept to a minimum. Sometimes having too much coding on an article can lag users.
  • A page cannot be entirely made up of a collapsible of any type.

This includes borders; too many borders can still cause lag. The border limit is 4 borders maximum. These borders must equal less than 25 pixels. This doesn't include box shadows.

  • Backgrounds on articles are allowed as long as they don’t violate the following conditions:
  1. The background is not obtrusive visually, meaning eyesore. Backgrounds found using bright and unappealing colors or distracting CSS effects such as the “lavalamp” class may be removed by a staff member.
  2. The background is not obtrusive physically, meaning it is not causing several or the majority of users who view that page to lag.
  3. The background does not span the entire height and width of the page (aka cover the entire page) or just the entire height of the page.

Regarding Sensitive Content & Criticism

  • Blog posts, pages, user pages, etc. are not allowed to contain unrequested criticism for any content on the wiki (pages, groups, characters) or users, regardless of whether it is constructive or not.
    • This includes criticism of "wiki trends".
  • Content on the wiki should not contain potentially "triggering" or discomforting material. This includes mentions of suicide/suicidal thoughts, self-harm, alcohol or drug abuse, and anything else that can be seen as uncomfortable for users.
    • If you find yourself considering harmful actions, please consider reaching out to a trusted adult offline or a professional, or express these thoughts privately.
    • Remember that posting these thoughts publicly allows anyone to read them, and there's no guarantee everyone will respond positively, so it's not the best choice.

Regarding Templates

  • When marking something for Deletion, use the Deletion Template. If you do not know how to use it, ask either an administrator or content moderator.
  • Although you are allowed to create templates freely for your personal use, please do not create a template with the intention of wiki-wide use without permission from a staff member.
  • The current templates used on articles are: Delete, Speedydelete, Stub, and Critique.
STUB Template {{Stub}}


This article is a stub, meaning it is incomplete or lacks content. Please help us expand it, or it will be categorized for deletion.

This article is a stub, meaning it is incomplete or lacks content. Please help us expand it, or it will be categorized for deletion.The STUB template should be used on incomplete or extremely short articles to mark that they need to be expanded upon, and so that staff members can easily find abandoned, unfinished pages when they become inactive. Please keep in mind your page being marked as a STUB does not mean it will be deleted, only that it is unfinished. When your page is finished, you can remove the stub.

Deletion Template {{Delete}}

The deletion template should be used on pages that should not be on the wiki for one reason or another. When using it, please make sure to clarify a reason. Some valid reasons would be: author request, the group or character is inactive, the page has been a STUB too long, etc.

Speedy Delete Template {{Speedydelete}}

The speedy delete template should only be used for three specific reasons. Use this template to categorize a page for deletion if it: is about a group that has disbanded, should be a blog post, or is a blank/spam page.

Critique {{Critique}}

The critique template marks pages looking for constructive criticism from the community. If a page has this template, you are encouraged to express your recommendations in its comments, it’d likely be heavily appreciated! Remember that the Critique template is meant to be uniform, so please do not “design” one to match your page better.


Regarding Categories

  • You are not allowed to create new categories. Please contact a staff member first.
  • When adding categories, make sure to use the exact capitalization and spelling of that category, otherwise, it will create a new invalid one. (For example: Open To Criticism =/= Open to Criticism, Open to criticism, or Open-To-Criticism)
  • If you’re unsure on which categories belong on your page (and the list of categories below don’t help you), feel free to ask a staff member.
  • Do not add categories to blog posts unless they are the listed approved categories that you may add this will be shown before.

Allowed categories on blog posts are: Art, Blog posts, Open To Criticism, and Candidates for Deletion. These are the ONLY categories allowed on Blog posts, anything else isn't.

  • Please do not categorize pages incorrectly.
  • Only articles should have categories. Please do not categorize your user pages or blog posts (excluding the automatic “blog post” and the listed categories that are allowed.)
Group Page/Subpage Categories

For any group pages that do NOT classify under Clans, Packs, or Tribes.

Group Subpages
For any subpage where the original is categorized "Groups".

For any group pages that are clans.

Traditional Clans
For any clans directly based off the books.(Such as ThunderClan, RiverClan, SkyClan, etc.) Used with the Clans category.

Nontraditional Clans
For any clans indirectly based off the books. (Such as made up names like FireClan or LavenderClan.) Used with the Clans category.

Clan Subpages
For any subpage where the original page is categorized "Clans".

For any group pages that are packs.

Pack Subpages
For any subpage where the original page is categorized "Packs".

For any group pages that are tribes.

Tribe Subpages
For any subpage where the original page is categorized "Tribes".

Used on group pages for groups that allow multiple species. Used with one of the group categories. (Clans, Packs, Tribes, or Groups)

Used on System pages, this should be the only category unless the page is a sub-page.

Used on Light-Realmed group pages with a group category. Not used on sub-pages.

Used on Neutral-Realmed group pages with a group category. Not used on sub-pages.

Used on Dark-Realmed group pages with a group category. Not used on sub-pages.

Side Groups
Only to be used on group pages that classify themselves as "Side Groups". Any other category added to "Side Groups" is invalid

Discord Groups
Used on pages about groups that only roleplay on Discord. If your group roleplays on AJ and Discord, this category should not be used. Discord groups are only allowed to have the "Discord Category" nothing more.

Thread Groups
This is a category for groups that take place specifically on the AJCW Roleplay Forum. It should be used by itself without other categories and only if the group does not roleplay on AJ as an alternative. If your group is a Thread and a Discord group, categorize it with the platform you use more.

OC Page Categories:

Original Characters
Used on any page about a character.

Used on any OC page where the character is a cat. Used with the "Original Characters" category.

Used on any OC page where the character is a wolf. Used with the "Original Characters" category.

Used on any OC page where the character is a dog. Used with the "Original Characters" category.

Big Cats
Used on any OC page where the character is a big cat. Used with the "Original Characters" category.

Nontraditional Species
Used on any OC page where the character is not a species listed above (Cat, Dog, Wolf, or Big Cat). Used with the "Original Characters" category.

Other Categories

This category is for blog posts and possibly user pages related to the art community on AJCW! Feel free to add it to your art shops, request or commission blogs, art contests, and anything that is extending an art-related opportunity to the community! However, please do not categorize your personal art galleries with this category, thank you!

Used on any page that serves as a guide to roleplay or something else AJCW- related.

Roleplay Elements
Used on any page that describes an element of roleplay outside locations or characters.

Religion and Beliefs
Used on any page that describes a religion or belief of a group.

Used on any page that describes a location.

Used on any page that describes subjects related to healing and medicine.

Used on pages that serve as a Disambiguation, alongside the Disambigation template. This is an example of a Disambigation page in its correct format.

Article stubs
Used on pages that lack content. Should only be applied through the {{Stub}} template. (Add the stub template and it will automatically appear.)

Candidates for Deletion
Used on pages that should be deleted for a valid reason. Should only be applied through the {{Delete}} template. (Add the deletion template and it will automatically appear.)

Candidates for Speedy Deletion
Used on pages that should be deleted quickly for a special valid reason stated on the template. Should only be applied through the {{SpeedyDelete}} template. (Add the speedy delete template and it will automatically appear.)

Some categories are not listed, but are not intended for use on a regular basis, such as the "Policy" category, which is strictly for the AJCW Policy pages. If you are unsure if a category should exist or not, contact a content moderator or administrator.

Other Policies