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of SnowClan

People and things change with time, but memories remain the same.

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Name Ambersky
Rank Queen
Age 25 moons
Gender She-cat
Clan Cloudclan
Mentor Featherstone(former)
Mate None
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive and active
Animal Jam Username Taylordfairy
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Main pelt color: Light grey.

Markings: Dark grey.

Pads: Light grey.

Eyes: Sky blue.

Eye size: Average

Eye shape: Walnut shaped

Tail: Long and thin

Scars: None

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Positive Traits






Neutral Traits


Negative Traits


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  • Adventuring
  • Hunting
  • Hanging out with her friends
  • Nice cats
  • Kits
  • Stories
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Blue skies


  • Storms
  • Loud noises
  • Rude cats
  • Fighting
  • Kits who don't listen
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Name Information

Prefix: Amber- Sky was amber colored when found in the forest as a kitten.

Suffix: Sky- Eyes are sky blue.


Amber- Red-brown color.

Sky-the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth.

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Hunting 8/10

Fighting 6/10

Cleverness 7/10

Speed 9/10

Swimming 6/10

Climbing 7/10

Strength (mental) 8/10

Strength (Physical) 7/10

Leadership 6/10

Herb Knowledge 3/10

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Name - Relation - Trust Rate - Notes

Dawnleaf-sister- 100%-You will always be my twin forever and ever! I'm glad I have you as my sister!

Featherstone-sister- 100%-I always knew that you were amazing. I'm glad I have you as my older sister.

Dusk-brother-4%-I never got to meet you.

Gingercloud-Niece-96%-You are such a great medicine cat and mother!

Flamestripe-Nephew-96%-Your sarcasm makes me laugh!

Fograinbow-Niece-96%-You're such a big bundle of joy and excitement! Stay you!

Bay-mother- 86%-You were an amazing mother. I miss you so much! May Starclan light your path...

Mightytiger-father- 86%-I love you dad, I have and always will. Hope to see you again soon!

Meadowkit-daughter- 98%-You were such a kind kitten. I love you so much!  May Starclan light your path.

Iriskit-daughter- 96%-You were very playful and kind. I love you so much! May Starclan light your path.

Emeraldkit-son- 94%-You were so kind. I love you so much! May Starclan light your path.

Owlkit- Umm...My niece's son- 67%- Your mommy really loves you! I do too!

~Adopted Kits in Order of Adoption~













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Name - Trust Rate - Notes

Panthermask-100%-You were so kind and caring and really helped me after I lost Elk. I really loved you. I am sad that we didn't have the chance to have kits. I miss you.

Elk-100%-You were so kind and fun to be around. I will cherish the amazing memories I had with you and our kits. I miss you dearly and I will always have a place for you in my heart.

Rowanstar-84%-You're a great friend and leader.

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Love Life

Crush: N/A (Open)

Past Crushes: Elk, Panthermask

Cats who have crushes on her: I don't know.

Cats who formerly had crushed on her: Elk, Panthermask

Candy Eye: Appearance doesn't really matter. For personality, she likes kind cats who really care about her feelings.

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Psychical Health: Good

Mental Health: Good

Disabilities: None

Mental Disorders: None

Injuries: None atm

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Ambersky originally was a loner. Her mother, Bay, gave her up to Greystorm to be raised in the Clan with her sister, Dawnleaf. Ambersky's mentor was Featherstone, and Ambersky developed a hate of germs.

Dawnleaf became a medicine cat, and Ambersky became a warrior. Their lives seemed pretty normal, and they were proud to be in the Clan. They didn't remember their past lives. One day, Nightstar asked them, and Featherstone, to go and investigate an abandoned Twoleg nest. The three she-cats went.

Inside, they met a ragged, dark grey tabby. Bay. They were reunited with their mother, and they found out that Featherstone was their sister, too. The three she-cats denied Bay's request of them coming to live with her, as they were loyal, and would be loyal to the end.

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Theme Song

Song: Open Arms(by Journey)

Open Arms - Journey - Lyrics

Open Arms - Journey - Lyrics

In memory of past relationships.

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Ask Ambersky

Ask me anything in the comments, and I'll answer it up here.

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Ambersky, is there anything interesting that happens in the nursery?

Well, It depends. We have a few troublemakers in the nursery, but something I love the most is just listening to the conversations the kits have with one another.